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AT Title


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Long ago, three races ruled over Earth: HUMANS, ANGELS, and MONSTERS...

Main Story

AngelicTale Story Map
The First Chapter

The First Chapter is used as a tutorial. Before each segment of the tutorial, the associated expository text is shown with the images in the slideshow.

Peace is the movement and interaction tutorial. The player navigates the city as an unnamed human. Their actions in this tutorial set up some minor text later in the game.
War is the combat tutorial. The player is now a monster pitted in battle against an angel. There is no way to win this battle. This section of the tutorial ends when the player's monster dies. Later in the game the player may find some bones that if inspected, are described as "Oddly familiar... It's like you once lived in these bones."
Home is the choice tutorial. The player fights Toriel. They may choose to spare her life, kill her, or die.
As Legend Has It

The choice the player makes in their fight with Toriel determines the path they will start on in the game.

The Blind Start
If the player chooses to fight Toriel, but spares her, they will start on this path. As they exit Toriel's House, the screen will fade to black, and a single toll of a bell will be heard. The expository text is said in the darkness, and then the screen lightens to show the player in the Ruins. The player continues from here, able to choose to kill all, some, or none of the denizens of the ruins.
The Bloody Start
If the player chooses to kill Toriel, the screen will cut to black as soon as she has died. A few steps and a single bell toll will be heard in the darkness, and then the expository text will show. The screen lightens to show the player in the Ruins. There will be no monsters in the Ruins, and the player is free to ransack the entire district if they so choose.
The Broken Start
If the player does nothing throughout the fight with Toriel, and allows her to kill them, the screen will cut to black. Wind and the sound of a shovel hitting dirt will be heard while the expository text shows. The screen will lighten and the player will be in a graveyard. If the player reads their tombstone, it will read, "Here Mercy Lies." The player must complete a light-based puzzle to escape the graveyard.
The End
If the player puts up any fight against Toriel, but still dies, the game will end. There will be the sounds and text of The Broken Start, but the screen will not lighten. It will instead ask the player if they would like to start again.
The End
A second end scenario during As Legend Has It is where the player dies during this chapter under any regular circumstances, they will get a simple game over.
A Chilling Story

A Chilling Story is where the player is first really introduced to the world. It is no longer a case of learning the controls and figuring out how to play. It's a case of discovering the world, starting with the quaint town of Snowdin.

Foggy Morals
If the player kills fewer than five enemies in the Ruins after The Blind Start, they will be set on this path. As the player travels from Ruins to Snowdin, the scenery behind them slowly changes from buildings to plains to mountainous terrain to trees while the expository text displays above them. The screen will fade to black, then to the forest. The player will eventually be confronted by Sans.
Cold Heart Cold Steel
Cold Heart Cold Steel will begin under three circumstances: completion of The Bloody Start, completion of The Blind Start with more than five kills, or taking the road back to the Ruins after The Broken Start. The screen will blacken, and the expository text will be shown. The screen will lighten and the player will already be in Snowdin Forest. The player will eventually be confronted by Sans.
Frozen Rumor
Frozen Rumor will begin under two circumstances: Completion of The Blind Start with zero kills, or taking the road to Snowdin in The Broken Start. The player will walk through the same scenery changes as in Foggy Morals, but no expository text will display until the blackout at the end of the journey. When the light comes up to show them in Snowdin Forest, Sans will already be standing in front of them.
The End
If at any point during A Chilling Story, the player dies, they will get a game over.
At the end of The Broken Start, if the player chooses the road to Waterfall, they can completely skip A Chilling Story. This will have effects later in the story, as the player will not have met Sans.

...The First Chapter...
- Peace -

They all lived in harmony. Humans, Angels, and Monsters alike all gathered in cities together.

Everyone had all that they wanted, and more than they needed. They sat on their chairs in their own little worlds where they gossiped and they spited those they thought less than them. Everyone was happy.

A balance was struck, so tensions never rose. The angels made sure of that.

