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You know the drill.


"Patchwork" is an exponentially huge Alpha Agarif/Demon monster. He is violent, and is hoping to overthrow the leader of the Agarifs. He is missing his left wing, due to him having to gnaw it off to escape captivity from Fadala labs as a child. He still remembers the taste of Agarif meat, scales, blood and bone. The stump left can technically be healed by someone skilled enough, but he hasnt sought out. He is always in a slight anger, only going as low as moody.

His left side is entirely a violent violet, while his right is a rhubarb red. In contrast, his head is black, his left pupil is red and his right a purple, and his tail is a scale by scale color differentiation of the same purple and red of his main body, thus his nickname "Patchwork."

He is not afraid to kill another Agarif, and in fact enjoys it and will kill on sight, thinking they owe him for his horrible life and losing his wing. He is also not afraid to kill someone who is threatening him, or he hates. He has no care for the Agarif religion Firesilth, instead believing in the Demon religion.

He does have a weakness, his actual first and last name. If his first name is said, he instantly falls unconscious, with all his stats dropping to 1. This effect last a few minutes, before he will wake up as if nothing happened, except he will instantly attempt to kill anything in a 3 meter radius from him.

If his last name is said, he will freeze. Whatever command, and any command, he is told by anyone to do he will do without question. His last name must be said first, then the command. He will wait for a command till he starts to starve or be dehydrated, in which case he will ignore any and all commands until he has eaten/drunk. and then carry them out exactly. These reasons are why he goes by "Patchwork."



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HP: 6000?

AT: 30?

DF: 50?

EXP: 80?

Gold: 0?



he gets angered quickly, and his stats can go through the roof if antagonized

Extremely potent venom:

His venom, with enough, can kill in the minute

Nitrous Oxide-based saliva:

His bites near instantly numb, causing one to not think about it as his venom does the work. Its also highly combustible, adding power to flares.


Lost wing: He cant carry as many things on him, nor fly.

Names: Stated above


  • His name IS somewhere, you just have to find it.