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Alexandria is a female Agarif with the Reflath blood. She is an Omega Class, which means she is small. But she is even smaller since she is only a child, making her look like an innocent baby.

Alexandria has white creamy scales as she has Reflath blood, with a red underbelly and pale pink eyes. She wears a pale, peach dress resembling a nightgown. Her pair of ears look similar to feathered wings and has a loop earring on each. Above her ears are two little leathery things similar to her ears, which usually has people wondering if she is an Alpha.

Alexandria is 8 years old, and is only about one and a half feet tall and 1 feet in width. She is often described as cute and cuddly. Alexandria likes to be pet right behind the ears, but hates it on the forehead. She sees it as rude and indecent.


Alexandria was always praised, and hated the attention. Her parents and family called her 'princess' and her friends and everyone else called her 'goddess'. She was tired of it, and ran away to where she expected no one would follow. Snowdin.

Alexandria has always been told Ulder is bad, and will kill her on sight, but she always wants to meet Ulder, since she thinks he is 'cool'. She also wants to be friends with the host, Emily.


Reflath can easily take over, but only takes over when Alexandria is sleeping or in a bad situation. Though, Alexandria is really hyper, so hardly sleeps. When turning into Reflath, Alexandria gets a small power boost. Reflath, unlike Alex, is very scared around Ulder.

Around Alexandria, Reflath will act as an adult, or like an older brother. He occasionally gives Alexandria advice, and teach her how to spend money wisely.



  • Unknown


  • TBA



  • Ulder (Reflath)



  • HP: 4070
  • AT: 20
  • DF: 19
  • EXP On Kill: 100
  • Gold on Win: 1000


Check, Talk, Pet




An Agarif flare, stronger when used by Reflath.

In battle, pillars of fire show up like bones on the screen, moving around trying to hit the SOUL.

Rose Sabre

Alexandria's main weapon. It is a fencing like weapon made of Yeznonite, a metal made by an alpha and a miatra.

This attack is only used in battle for Genocide mode. A rose moves around on screen, and then stops. A point shoots out the rose like a sword.

Reflath Roar

A loud roar, capable of alerting any Agarif to her location. Is also really loud.

In battle, a long soundwave bounces around on the screen, occaisionally changing color.


A shocking pulse goes to her skin, zapping anyone using a melee attack on her. She can also use this with her blade, since it conducts electricity.

In battle, when you attack her in Genocide, you lose 1 HP.


Hit her with a blunt object right on the tip other head or on her nose. She will collapse.

Tickle her. Alexandria will burst into laughter, which will allow you to attack.

Scare Alexandria, as it will take a while for her to retaliate.



"Uh, hi."

"Ow, that hurt!" (Hit)

"You big meanie!" (Close to Death)

"Thanks!" (Pet 1)

"That feels nice."(Pet 2)

"I feel like we could be great friends!" (Pet 3)

"The weather is great today!" (Talk)

Flavor Text

Alexandria stumbles over.

You pet her behind the ears. (Pet 1)

Alexandria purrs. (Pet 2)

Alexandria starts to brighten up. (Pet 3)

You talk about the weather. (Talk)


  • Alexandria likes to be called Alex.
  • Alexandria's middle name is Cleo.



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