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Akuma is an Iblis with the ability, like all Ibli, to have pyrokinesis. However, he also has psammokinesis, the ability to manipulate sand. Despite what many believe, sand can be used as a powerful form of both defense and offense. Due to this, Akuma can also create glass, when he has heated the sand up enough.

Akuma is known to be a mysterious man living in the shadows, doing so ever since he was thought to be dead. People eventually forgot about him, and he had been appearing in public places more and more often. Akuma is a Monster with a dark, gloomy expression, and is seen as an “edgelord” or an “emo” most of the time.


Akuma is an emotion deprived figure, having pale skin and cold red eyes. He has a scar over his left eye and another on the left side of his forehead. Usually, it is hard to see his face due to how his black hair acts as a light umbrella. Akuma’s attire consists of a white button-up shirt, a blood red sash around his waist, and black pants. He also dons a dark red cape-like cloak, with tall collars covering his face even more.


Akuma was born in a family of four sons, him being the youngest one of them. His father was rich and had his own palace, but one day died of a mysterious plague. However, the four sons had the decide who the money went to. Two of them, not including the oldest, chose the youngest, Akuma.

Akuma was not very fond of money, but he took it anyways. The oldest son, however, was envious, and attacked Akuma. Akuma was not seen for an entire month, and soon he was presumed dead. The other two brothers were afraid of the oldest, and so hid away.

The two brothers finally got to a cave far away in Waterfall. It turned out that Akuma wasn't dead, and had been living there for two months, where he had acquired the ability of psammokinesis. Akuma was enraged due to the two brothers not trying to save him, and in anger, murdered both of them by burying them alive with sand.

Akuma came back to the palace where the eldest brother was living, and burned everything down. Everything his family had achieved was all burned down and their family was forgotten, along with Akuma. Ever since, Akuma had been living in the shadows with no purpose of life.



  • TBA


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  • Onitenshi Family (Dead)


  • HP: 200
  • AT: 40
  • DF: 40
  • Gold on Win: 100
  • EXP on Kill: 300

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