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"BANG! I will be taking you down in one shot!" Adam encountering frisk


Adam is 24 year old humanoid monster and takes on bounties for gold. Adam is a very successful bounty hunter who has a good streak going on. He mostly takes on bounties for rouge leviathans and they seem to pay really well once the job is done. He carries around his trusty magic gauntlet bow which fires energy bolts. He even nicknamed it "Grim." Also for some reason he always carries a coffin tied to his back.


Adam has the personality of a person who's just doing his job but sometimes takes it a little too far. To strangers Adam is kind and gentle but to bounties he is strangely emotionless. This in a way gives him two personality's to two different people, but Adam only seems to kill evil or bad people meaning if he is wanted to kill a person for a reason he believes they shouldn't be killed he will give up the bounty.

The Coffin and Will

Adam's coffin is mysterious and it's origin is unknown but it is a container for a being called 'will.'

Will appears to be a dark fire elemental with his body being black with a hint of purple around the edges. He also's has the strange ability to eat natural elements such as fire. He will often speak to Adam in most cases, Adam really hates will often mostly because will is a smart ass. Will's true origin and secrets is unknown and Adam hopes to keep it like that.

Unlocking the Coffin

Unlocking the coffin takes a great effort and must be done by a skilled expert. Adam must first be unconscious for the coffin to unlocked and require several stone runes. Once that, the runes on the coffin will burn and what appears to be a large dial will appear above and will start to unlock itself. The dial is separated in six sections and each being harder to unlock as time goes on. Each unlocked section will give a shock and a adrenaline boost which if successful will allow to get away. However one can knock out Adam to continue to unlock the coffin. No one has unlock the coffin yet and Adam prays to keep it like that.


Adam always wears a long, black leather trench coat with some silver added onto it for looks. His black bounty hunter hat also has silver for added looks. His bow has a red aura and the bolts it fires are always red. The shield of the bow has a silver skull with rubies as it's eyes and the bow's limbs have a blade in case of close combat. The string has a bright glowing red color and the overall material of the bow is silver and a black colored steel. Adam's eyes are a faded yellow and his skin has a pale color and what appears to be a few cracks on his left cheek. He has long red hair which reaches to the middle of his back and sometimes looks like a woman from far away. The coffin on his back is made of a black colored stone and what appears to be runes engraved into the lid of the coffin.



  • None


  • TBA


  • TBA


  • Anyone who is unlucky enough to be hunted

Romantic Partners



  • HP:500
  • AT:20
  • DF:5
  • EXP On Kill: 500
  • Gold on Win: 2000


  • HP:500
  • AT:25
  • DF:5
  • EXP On Kill:500
  • Gold on Win:2000


Challenge, taunt, plead



Adam has come for your head! [All routes]

Flavor Text

You tell Adam you can beat him in a shootout, he smirks. [Challenge]

You say Adam can never hit you. He gets angry, the bolts become faster [Taunt]

You tell Adam to spare you. He doesn't listen. [Plead]

You tell Adam you didn't do anything wrong, He thinks for a moment. [Plead x2]


  • Rumors say the Adam is a artificial human
  • The least thing you'd expect...Adam knows how to knit, mostly because his coat is always getting ripped
  • Adam has a crystal sword made by Teresa as he randomly walked by and saw her crystal making powers. It's pretty sharp.



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