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Their full name is Andre Eros Dedan. A puppet. Though of this puppet, it can feel, like no other puppet. Puppets can't do that. They are in search of their creator who supposed to be dead, but the Creator is just missing. Andre has been looking for them since, after their fight with Spade Andre. Andre has been affected with a glitch and had lost control that day. The Creator had to shut them both down. Andre actually has two parts of them, Marrow and Abel.


Dark hair and red at the end, a simple design for. Andre also wears a jacket, red and black. The creator can only change the color of Andre (Andre's color was pink once) and can track Andre down by that.


Andre was once a happy, kind, and generous but after Elliot went missing, they changed. They're silent, not so social, and stays away from people. They are trying to be who they were, but more friends can help them so.



Though Andre was made by their creator, the creator's family counts as Andre as with the family.

  • Ross
  • Missing Creator, Elliot


Andre rarely goes out and doesn't make many friends.

  • Deckard
  • Median
  • Nyx


You can only talk to them when they walk around Snowdin. In the Genocide, they stand by the library silently humming.



  • HP: 300
  • AT: 17
  • DF: 8
  • EXP On Kill: 45
  • Gold on Win: 5


  • HP: 600
  • AT: 23
  • DF: 10
  • EXP On Kill: 50
  • Gold on Win: 5


  • Stare
  • Compliment
  • Act kind
  • Give
  • Check
  • Talk

[STARE] Andre stares back, quivering a little.

[COMPLIMENT] Andre looked away, trying not to focus on your eyes. Are they blushing?

[ACT KIND] It's hard for Andre to believe you or not.

[GIVE] Andre stares at the item you gave them. They look happy, a little.

[CHECK] Andre looks a little uncomfortable, hoping you'll stop.

[TALK] Andre's mouth opened like they were going to say something, but closed shut. They must be shy.


Andre has been searching for days looking for Elliot, the creator of Andre. Andre gave up, went to Mountain Ebott and fell into the hole to try and kill themselves. They survived, however, are now stuck. Then they walked ahead. As they explored, they met several monsters and had fun. The only thing is, they have no idea how to get out. With maybe the help of monsters, they can help them. But no. They needed human souls. So Andre waits for a human. Hopefully one comes to help them escape, though they like the Underground.

Andre's Weapon

They hold a katana and a chainsaw. The katana can slice specific things in half, when used to Andre. If use for someone else, it won't work. The only reason is because Andre's creator programmed it to be. The chainsaw is only used in one part of the game.


Katana Slice- Andre uses the samurai sword. Blue is the dodge, and orange is a dodge. The color depends on the shine of the katana, like a pattern. It goes medium fast, so try to remember it quickly!

Chainsaw Time- Andre uses this chainsaw in the Genocide. The chainsaw slices at the bottom of the box, and goes around.

Mumble Spell- Andre mumbles something and before they attack, the box turns white, and there are black bubbles. Get in one of the bubbles to avoid this attack. Don't worry, they're big enough.


Encounter (Pacifist/Neutral)

"Andre is my name, Andre Dedan. How are you? What's with the awkward silence?"

"I wish to be a human someday. I always did. But what's the consequences?"

"Do puppets like me get a chance to be one? Something alive?"


"Humans have a weird instinct to kill. They had for millions of years..."

"If you try to break me, go ahead. There is no one to fight for anymore."

"One more chance. Please!"

"Why do you want to kill us? Why?"

AUs (Alternative Universes)

In different AUs, their mark changes. It can be either...

  • Heart
  • Diamond
  • Spade
  • Clover
  • Triangle
  • Hourglass/Black Widow Mark
  • Tear Drop
  • Darkness (X)
  • Flower
  • Gear

Etc. These marks represent different universes and have different designs.

Underswap: This Andre has a white and blue jacket, and Andre's mark is a heart. This Andre is much happier than the original. Andre's weapon is still a katana and a chainsaw.

Underfell: Dark red and grey jacket. The mark remains the same, but only the mark has dark spots around it. This Andre is a shy, scared puppet, and gets easily scared. Andre doesn't use the weapons much.


  • Has no genitals.
  • Missing the Creator, and looking for him til this day.
  • More Andres (Heart, Diamond, Spade, Clover, etc)
  • Never was part of UT until now.
  • The katana ued to be Elliot's, but was given to Andre as a gift.
  • Andre is known as a he but they/them is fine.
  • Soul color: Apple red
  • Ender and Andre don't seem to get along...maybe they will after a while...?


My brother, very good at 3D animating, etc. He also helped me with the design and ideas. What a guy. We are also planning to make a webcomic and an animation about Andre's other story. Ugh, more work....

My cousin, good at cosplaying. She introduced me here. Pretty legit. She also helped me with my other cosplay with Jack Skellington. Also with Andre's other story.

Slade The Demon, for organizing Andre's page.

You. Thank you for reading.


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Wanna find more Andre? Check out my instagram @legits_quits

Here's a link:

Andre is a great character. I draw them mostly because their storyline is so great. If t wasn't for my bro and cuz, Andre wouldn't exist. Andre is a great character, and hopefully loved by most.

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