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Alexander wears an all white outfit, with black suspenders holding up his dress pants. His dark brown hair goes down to his ears, and touches the top of his left eye. He wears black leather boots covering the bottom of his pants.

Personality #1 Alex

Alex is a psychopathic punk, who generally enjoys violence. This personality was originally adopted through Alexander being introduced to "A Clockwork Orange". This version of Alexander is dangerous, but can still sometimes be reasoned with. Alex will not publicly attack someone unless provoked.

Personality #2 Alexander

Alexander is a much safer person than Alex, and tries to be a thoughtful gentleman. Alexander ultimately fails in his efforts to be kind, and often offends those he talks to. With above average intelligence, Alexander believes himself to be better than most. His intellect results in him insulting those he considers friends, and can often not properly show his emotions.

Personality #3 Alexandra

Alexandra is the rarest personality that shows in Alex. Alexandra is a shy person, who rarely talks unless he trusts whoever he is conversing with. Alexandra was adopted as a personality after Ranch taught Alexander about the Great War between humans and monsters, this filled Alexander with fear, and he developed a shut-in personality.



  • Ranch (Creator/Father)


  • Alex took several months to develop

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