- War -

It was always there. Everyone was simply too blind -too prideful- to see it. Underneath the solid exterior was a boiling broth of wrath and envy. Their greed, and their gluttony led them to do nothing but let the meaningless entertainment overcome them.

Some say it was orchestrated. That it was all part of some plan. They'll say that the angels kept it hidden away until the time was upon them.

We'll never know if they were right...

What we do know is that the angels, our previous guardians, sided with the humans. They showed no mercy. We were no match against them. They had us outnumbered and overpowered.

We were slaughtered left and right. In every house, in every street...

We thought there was nowhere we could call home. Nowhere was safe for monsterkind.

- Home -

Then we finally found it. The one place we could all be safe. There was an opening in Mount Ebott. The last few survivors of the war gathered there in secret, hoping this was truly our salvation.

We were afraid of it at first. It seemed to be a pit into eternal darkness. We all knew it was better than what lay above the land, though.

We knew that the angels could not follow. And if they did... We would be waiting.

Any human or angel that were to fall down that hole we escaped through so many hundreds of years ago...

We must kill.

"And that, dear child, is why I can't let you continue."

...As Legend Has It...
- The Blind Start -

So it has begun. You have begun your wretched path through our land. Our home... Just as the Legend has it.

Angel, this will be your last stand. By my kingdom, I will end you. If it takes all of my soldiers, if it takes every last man, woman, and child in the underground...

So be it.

Nothing will be enough for the pain your kind has caused us.

- The Bloody Start -

So it has begun. You have begun your wretched path through our land. Our home... Just as the Legend has it.

Angel, this will be your last stand. By my kingdom, I will end you. If it takes all of my soldiers, if it takes every last man, woman, and child in the underground...

So be it.

You killed my mother.

Nothing will be enough for the pain you have caused me.

- The Broken Start -

You killed it?

Are they truly weak enough that we stand a chance?

...A Chilling Story...
- Foggy Morals -

They say there's another angel in The Underground.

It killed X monsters in The Ruins, but left the rest.

It doesn't make sense to me.

I know you'd be able to figure it out.


It's probably coming here next.

- Cold Heart Cold Steel -

They say there's another angel in The Underground.

It destroyed The Ruins.

I'm scared.

I know you'd be able to calm me down.


It's probably coming here next.

- Frozen Rumor -

They say there's another angel in The Underground.

I don't think so.

Nobody died. Angels always kill.

...An End...
- Peace and Purity -

- Spoken Like a King -

- Betrayal -

- Just a Dream -

- War Hero -

- Genocide -

- Restful Fall -

- As Any Man Would -

- Game -


Quests are side-stories that, individually, do not have a major effect on the main story. However, completing quests contributes to SOUL growth. Each quest has two or three possible outcomes, which add to SIN Counters.

Location: Northern Snowdin

Chapters: Foggy Morals, Frozen Rumor

Story: To begin this quest, the player must explore the path that leads north of Snowdin. Outside of town there is a hill with a locked library on it. The player must circle around to the back of the library and search the bushes for the key. Once the key is found, the player may enter the library and truly begin the quest.

Upon entering, the Bookkeeper will chastise the player for entering a very obviously closed library. Eventually though, he will calm down, and even ask the player for help. It turns out that one of his books was possessed and had escaped the library. He asks the player if they could return the book to him so he can burn it.

Once out of the library, the player may begin searching for the book. They will find it spawned in a random location in Snowdin after a minimum of five minutes looking. The book will be dormant when found, and for the entire trip back to the library.

When the player steps through the doors into the library, the book will wake up, and attack them. After battling it, the player will be offered two choices: to burn the book, or to attempt to exorcize it. Choosing either option will end with the same result of the Bookkeeper thanking them and giving them a small gift of coins.

SINS: Choosing to burn the book will increase the player's Wrath SIN Counter. Choosing to exorcise the book will increase the player's Purity SIN Counter.

