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Andrew fell after the pacifist ending, when most of the monsters had left. He had fell when he was playing baseball at the bottom of the mountain. He had hit a ball that would go out of the park in a stadium, which he hit out of pure luck. His friends played by the rule the hitter retrieves. Grumbling, he went to find the ball, and got lost. He knew his plants, and after managing to survive for six days, he fell into the underground. He had missed the flowers completely, and slowly limped to a wall with a broken leg, on 8/34 HP. Toriel was nowhere to be found.

His parents were ignorant, and nearly never noticed him. This is how he learnt his street smarts, and learnt what berries were good and what weren't (By eating a small part and seeing if he got sick). He once tested his parents ignorance, and went into the forest for a full day and night, and his parents didn't notice. At that point he usually stayed out until night-time.

He is a great runner and parkourist, as long as he isn't carrying his Bat.


He's not afraid to hit someone around who's threatening him or in his way, and if he was in Frisk's position, would fight until the enemy wanted to run, in which case he let them. He loves baseball and soccer, and can easily be distracted and confused, but he always figures it out eventually, usually in the nick of time. He knows plants quite well, and can survive off berries and fruits, and knew a couple of healing remedies. 



  • Father and Mother


  • Lots of kids at the village


  • None, at all.


HP at LVL 1: 34

HP at LVL 20: 136

ATK: 4


ATK w/ weapon: 13

DEF w/ armour: 8

Weapon: Wooden Baseball bat

Armour: Baseball hat

Soul: Funful (yellow outline, tinted orange in middle)

This soul works as a deflector. The soul moves slower, and you can only attack during the opponents turn by swinging the "bat" you get to hit attacks back.


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