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"Oh, how do you do handsome?~" -Anne greeting her Favorite Monster


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Anne Ville is a 1.2 Metre (or 3 feet and 11 inches) tall bunny creature. Her fur is white with a pink tint and she wears an orange bow at around the middle of her left ear.

Whilst working she usually wears an overall and thick gloves. Paired with a set of extra thick protective glasses she doesn't actually need.

Outside of her work she usually wears a variety of dresses and shoes which usually match in colour, her preference in colour being lilac and the dresses can frequently be somewhat flirty.Though she Frequently also wears skirts.


Anne is a Very "Flirtatious" Monster who is often described as indecent and a Pervert. She seems to lack an aggressive temper and playfully flirts with both male and female monsters, usually causing very "Awkward" moments to happen. She seems to take joy from seeing Monsters blushing around her and the obvious discomfort caused by the situation.She enjoys eating and long walks on the beach. She also enjoys Inuendos and Euphamisms for Sexual things, often making it quite clear , just to get a reaction.


Excellent smith - She is a very talented smith who can use both magic and minerals to create very high quality armor, weapons and occasionally other pieces. The only exception being silver, she hates the stuff.

Weapon Proficiency - Due to working with weapons for her whole life, she is very effective at using them to help her understand in making a weapon the best she can

Jeweler - Experience in cutting jewels and creating delicate jewelery which aids her Charm Creation ability. 

Charm maker - She can create relatively powerfull charms which enhance a monsters natural abilities for an amount of time before decreasing over time.

Disproportionate Strength - Due to being a blacksmith, she is extremely strong, especially compared to most others of her size.

Custom made hammer - A custom made 2 in 1 smithing hammer, meant for both smithing and attacking. 

Charms - Her charming nature is not only part of her personality, but also of her inate magic.

Speedy - Highly Agile 

Pheromones - She can release light pheromones that make her more attractive to other Monsters. Unless she is using a charm this has almost no effect.

Intoxicating Saliva - Her Saliva is intoxicating and has a sweet taste

Misc - Long tongue


Unreasonable Fear of Silver - She is really scared of the stuff, although it does nothing to her.

Small - She is very small compared to most monsters.

Difficulty Wielding Magic - Although she can use her magic to produce weapons armor and other things perfectly, she has issues casting magic in the heat of battle without a charm.



Inci Ville - Her Father, he is incredibly rude to people he doesnt know.

Clara Penter - Her Mother, she works as a Carpenter

Carna Ville - Her Sister which runs the Carnival of Self Doubt







HP : 2,400

Atk : 40

Def : 40


Hammer Slam - She slams her hammer onto the bullet board, causing it to crack, these cracks cause damage if the soul touches them. After turn number 5 She Will Combine this attack with other attacks 

Sideways Slam - She slams her hammer on 3 diffrent sides of the bullet board causing a wave of projectiles.

Failed Attempt - Spawns numberous magic projectiles which home towards the player and move in wave patterns, before you get hit by them they allways dissapear

Bloodbound Amulet - A gemstone in the centre of the board that fires upon the player.

Fixer upper - She drops an anvil onto the middle of the bullet board, then proceeds to hit it with a hammer, launching sparks into many directions. Each spark that hits increases her DEF by 5 and ATK by 2.


Check, Flirt , pet , Stare 


Every two turns she creates a new sword or armor to use, getting progressively better each time granting her ATK and DEF boni 


She has cup size A 

Her Bow occasionally sparks tiny orrange hearts

She has a second name which Starts with the letter V , she commonly States that it is Valentina, but this isnt true.

The Fact that she is a Pervert is based off Her Initials.



Encounter Pacifist - [Don´t Take it Peronal hun~]


Encounter Neutral - [Oh, Hello Dearie~]

No Mercy

Encounter No Mercy - [...]


Hypno1337 -Doing arround 50% of the work and being my scapegoat

Hypno1337 - General Improvements

Hypno1337 - Cool Dood

Dove of Death aka Archemedes - Names ( Anne Ville and Carna Ville )

Archemedes -Also Cool D00D

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