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Alicia the Cat Warrior is an OC by Darkpai, please ask her permission before using this OC.


Alicia is a shy but strong member of the Royal Guard. She is timid and tends to hide in the trees, keeping her eyes out for any humans that my appear. Despite her appearance, she is a strong warrior who will not give up easily in a battle against a human.

She decided to join the Royal Guard after witnessing Undyne fight a human and became determined to become a strong female warrior like her to protect her family from the humans.


Alicia is a cat-humanoid looking monster with black cat ears on her head and a black cat tail to match. She has long, wavy black hair and blue eyes. She wears a metal chest plate with shoulder plates attached, a black shirt and black shorts with purple stockings and metal knee plates. She wears black leather boots and a black choker around her neck. She usually carries around a large spear with her.


HP: 500

Attack: 50

Defense: 15

EXP: 55


Chat, Flirt, Pet.


"H-Hey there! S-Stop where y-you are!"

-Encounter with Alicia

"H-Halt, Human! I-I shall not l-let you harm a-anyone else--!"

-Encounter with Alicia (Genocide Run)

"O-Owie.. I-I know I will not d-die it vein.."


"Y-You--! I-I have failed.."

-Killed (Genocide Run)

"U-Uh... O-Oh my.."

-Flirt #1

"W-What on earth a-are you saying all o-of a s-sudden..."

-Flirt #2

"Y-You should s-stop now.."

-Flirt #3



Flavour Texts

'A Cat Girl wearing steel armor approaches.'

-Encounter with Alicia

'Alicia hands seem to shake a little.'


'You hear the Alicia whimper quietly.'


'Alicia sniffs you.'