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Inside the depths of Waterfall, there lies an Odd Metronome. This metronome is described as anomalous, being capable of levitation and is ever-clicking. While considered very neutral in nature, it has been known that the metronome can understand others, and is capable of self-defense.


The metronome is described as a standard metronome at a height of 1 feet tall, with a standard width to fit the proportions. The frame is made out of ebony wood, with velvet linings and such. The pendulum of the metronome is made out of electrum, a naturally occurring alloy of silver and gold. The hook of the pendulum is a heart-shaped diamond, and the sliding weight is a simple block of oak wood.

The metronome acts as a possessed object, capable of levitation at will. It is capable of flying at speeds up to 30 miles per hour, and there doesn't seem to be a particular limit to how high it can go. The pendulum is almost always active, having the metronome constantly tick as it moves around. It only doesn't tick when it isn't moving at all, possibly at presumed times of rest. The pendulum is capable of doing tempos ranging from 10 to 300 bpm, and this is faintly marked on the metronome.

It has been observed that at times, music appears to play in the background when the metronome is present. The music depends on the current tempo is, and the current behavior of the metronome. Sometimes, anomalous events can occur when this music is heard playing. For example, if the second movement of the William Tell Overture is played, a storm may coincidentally occur.


Base Stats

HP: 1

AT: ?? (Stats Unknown)

DF: 0


No armor, but it should be important to note that the metronome is sometimes described as incorporeal.


Check, Dance, Sing, Change Weight


When fighting this metronome, your SOUL is changed into the Piano Soul. This causes your SOUL to move in short bursts, in tempo with the metronome. Additionally, killing the metronome requires 15-20 lines to be landed perfectly in the middle in one attack, probably in a specific tempo.


Numerous musical notes appear from different angles, and fly towards the SOUL. This is basically one of Undyne's spear attacks.

The same musical notes appear, but they move in short bursts with the tempo, much like the SOUL itself. This makes their movement less predictable.

The bullet board is turned into a dance pad similar to the one in Alphys NEO, and a specific pattern must be followed with the tempo in order to not sustain any damage.

A specific theme of an Undertale character is played, and one of the character's attacks is executed. For example, if Bonetrousle was played, the SOUL would turn blue and a bone attack would be utilized.

A classical musical is played for a short amount of time, and an attack fitting the theme is executed. For example, if the 1812 Overture Finale is played, cannons would appear and fire at the SOUL.


In order to spare the metronome, you must Sing and Dance 5 times each, before Changing the Weight. Each time you Sing, the metronome's tempo will slow down. Each time you Dance, the metronome's tempo will speed up. When you finally use the Change Weight object, the sliding weight will be slided to 10 bpm, and the metronome will stop attacking. If you try to attack at this point in time, the sliding weight will be changed again and the entire battle will start all over. Attempting to change the weight before singing and dancing will result in a failure.


  • TBA


Credits go to TobyFox for making Undertale, and to Neko for providing the base page.

Made by Golden Forge.

Serenade is the Ghost that lives inside of the metronome. A music lover, she bought the metronome to help her keep tempo at all times. After several playful attempts of possessing the metronome, she was stuck in a limbo with the metronome, being both corporeal and incorporeal.


Serenade was a Ghost that came into existence on December 17, although it is unknown what year this happened. Described as female, she lived in Waterfall, in a house similar to Napstablook's before it disappeared. She raised herself like other Ghosts, and was considered an independent woman.

Like other Ghosts, Serenade had a particular obsession, and that obsession was music. She loved listening to the music, singing along with the music, and even attempting to compose an original piece or two. Either way, music was her true love, and she loved it with a great passion.

One day, she decided to buy a rather expensive metronome from the markets of New Home. She used this metronome on a daily basis for many tasks, from figuring out the best tempos for composure, to using it to organize her tempo of life. It was her most precious item, and she treated it like it was her body.

Since she treated the metronome like so, she has attempted before to possess the object. Every time, she simply couldn't possess such an item. But, one day... she had successfully possessed the metronome. However, once she possessed it, she couldn't exit the metronome.

She was now bound to the metronome, in a limbo that was neither corporeal or incorporeal. She was stuck to it like it was corporeal, but couldn't speak, and floated the object as though she only possessed it. She was then forgotten by the world, only now to be known as an Odd Metronome.


Serenade is a white ghost, much like other ghosts such as Napstablook or the Mad Dummy. In her normal form, she is a feminine ghost with short arms, slight curves, but no legs at all. She has white hair that looks the same as her 'skin', being wavy and going halfway down her body. A musical note is braided in her hair, particularly an eighth note. Serenade is currently stuck inside of the metronome, being its host. She is unable to speak outside of the metronome, but she can possess it and move it around. When another ghost enters the metronome, she can leave the metronome, but that other ghost will have to take her place. The room inside of the metronome is a small 12 feet by 12 feet room, being completely white and empty.