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"Hmm? How interesting, a human has came to visit me"

- Ajax to the player when they encounter him


Paperjam!Sans aka ME owns this Character, please ask before using him for anything else!


Ajax was born from an experiment from Forias with the Void. A few drops of DETERMINATION birthed a small child made of shadow. During his young years, he was a subject for inspection, but not treated as an experiment, rather, as a son of Forias'. He got lonely in his later years, so when he was around 12, Forias made the sisters. They had a relatively happy life up until Ajax took a peek at Forias' future experiments and decides to take it as his own. Forias, of course, went furious, and to avoid her, Ajax ran off with the experiments, stealing every print for future experiments. The sisters followed after him.

He currently lives in Waterfall, in the shadows of the lantern room. You can encounter him randomly.


Ajax is a dark figure who is mostly neutral. He has no heat whatsoever is very cold in both literal terms and descriptive terms. He travels through shadows which is why he stays in the darkest parts of Waterfall. When no shadows are available, he wears a hood to keep him from dying. However, when he has no hood on he has messy hair tied into a ponytail and grey skin. He wears a normal shirt and jeans under his cloak. He wears combat boots as well.



Nerissa, Cressida and Klarissa- His sisters.


Lilith- A friend he's depended on for quite some time

Jeroak- An extremely good friend of his


Forias- His creator that wants him dead.


ATK: 30

DEF: 50

HP: 600









"Hmm? How interesting, a human has come to visit"

"Yes, Hello" [GREET]

"I don't know" [ASK]

"Please stop" [ASK (2)]

"Human, your arms, I don't think they're supposed to do that..?" [HUG]

"Oh, uhm..." [HUG 2]

"" [HUG 3]

"....I change my mind, this is comforting" [HUG 4]

"I don't need any more.." [HUG 5]

"..hehe" [JOKE]

"..hehe, that's quite amusing, do tell another" [JOKE 2]

"..haha, thank you human" [JOKE 3]

"I'll let you go, you seem nice after all.." [SPARE]




Flavor Text


A figure in the dark appears in front of you

You greet Ajax [GREET]

Seems friendly! {After Greet}

You ask Ajax where he comes from [ASK]

He doesn't know..

You ask Ajax again where he comes from [ASK 2]

Smells like....nothing. No smells.

You outstretch your arms [HUG]

He becomes confused {ATK AND DEFENSE DROP BY 5}

You come closer, a bit confused on where you're going because of the darkness [HUG (2)]

Ajax looks even more confused

You finally hug Ajax [HUG (3)]


Despite the cold you feel, you hug tighter [HUG (4)]

He's relaxed now

You ask if he wants another hug [HUG 5]

Smells like......still nothing.

You tell him a corny joke about lights [JOKE]

He seems amused

You tell him a joke about the color white [JOKE 2]

He laughs a little

You tell him the best joke you have [JOKE 3]

He smiles at you

Ajax seems happy now



You greet him [GREET]

Oh well

You laugh at how alone he is [LAUGH]

He doesn't seem to enjoy your company

You laugh harder [LAUGH 2]

He looks mad

You laugh again [LAUGH 3]

Attacks got faster, doesn't matter

You mock him [ALL MOCKS]

He doesn't seem affected

You smile at him [ALL SMILES]

He's creeped out


Dark Orbs- Orbs outlined by white surround the Bullet Box and explode into several small projectiles, each bringing 3 or 5 damage.

Shadow- A shadow imitates your soul until it finds a vulnerable spot and attacks by charging into the player's soul, dealing at least 4 damage.

Darkness' Minions- Beings claw at the soul at the edges of the Bullet Box, then is shooed away by Ajax. Dishes out 5 damage

Shadow's Minions- Several shadows of unknown beings fly through the Bullet Box, damaging the player with 4 damage each time they manage to fly over the soul.


Ajax is NOT based on the town, or the dish soap, or Francis, he is based on a character I saw on a Wattpad book called "Repeat, Eternally"

Ajax is what I like to call an "on-the-spot OC", I write what I think and it turns into this

Ajax was probably born from the Void *hint hint*


Pacifist Theme:

Genocide Theme:


Thank you to the Wattpad User "TwistedWhiteRabbit" for lending me the name "Ajax", without the name I would've probably named him something like "Nothingness" XD. Also, thanks for the concept of Ajax..


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