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Admiral Aldlen of the long forgotten house Drokkenhof is a Glie and an experienced naval commander. He runs a mercenary fleet of 15 large ships, each with a crew of 200-300 sailors called Justice of the Sea. He wears a black bicorne, and an admirals uniform to go with it. In battle he uses a saber made of a strange material which is more effective the more focused the user is, a flintlock pistol, a musket, and his metal leg which can be used as a sword.

He has blood red eyes, claws, horns, and a small spiked tail, as well as a small pair of wings which can't be used to fly due to how heavy he is. He also has a missing eye and a sword-leg.

He has rather limited magical capabilities, instead relying on his many weapons in battles.


Aldlen is much more humble than other Glie, mainly because he left the race long before people were brainwashed, though he does follow Richter in a less fanatical way. He is quite calm and can be quite a forgiving person, but he is also extremely focused and uses this to his advantage when commanding or in battle directly.

He takes a great appreciation and enjoyment in art, orchestral music, history of all sorts, and can be angered by the disregard of all of these.

Aldlen has a hatred of criminals and others who break laws because of a rather unpleasant experience with a pirate.


Aldlen Drokkenhof was born 4 years before the war with a human mother and a monster as a father. While his mother died in the fighting, his father survived and raised him to the best of their ability. It was during this time that he learnt from his father of the history of house Drokkenhof, and how it vanished.

His father died not long before the Glie dug to the underland, so he joined them. During his life as an orphan he survived by doing different jobs which needed the intelligence he had. It was during this part of his life he discovered things such as art and history.

When he came of age he lived Trae before leaving when life got too boring for him. With the money he had he bought a large ship and hired a crew for it. During his career he was on a small scouting mission when he was attacked by pirates, he managed to fend them off, but lost an eye and leg in the process.

Over time he amassed a sizable fleet, doing jobs for whoever would pay him. He eventually chose a flagship, which was very similar to a ship of the line, and named it Aldler in memory of his father.

He now has a large fortune from his profession and continues to work until he is able to find a way to bring House Drokkenhof back to existence with some level of power.



  • Aldler Drokkenhof-Father-Deceased
  • Unknown human-Mother-Deceased






HP: 700



EXP On Kill:20

Gold On Win: 40





EXP On Kill:75

Gold On Win:95


  • Some aspects of Aldlen were inspired by Grand Admiral Thrawn (if you don't know who he is use the magic of Google.)

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