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Agroid was the first robot to be created by the Humans, built to guide them with navigation and combat. He has a nature of helping others, but does hold a hostility towards monsters at first, due to primary functions. He is first found in the First Human Village Colosseum, deactivated, and is needed in order to access the Human Labs.


Agroid was a robot built at the start of the War between Humans and Monsters, using sturdy bronze, silver, steel, a Monster Soul, and a bit of magic. He had an artificial intelligence that scientists would DREAM of nowadays thanks to the Monster Soul. He also had the ability to use/manipulate portals and thresholds.

He was given the initial objective of guiding soldiers to their destinations, but over time his objectives were changed. He became a spy at one point to check on the Monsters' plans, and became an offensive robot at another time to fight on the battlefield. At the end of the War, he was temporarily shut off for future plans.

Agroid was reactivated over the centuries, doing various jobs. He was once the main man of the Rescue Team for the Humans. He was also an entertainment robot at one point in time, as a 'magician'. He was even reactivated to bring back up old history and direct plays based on the history. Eventually, Agroid stopped being reactivated, and was left to rust in the Colosseum of the First Human Village.

Agroid may be deactivated, but that may not be for too long. For someone will eventually return to the Colosseum... and someone will eventually reactivate him. For now, he remains quiet... occasionally influencing the technology around him to bring others towards the village. Protocols are important, but Agroid may value something else soon... even if it means joining the Monsters.


Agroid takes the form of a humanoid robot, with minimal modern touches. He is designed to look like he is wearing peasant clothes, the clothes being colored bronze as opposed to his metallic grey skin. His eyes are an electric yellow.

Agroid mostly floats in the air, with the exception of being pulled down by heavy gravity, or going into a grounded portal. His voice sounds rather 'pixelated', as if he was speaking in an old videogame, or from a very old radio.



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Romantic Partner(s)

  • The Mechanical Tiger (Unconfirmed Ship)
  • Pop (Another Unconfirmed Ship XD)


Base Stats

HP: 2000

AT: 40

DF: 99 (10 when Disabled)


AT: Portal Magic - 30 AT. Agroid has the ability to create/manipulates portals and thresholds, and can make the SOUL turn indigo.

DF: Metal Covering - 100 DF. Due to Agroid's heavy metal skin, he is very resistant to attacks.


Check, Disable, Motivate


Upon encountering Agroid, your soul is turned Indigo. While your soul is Indigo, you are able to access portals that are found on the bullet board walls. This will be a necessary addition in order to avoid some of Agroid's attacks. Also, if you wish to damage Agroid, you will need to Disable him to lower his defenses.


Agroid generates an electric maze on the bullet board, with a portal on the other side to reach a new bullet board. A few seconds later, the entire board will be filled with electricity, forcing the soul to escape this bullet board in order to dodge it.

Agroid splits the bullet board into four, with portals available for each quadrant. Large balls of energy will fall down or across, filling any quadrant it comes through. To dodge this, the soul needs to reach a quadrant not being attacked by the balls of energy.

Agroid makes the soul affected by gravity as well, and sends a platforming complex at the soul. In order to dodge it all, the soul will have to jump when necessary, and use portals when necessary.

Agroid sometimes adds thresholds to his attacks, which can slow down the soul and lower its defense if it is touched. Sometimes the threshold is unavoidable, and you just have to deal with it.


In order to spare Agroid, he must be Motivated 10 times in succession. Each time that Agroid is motivated, his attacks get slightly quicker and he becomes more energized. When Agroid is fully motivated, he accidentally runs out of power in the process and turns off without harming anything. He will eventually turn back on, and he can be talked to without causing another battle.



"You must be terminated" [Encounter]

"Why are you attacking me?" [Normal Attack]

"Metal defenses are down..." [Disable]

"OOOF! UNCALLED FOR!" [Attack while Disabled]

"Excitement is happening. Motivation level increased to 10%" [Motivation #1]

"The subject is convincing. Motivation level increased to 20%" [Motivation #2]

"I somehow understand that. Motivation level increased to 30%" [Motivation #3]

"What is this feeling? Motivation level increased to 40%" [Motivation #4]

"It feels nice. Motivation level increased to 50%" [Motivation #5]

"I think that it's a good idea. Motivation level increased to 60%" [Motivation #6]

"I agree with you there! Motivation level increased to 70%!" [Motivation #7]

"Sounds like fun! Motivation level increased to 80%!" [Motivation #8]

"I'm now excited! Motivation level increased to 90%!" [Motivation #9]


"Looks like my time is up... after all, I'm too old to be doing this..." [Killed]

Flavor Text

Agroid enters Combat Mode. [Encounter]

You almost feel like as if the Colosseum is actually filled with a cheering audience. [Neutral]

You can see the small lines of rust between the silver and bronze. [Neutral]

You mess with Agroid's controls, it lowers his defenses. [Disable]

You think of a way to excite Agroid. You tell him that there is a whole new world out there. [Motivation #1]

You tell Agroid that this place is empty, and it's time to move out. [Motivation #2]

You tell Agroid about the excitement of helping out the Monsters for a change. [Motivation #3]

You ask Agroid to head to Mount Ebott, so that he can experience a new journey. [Motivation #4]

You do a cheer for Agroid, similar to that of a sports cheer. [Motivation #5]

You tell Agroid about all the new locations in the Underground. [Motivation #6]

You make a comparison between the diversity of the Underground as opposed to this village. [Motivation #7]

You tell Agroid about the many different people to talk to, with many personalities. [Motivation #8]

You inform Agroid that there is actually another robot with a soul in the Underground. [Motivation #9]

You tell Agroid to come with you. He looks like he's about to blow a fuse. [Motivation #10]


  • Agroid is based off of Janus, from the game Smite.
  • Agroid is currently Golden Forge's least used OC, due to how specific the setting must be for him.
  • If a True Pacifist Route is completed, one of two things will happen with Agroid. He may end up deactivated and left alone for a long time... the rest of Primum Castellum being still abandoned too. Or, he will become active and remain an active contributor to the Monsters, helping them rebuild their home and connections with the Humans.


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