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Alice, is a human, who the Royal Guard is hunting, just for being a human. Their friends with a lot of people, since they have a kindness SOUL. They like Frisk, like, as in love.


Alice, lives in Snowdin Forest, near the Snowman. Their friends. Her house is nice looking. It can only be accessed after killing or sparing.


Alice, is a young child, wearing the same striped shirt as, Fetch, their best friend. They have black hair, their shirt has a green heart on it, and stripes.



  • Dead Mom
  • Dead Dad
  • Brother (I'll make the page for him later)


  • Frisk
  • Temmie
  • Asriel
  • Flowey
  • Toriel
  • Asgore
  • Snowman
  • Fetch (bestie)


  • Everyone else except enemies


  • Sans
  • Royal Guard
  • Chara

Loved one

  • Frisk



  • HP: 20
  • AT: 10 (Heart Knife)
  • DF: 10 (Heart Helmet)
  • EXP On Kill: 0
  • Gold on Win: 10


  • HP: 20
  • AT: 0
  • DF: 10 (Heart Helmet)
  • EXP On Kill: 0
  • Gold on Win: 35


  • HP: 30
  • AT: 20 (Bloody Knife
  • DF: 30 (Kind Helmet)
  • EXP On Kill: 30
  • Gold on Win: 100






Give Present

Stab (genocide only)



"Hi, human! I'm Alice. Do you see the Royal Guard here? ... no? Good! Well, human, you ready! Pacifist vs... your LOVE is 1! (Your LOVE is... <LOVE> to bad...(If you've gained EXP)) Vs. Pacifist! You ready? Let's GO!" Pacifist/Neutral

"Alice, jumps in your way, happily!" Pacifist/Neutral

"... you... you KILLED. KILLED. The dust on your <weapon name>... you've gained EXP... LOVE... you've KILLED. In this world... its spare or be spared... isn't it? ... I guess I was wrong... I... only killed some Icecaps... and, Jerry... a Temmie... that's it. And, only to stop you! So... sorry, but... I must kill you." Genocide

"In the way." Genocide


  1. Throws ACT and MERCY buttons at you. 1 - 5 are green. Touch them all, and the attack will end, and you will be able to spare quicker.
  2. Throws Heart Knifes at you. 3 - 6 are blue, orange and green. The rest are white.
  3. Throws bones at the bottom of the box. Dogs run towards them, and hurt you.

Flavor Text


"Oh! Your making me blush!" (Smile) "You smile at, Alice. She smiles back, happily." (Smile)

"Oh! Why's the Royal Guard after me... I'd... rather not explain, human." (Ask #1)

"You ask, Alice, why the Royal Guard's after her. She looks revolted." (Ask #1)

"Oh! Its... uh... um... snowy weather out today..? (Wait, its ALWAYS snowy in Snowdin Forest and Town.) Um...*stares at you*" (Talk #1)

"You ask Alice about the weather." (Talk #1)

"Oh! You want to know about my family. Well, my mom, died, when I was 3... my dad, too. My brother... is alive. I didn't want to fall with him, though. Why? I wanted him to be fine, if I leave alive. Well, human... now, I guess we're friends! So... I can tell you whatever you want!" (Talk #2)

"You ask Alice about her family." (Talk #2)

"Oh! Their after me because... I'm a human... they... thought I was dangerous. But... I'm not..." "I didn't know you felt that way, human!" "Dogamy! Dogaressa! H - hi... um... you won't hurt me... will you?" "Of course not! (You are friends with, Fetch, after all!)" "Well... thanks. Could you tell the Royal Guard... to NOT try and kill me. Especially, Undyne." "... we... can't stop, Undyne, from killing humans." "Oh... well, that's fine. Human, I'll come with you!" (Ask #2)

"You ask Alice, again." (Ask #2)

"Alice, smiles, sparing you." (Spare)

"Thanks, human! What's... your name? ... Frisk? That's a nice name! Well, let's go!" (Spared)

"Alice, joined your party." (Spared)


  • This took 3 days to make, lol.
  • I'll do Genocide later, that took a loooooooooooooong time, though.


Toby, for making, Undertale.


None yet. I'll add them later, when I make sprites... can someone link me an Undertale Sprite Maker?

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