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Akia appearance is she has an average hight of an adult cat. She has four eyes, all green, though will change a different color due to her type of emotion. Her fur color is purple, having her underbelly a light shade of purple and the rest of her fur a darker shade.  She has a red collar on with small spikes a long with a heart tag attached with it.


Akia is a hyper monster, she get's very excited over meeting someone, a little small surprise for someone and a sceret they have to keep. She enjoy being around other monsters, but when coming up to a human, she is shock and scared, though she will be back to her normal self if she connects to the human more and if they are friendly to her.


Akia can be found usually in snowdin. She doesn't really hang around other places, but visit them if she has to.


Akia doesn't really remember much of her family. She remember them running away from something and left her somewhere safe. She remembered only a small song her mother will sing. 


~Pacifist Route~ 'I-I guess we can be friends, h-humans..,

'Everyone is part of my family here in the underground. They help me and I help them!,

'I see good in all, even the worse person can change if they have faith in them,

'We all make mistakes we wish to not have made, and we shall learn from those mistakes,

'Regrets are not fun. It like you wat to take a knife and cut yourself for that regret,

'I have a wish I want to come true, and that wish is for all to have peace among them and for all to be friendly to others,


In battle, Akia can summon green like flowers, causing them to repeat her song and heal her, though has a limit per battle. She can summon black like flowers with a red aura as well, causing it to harm the opponent. 


As you know, Akia four eyes changes colors due to her emotions. Example, Pink is amusement. So her eye color will change to pink when amused. White means genocide.. or however you call it, she will be having the feeling to kill a certian someone. Light grey means fear and almost going to genocide here, you better help me or I go super sons mode. It's like a warning.


When Akia is depress or sad, she tend to stay in one place and stare into deep thoughts. Her eye color will turn to some sort of shade of blue and will stay like that till someone helps her. She will lose confidence, faith, and hope.

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