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Appendix is one of the most low ranking members of The Organization.


Appendix is a 15 year old short and stubby monster. He has pale skin, besides a few light-pink spots on his stomach/chest area. His hair is a surprisingly dark grey, despite his highly youthful age. His clothes are usually dark, to contrast from his very bright appearance. He had bright green eyes.

Appendix's personality is very bratty, usually whining about needlessly small and useless thing, and picking fights with people stronger than himself. His anger issues had led him into awkward or dangerous situations, in which The Organization usually has to intervene. However, on rare occasions, he will socialize, or have generally good ideas.


Appendix is one of the most low-ranking members of The Organization. Most of the crew would have kicked him out, but it's not much worth the time, and some of the crew enjoys his occasional and sometimes funny outbursts. Otherwise, he is almost completely useless in the crew.


Appendix was abandoned to an orphanage as a child, due to his parents believing he was defective, as his parents were perfectionists. His behavioral issues came naturally to him, as the orphanage was full of rough and rude children. He grew up in the orphanage becoming similar to the other kids, until he eventually left on his own. He made his way onto the streets, while the people in charge of the orphanage continued to look for him. He made his way into the gang, before they could find him. The eventually gave up looking.



He gets in fights with Liver a lot, and arguments usually tend to lead to cursing and shouting. Liver doesn't kick Appendix out because he can be pretty funny sometimes, and his occasional ideas sometimes help. Sometimes she forces him to sleep on a bench outside for his radical behavior.


Appendix's statistics vary depending on the current circumstance. While calm his stats are as follows:

  • ATK: 12 (4)
  • DEF: 8 (3)
  • HP: 280

While mildly angry, or in a fight which does not threaten his life, his stats increase.

  • ATK: 14 (5)
  • DEF: 11 (4)
  • HP: 310

If his life is in danger, or he is extremely angry, his adrenaline kicks in, and his stats increase drastically.

  • ATK: 21 (11)
  • DEF: 21 (11)
  • HP: 840

At any moment, Appendix can reveal his secret move, but if he executes it, then it will kill him in the process. During it, his stats increase to:

  • ATK: 99 (32)
  • DEF: 99 (54)
  • HP: 8962


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