Location: Mt. Ebott

Chapters: TBA

Story: The player will be given the opportunity to complete this quest at the end of their time on the surface. When they are about to reenter Mt. Ebott, they will encounter Bryson. After seeing the player, and recognizing them as an angel, he explains that he is there, biding his time until he can find the best time to attack the monsters. And then, after some thought, he asks for the player's help.

He asks the player to slaughter 15 random monsters if in [Neutral Angel Chapter], and 50 random monsters if in [Genocide Angel Chapter] to help him on the quest to destroy them all. The player can either directly accept or deny it. If they deny, he will call them out on being a dirty, disgusting traitor, before turning and leaving. Once the player denies this, the quest will no longer be available.

If the player accepts, he will thank them, and give them some coin. However, if they talk to him again, they can demand more, up to three different times. He will give into their request the first two times, and deny them on the third, claiming he had no more coin.

Afterwords, the player can continue on through The Underground as normal, choosing to complete the quest, or not to.

SINS: Choosing to deny Bryson's request increases the player's Purity SIN Counter. Accepting and going through with the quest increases the player's Wrath SIN counter. Demanding more coin all three times will increase the player's Greed SIN counter.



The humans are physically the weakest of the three races, but their SOULs are very strong.
The angels are incredibly strong, but they have no SOULs. Angels who develop SOULs fall and become either humans or monsters, depending on where they develop it.
The monsters are strong physically, but almost all of them have shattered, weak, or broken SOULs.


Frisk does not have a SOUL at the start of the game. As such, the battle mechanics of the entire game are different. (see below) Throughout the game though, the player will be able to make choices, which may contribute to the growth of a SOUL.

There are eight different SOUL colors, two orientations, and two distinguishable strength levels, resulting in 32 possible varieties of SOULs. A SOUL can be human (upright) or monster (inverted), strong (fully saturated) or weak (unsaturated), and any one of the following colors:

Golden/Greed, Orange/Gluttony, Purple/Pride, Pink/Lust, Blue/Sloth, Green/Envy, Red/Wrath, or White/Purity.

The color of a human or monster's SOUL depends on the main underlying trait of their personality. Their most predominant sin more often than not is the color of their SOUL. In the case of a truly un-sinful being, though their SOUL will be white and untainted. White SOULs are naturally the strongest, but the hardest to maintain, as the temptations of the seven deadly sins are almost inescapable.

A person's SOUL color may change if their personality changes. The most common change is for one with a pure SOUL to succumb to a sin, and change to that color. This happens in almost every human and monster, as at birth they all have pure SOULs, but as their personality develops, so too do their sins, and thus their SOULs.

As stated before, angels naturally have no SOULs, but may develop one and become a fallen angel. Fallen angels will only ever have a weak SOUL, and can never develop a strong one.

SIN Counters

SIN Counters are hidden stats in the game that keep track of the development of a SOUL. As the player completes quests, or goes about the main plot in a specific way, they will gain points to each of the seven sins, and purity, depending on their actions. If they pass nine points in a certain SIN Counter, they will develop a SOUL of that variety.


AT Battle Screen

Upon entering battle, the battle screen (pictured above) will display. The battlesprite of the enemy being fought will show in the center black area. On the left side of the screen is the enemy's information, including their name, SOUL type, and stats. On the right side of the screen is actions available to the player.

The color of the screen will match the associated color to the race of Frisk. eg. purple for when they are an angel. Actions available to the player display in a slightly darker shade of this color until they are hovered over or used. If an action is completely unavailable to the player, it will be displayed in a dark, greyed out version of the color.

After choosing either Fight or Item, a drop down will show. Opening Fight will display Attack and Defend, which each have self-explanatory effects. Opening Item will display a list of the items the player has in their inventory. There is a maximum of seven items that can be displayed. After an item is selected, if applicable, a pop up will open up in the middle of the screen asking the player if they would like to use the item on their self, or their enemy.

