"You don't get away with hurting my friends."

-Anya, confronting the protagonist during a genocide run.



Anya is a human that fell into the Underground while searching for her sister. She bears the steel blue SOUL of Balance, which, in a genocide run, becomes Grief. She is skilled in combat and agility magic and often can be found improving herself.


Anya, for the first eighteen years of her life, did not know what her SOUL color meant. Growing up as one of the odd ones out in her family, a long line of cyan and orange SOULS, her steel blue (and her sister's rose) was deemed dishonour to the family, but her mother kept both her and her sister.

After the death of her mother when she was eleven, Anya joined a gang, resorting to violence to solve her problems. However, she left three years later when the group began to pressure her to take narcotics. Anya continued to attack people after leaving the gang, the only person she spared being her sister.

Akai was always slightly afraid of her older sister, but understood why she decided to commit violence. Bearing the Rose SOUL of Empathy, she understood that combat was a coping mechanism for Anya to deal with the stress of basically being the head of the family; her father was alcoholic and hated her, and their other relatives lived overseas.

Eventually, Akai managed to convince Anya to give up her violent lifestyle in favor of the arts. She lived peacefully like that until her eighteenth birthday.

To spite his eldest daughter, the father sent Akai to a high-end university for a scholarship, not telling a word of it to Anya. Watching Anya struggle with her confidant's absence, the father began to abuse and extort her.

Finally, she found the only escape method that equally got her out and ensured he wouldn't find her again, escaping with all she owned and going to find her sister.

Finding the best plan for the task at hand filled her with BALANCE, and she realized that was her SOUL trait. That was when she fell into the Underground.

After wandering through the RUINS and Snowdin Town, Anya found an old house in Waterfall that she made her own, and that is where she resides to this day.


Anya is almost unnaturally tall, with porcelain skin and short, brown hair dyed blue at the tips. Her eyes are a bright amber. She wears a black leather jacket, blue jeggings and blacks snow boots. She also wears a long, blue scarf with images of Echo Flowers and a crystal Echo Flower necklace.


Anya is thoughtful and will always think of her options before choosing a course of action. The only exception to this is that she will fight and use violence (although, at this point, it's justified violence.) She is accident-prone but never lets anything get to her.

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