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Aglea is a Spawn of legend, being considered one of the oldest and strongest currently around. Being born shortly after the Monsters were trapped in the Underground, she was shunned much like other early Spawn. As a result, she is a morally grey character, having tendencies to commit crimes and do good simultaneously.


When Monsters were trapped Underground, there were very few cases of more Spawn being born, due to the absolute absence of Humans now. As a result, the only Spawn that were around were already existing examples that were trapped with the Monsters. The first exception was a small infant, supposedly born a few months after the Barrier was set, waddling around without any sight of the parents.

With features as hideous as a typical Gorgon, and as unholy as the most hostile Humans, she was shunned much more than other Spawn at that time. In addition, little was known about this Spawn, except that her name was Aglea... for it was etched on an amulet she wore. As a result, she was lonely for most of her life... for most Monsters either didn't want to help or didn't want to help.

Of course, there was a short period where a member of the Royal Guard decided to actually look after her, actually knowing what to do with her. He taught her how to fight, and how to be able to read and talk... but soon afterwards, that caregiver succumbed to death by the hands of a criminal. She was once again alone.

As years passed, she lived off of foraging and scavenging. However, when she observed one Spawn being abused by a Monster, she had to help. As a result, she attacked the Monster in order to save the Spawn from further harm. From that day on, Aglea had decided to continue this process, by attacking the Monsters and helping the Spawn.

Over the centuries, Aglea has lived on without much age at all... much like Toriel and Asgore when they lost their son. And throughout this time, she has still been a notable creature, both in legend and in criminal record. Soon enough, she may strike again... for the good of the Spawn.


Aglea is a female humanoid standing at 6'4", with some rather unique features to her physique. She is considerably buff, with her left arm being very large, like as if she constantly uses it for exercise. She has a slight hunch, due to her nature of being somewhat primitive. She has considerably small breasts, due to her masculinity and muscles. She has blue eyes with a feral touch to them. She only wears plain cloth, covering her breasts and loin rather well.

She has very long and messy black hair, which can be as long as half of her height. Her skin is rather unique, seeming to be in the form of subtle scales imitating human skin. Some patches of blue scales are apparent, such as on her left shouder and her chin. Her teeth is mostly human, with the exception of her canine teeth being snake-like fangs. She has a pointed snake-like tongue in her mouth as well. She also has a small tail protruding from her back.

One of the most defining features of Aglea is her right arm, which is actually a parasitic snake branching out from her right shoulder. It is somewhat thinner than her left arm, and has green scales with yellow eyes. It acts as a somewhat-separate entity, acting freely when it can but follows Aglea's thoughts and is linked to the same stomach. Aglea calls it 'Snakey', a name probably made from young age.



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Romantic Partner(s)

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 Base Stats

HP: 5000

AT: 60

DF: 60


Aglea wears no Armor.








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Credits go to TobyFox for making Undertale, and to Neko for providing the base page.

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