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Acrania [uh-craw-nee-uh] is a bird-like monster. She is as short as the protagonist and wears a red shirt with a single purple stripe. Her fur/feathers are yellow and she has a small orange beak with one small protruding fang. Acrania also wears loose baggy jeans and brown leather boots. She is quite slim compared to the protagonist and usually has a tuff of fur/feather sticking up on her head. Her eyes are a light purple, but turn a fiery red when she's upset.


Acrania is very shy and gentle. Though, she can become quite upset if "bugged." Despite this, she is quite adventurous and funny. She goes over to her friend, Sans', house to practice jokes. Acrania loves cooking, but is quite horrible at it. She usually gets spaghetti sauce on her head.


Acrania appears to be new to the Underground. Her fathers tell her that some monsters are ruthless and vicious. They shelter her in their small cottage. Against their wishes, she goes off and plays with her best friend, Asriel Dreemurr. She says Asriel is like "the brother [she] never had." Acrania has twelve siblings: 4 older brothers and 8 younger sisters. She hates being cramped in the cottage, for it only has three bedrooms. Her fathers have the master bedroom, the brothers share one medium-sized room, and the 9 girls (including Acrania) are stuffed into one small bedroom. Acrania seems to be a pacifist, for she only attacks if the player kills Asriel in True Pacifist. She screams, "YOU PULVERIZED MY. BEST. FRIEND!!!" Acrania, then, uses multiple attacks, including:

  • green attack (shield mode)
  • blue attack (jump mode)
  • yellow attack (shooter mode)
  • purple attack (trap mode)

Acrania is known widely for being the toughest and longest boss fight in Undertale. To survive her boss fight without ANY hit would take approximately 13 minutes and 0.5 seconds.



  • "Oh... um... hi, i guess. ... hehe. W-well, I'm ... Acrania? *gulp* Thiiiis is awkward. ... hahaha."
  • "Why did you... come back?"
  • "Stop it."
  • "STOP IT."
  • "..."
  • "................"
  • "Y-you bug me... a lot."


  • "Hiya, [name]. Wanna chat?"

If no:

  • "oh... okay... *sniff*"

If yes:

  • "WOW! Thank you!"
  • "Okay. Well, now that we're friends. I need to tell you..."
  • "My fathers don't let me escape the house. BUT I DID!"
  • "..."
  • "Yeah, of course I have two dads. Didn't Asriel tell you?"
  • "Well, anyway, I did. See, I have 12 siblings! 4 big brothers and 8 little sisters."
  • "We live in this drab cottage. My dads are in the big room, the bros in the medium room and all us girls packed into the smallest one!"
  • "That's it... OH! Do want some lunch? I can buy you something!"
  • "..."
  • "Oh, you're full? Alrighty! Well, you can have my spare change!"

[you receive 19 gold]

If called:

  • "Hi. I'm kinda busy..."
  • Nobody picked up
  • "Hey, [name]! Come over sometime!" (impossible because cottage is non accessible)

Asriel killed:

  • "So... you're a 'pacifist', huh?"
  • "LIES!!!"
  • "You killed him! You KILLED HIM!!"
  • "You dirty killer."
  • "You're full of it."
  • "..."
  • "You wanna know what it is? It's LOVE, you dummy!"
  • "I don't want to hurt you."
  • "..."
  • "But... I KINDA DO!!"
  • "WHY, YOU ASK?!!!"

Check (in battle):

  • She wants to kill you 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 times
  • Acrania is plotting to slit your throat
  • Acrania's eyes are on fire
  • She hates you SO MUCH
  • She calls you a liar
  • She breaks all the stuff in your inventory [items inflict 12 damage now]
  • She eats all your food [healing food in inventory disappears]
  • Acrania's feathers stand up


  • Asriel Dreemurr- best friend
  • Sans the Skeleton- friend/semi-crush
  • Papyrus the Skeleton- friend/cooking teacher
  • Protagonist- friend (Pacifist), acquaintance (Neutral), Enemy (Genocide)
  • Undyne- enemy (playfully poked Acrania with her spear, but Acrania took it the wrong way)
  • Alphys- possible cousin/friend
  • Fillius- dad
  • John- dad
  • Sophie, Gwendolyn, Lilian, Donna, Bonnet, Tyanna, Kijamu, Alphie, OJ, Mortimer, Sanchal, Akinato- siblings
  • Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap- cousin
  • Vallin- dead cousin (TBA)


  • Acrania has a tiny crush on Sans, though she never told him in fear of unnecessary tension
  • Acrania's favorite food (other than spaghetti) is tart grapefruit
  • Acrania actually has the power of levitation
  • Acrania's dads are John and Fillius [fill-eye-ess]
  • The names of Acrania's sisters: Sophie, Gwendolyn, Lilian, Donna, Bonnet, Tyanna, Kijamu, and Alphie
  • The names of Acrania's brothers: OJ, Mortimer, Sanchal, and Akinato
  • Acrania is loosely based off the bird that carries the player over the small gap

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