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This is the second of the Three Bats.


A female bat donning black square shades, Amanda is the master criminal sister of the retired family mafia owner Saffron. Amanda wears a button up vest with 2 stitch marks, as she got cut by a knife in 201X. She wears a white sweater underneath as well as dark colored gloves, she wears very dark colored pants yet very light colored boots, as she prefers contrast in her colors. She is actually a rare species of bat monster called a FlyingFox. Amanda was led to run the duo with Bart after Saffron left for his friends in the Condiment Crew. Amanda is the most intimidating out of Bart and her.


Amanda loves to pull heists with her brothers. She is a master of disguises and of camouflage. She is some what slow but isn't a total slowpoke, as her wings are extremely strong. Amanda is also very laid back. She really has a zest for money. Amanda is a cocky thief and tends to get caught, but somehow escapes every time.



  • Condiment Crew, Siblings


  • Gaster.


  • Mafia Godfather/Ganglords.


  • Saffron, Bart.



  • HP: 500
  • AT: 5
  • DF: 10
  • LOVE: 5


  • Give, Fake, Check



"I'm a bat like Saffron, we run a secret mafia down here."

Flavor Text

"I don't really care for money, I just enjoy being with my brothers and I love the thrill."


  • Amanda wears glasses she stole from someone.
  • Amanda's contrast style is to make sure the places she hides in makes her look like something if she poses correctly.
  • She loves Saffron the most, as she really likes being in a mafia.
  • Amanda is a bat, like Saffron, but some how, her wings came out wrong looking.
  • Amanda isn't a criminal anymore, but more like a normal thief, as Bart is now trying to become a stronger monster.
  • When Saffron abandoned them, Amanda was happy to lead the businesses with Bart.
  • Amanda loves her brothers and fighting.


Amanda goes to me, Condiment Crew goes to Dove of Love, and Mafiatale goes to Fredbear and freinds and Jaz. The picture was drawn by me.

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