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"W-Wait, what? Who a-are you?"


Aduhey is a furry monster. He has white fur covering his body, besides a few spots which are a faint yellow tint. He stands at 5 feet and 3 inches. He wears a light blue shirt and short, pink boxers. He has a large, black nose that protrudes from his face, and large, soft, blue eyes. He has short claws (which are retractable). He is slightly obese. 


Aduhey is generally a nice person, but is not very fond of meeting new people. If given the option to, he will go the route with less people if he needs to get somewhere, as to avoid interaction with other monsters. If confronted, he will generally nervous. However, it is also fairly easy to gain his trust, if the right things are done.


Aduhey was born on August 8th to two polar bear-like monsters. It was a stable relationship, and Aduhey led a good life. At the age of 2, he was given a baby brother, who was named Ilathpan. The two had a close relationship, sharing many things.

When Aduhey was 10, he was walking towards one of his friends house, when he was attacked by A large bird-like monster, who mugged him, and ran off. Aduhey had reported it to the royal guard, and they had managed to catch the criminal. Ever since that day, Aduhey had been very cautious around strangers.



TeCoMo: TeCoMo and Aduhey have been friends for a while. They don't usually hang out, but when they do, they like to talk about the meaning of life, cool technological advancements, ETC.


Ode: Aduhey is scared of Ode, but Ode practically ignores him. She does, however, keep an eye on him when hanging out with TeCoMo.


Worcestershire: Aduhey had been the one who had reported Worcestershire's parents to the Royal Guard. As a result, they don't nessiarily... get along. Aduhey tends to avoid Worcestershire, and by extension, The Condiment Crew.


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