Selecting Spare or Flee will prompt a pop up asking "Are you sure you would like to xxxx?"

If the enemy speaks during the fight, a pop up will show with their words in quotation marks. Usually the only enemies to speak during a fight are quest bosses, mini bosses, and bosses.



The Ruins


AT Snowdin Theme

Snowdin is a quaint mountain-top town, and is home to a large number of monsters. There are five main sections to Snowdin: Snowdin Forest, Western Snowdin, Snowdin Town, Northern Snowdin, and The River.

Snowdin Forest is where Sans lives, and is where the player will first end up after completing As Legend Has It, provided they do not skip Snowdin. Sans is not the only one who lives in Snowdin Forest, but his house is the only one the player may enter. The rest are locked, and the residents will not open their doors.

Western Snowdin is a relatively empty plains area between Snowdin Forest and Snowdin Town. There is a large wall in the middle of the area that the player must find a way to pass in order progress through to the town.

Snowdin Town is where all the hustle-bustle is, and has many monsters. If the player keeps their head down and refuses to talk to anyone, they will be able to make it through without incident. However, if they choose to talk to anyone, they open the door to the chance of battle with every single monster that sees them if they are a human or angel. The only safe place to talk to anyone is the bar on the Eastern end of town.

Northern Snowdin is another wooded area. This area has nothing to do with the main storyline, but several quests spawn here.

The River is past the town on the Eastern side, and runs all the way down the mountain to Waterfall.


AT Waterfall Theme

The Hotlands

The Surface


From Canon

  • Frisk
    AT Battlesprite Frisk
    Frisk is an angel who fell into the underground. This is the playable character for the game, excluding the first two segments of the tutorial.
  • Asgore
    AT Battlesprite Asgore
    Asgore was the king of the monsters. He resigned to join the army when the first human fell into the Underground. He is the head of the royal guard, and personally trains monsters to the best of his ability. He takes the war personally, and insists that all humans and angels are the essence of evil, and must die.
  • Asriel
    AT Battlesprite Asriel
    Asriel became the king after his father resigned to join the army. He is a just, and more level-headed leader.
  • Toriel
    AT Battlesprite Toriel
    Toriel is the guardian of Mount Ebott's entrance. Being a Boss Monster, she is powerful enough to take the initial damage of any attacks people who fall may deal to her, and still sound the alarm if she were to be defeated.
  • Undyne
    AT Battlesprite Undyne
    Undyne is the second in command of the royal guard, just under Asgore. She was the head of the army before Asgore took over, and still holds a lot of control over how things are run, who does what, and how training is taken care of.
  • Mettaton
    AT Battlesprite Mettaton
    Mettaton is a particularly high-class angel.


  • The Bookkeeper
    AT Battlesprite Bookkeeper
    The Bookkeeper lives in Snowdin, overseeing the closed library north of town. He will give the player the Book Keeping quest.
  • Bryson
    AT Battlesprite Bryson
    Bryson is an angel who lives close to Mt. Ebott. He is particularly aggressive towards monsters, and once he learned that they still existed underneath the surface, he decided that they must all be eliminated.


Name Battlesprite Description
Cursed Book
AT Battlesprite Cursed Book
A Cursed Book. Battled at the end of the quest Book Keeping.

Author's Notes

A massive thank you to Toby Fox for all of the initial ideas for Undertale, and infinite credit to him for the original songs and characters I've edited here for the purposes of this AU.

To include your OC or other ideas into this AU, you will have to speak to me directly and see if it flies. However, a few guidelines you should follow to have a chance of being accepted are as follows:

  • Come up with a quest idea to help get your character involved. Each quest should have a beginning, a middle, a choice, and two to three endings, contributing to SIN Counters as appropriate.
  • Be sure what race you want your OC to be, and don't go for a "human/monster hybrid" etc. pick one and stick to is.
  • Have a short description of how the OC would fit into this world at the ready.
  • Expect changes to be made.

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