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Adzeralt is a 23 year old lava Leviathans lone wanderer with glistening bright violet scales. He is smaller then most Leviathans, being 6 cm under average, but his strength doesn’t show it. He is never bored, able to sit down for days on end, only getting up to eat, or perform the same set of movements, only stopping to take a rest.

He is very quick thinking and has fast reflexes, able to catch attacks coming at him. He is not much of a fighter, and prefers to be a medic and merchant of soughts, as he has an abundance of healing magic. Whenever he does have to fight however, he prefers a sickle and wire as a weapon.

He never settles down, being able to sleep in any river or lava pool. He has a disliking of the order, the reason he left in the first place, usually only returning to buy Leviathan luxuries, which he either keeps or sells, usually selling. He uses wireless boxes to store furniture or the like.

His Levi, named Sparticus, is larger then the average Levi, making up for her owners size, which, when coupled with his cloning ability can be quite problematic. Unlike his owner, Sparticus is aggressive unless her owner is around, at which he is aggressive, but will not attack unless told to or provoked.



Restik: Father

Harrionting: Mother


Emily – Often sells wares to her and has had chit-chat. He ignores the fact she’s an Ulder class, rather becoming friends with Ulder. He also uses Emily’s scales for his sickle, so it doesn’t melt.


[ TBA ]



HP: [ TBA ]

AT: [ TBA ]

DF: [ TBA ]

He is slightly venomous.


HP: [ TBA ]

AT: [ TBA ]

DF: [ TBA ]

Sparticus is venomous as well, but is more potent.

He ignores the normal invincibility frames, having his own layer of it, shown by the soul flashing negative.



Check (*AT, DF, Will sell you many wares.)

Shop [ Opens up a shop interface, which can sell 5 random items for ¾ the price, exception being Temmie items. Upon exit he is spareable. ]


Check (*AT, DF, Bitey Bitey.)

Pet (*She snaps at you.)


1st. [ always happens first ] 3 red drops fall from the top. Upon hitting the bottom the lower 3rd of the board will up with a wavy red lava, which deals damage. This is present in all attacks.

2nd. A snake ‘swims’ through the lava, jumping out of the lava at the soul.

3rd. The snake splashes around. Throwing lava drops everywhere.

4th. A sickle is thrown at the soul. If it hits, the soul is also drawnto the wall it came from, dealing extra damage if invincabilty frames are too low.

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