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Arachlisad is an alchemist spider who lives in Waterfall. He wears a specially-made lab coat to fit his 6 arms, and he wears long blue jeans over his two other legs. He spends most of his time in his Lab, concocting new potions.


Arachlisad was born 8 years after the War of Humans and Monsters, and for reasons nobody knows has an incredible hate against humanity. As each human fell, Arachlisad grew slightly less angry at humanity-Until Justice. Justice murdered his parents, siblings, and uncle in "revenge" for them stopping them and asking how they were doing. After that, he spent much more time in his lab plotting for the day to get revenge on humankind.


Arachlisad is somewhere between outgoing and reclusive, and generally has a kind personality. However, he is very against trespassing of any sort, in his house or any other. He is quite smart, not supergenius level but quite a bit above monster average. However, if he ever sees a human, he will either run as fast as he can or throw several vials of deadly liquid first and ask questions later.

Powers, Assets & Weaknesses

His Lab: He has a large lab for alchemy in Waterfall. This counts as one of his assets because...I have nowhere else to put it. It has a state-of-the-art security system that includes...him, sitting in his lab, seeing intruders, and slamming their face with potions before anyone's the wiser.

Alchemy: He is very good at alchemy. He never leaves home without a couple of vials of deadly poison, and maybe some antidote in case he sprays himself.

Alchemical Blade: He has a golden knife with a runic symbol on it....and a mind of it's own. It has helped him through many trying times, as it can float through the air at his command, as they communicate telepathically. He created it by placing his regular golden knife in a vat of some unknown potion.

Lockpicking: He is good at lockpicking. 'Nuff said.

Six Arms: Kind of obvious, but might as well list it here.

However, he does have weaknesses.

Overcomplication: He tries to do things the most complicated way possible 80% of the time.

Actually just weak: Take away his potions and his knife, and all you have is an agile guy who can use a little magic.



None left alive. #sosad



He considers Eric to be a cool guy. This feeling is mutual.


He is friends with Muffet and donates about 60% of his funds to her cause.



He knows Undyne as head of the royal guard, and often tells her how often he sees breaking & entering. However, this has time and time again proven to just be cousins and friends visiting.


He often watches his comedy acts in Hotland.


They know each other.



Battle Info

HP: 2000

ATK: 13

DEF: 7

Gold on win: 90

EXP on kill: 330

ACTs: Check, Shout, Defend

To win the battle, you must Defend 3 times, Shout once, and Spare five times. The Defend and Shout can be done in any order.

On the first attack, he takes out his alchemical knife and slashes across the entire Bullet Board. This splits your SOUL into two smaller souls. When one moves left, the other moves right etc. When either soul gets hit, you take damage. These souls do not share invincibility frames.

He will use the following attacks, in any order:

He tosses a big blue potion to the left of the Bullet Board that releases an undodgable, slow blue wave across the Bullet Board. He then throws an orange one to the right of the Bullet Board that does the same thing, but with orange. In later attack, he repeats this pattern many times and can get very fast with it.

He sends his knife to the board. It will make random straight charges across the board, then go to the middle and start spinning. It begins moving slowly and bouncing around the bullet board. Oh, by the way, the knife is about 1/3 as long as the bullet board itself!

He does an attack similar to Moldsmall's, but harder and longer. He tosses potions down into the Bullet Board that explode into 8 glass shards that shoot into all 8 directions. Near the beginning of the fight this attack lasts for about 5 or 6 potions, but near the end it can get to barrages of up to 10 potions, and more on Genocide.

(If he has either seen that you are a human OR if you are on a genocide run) He sends his knife into the board, doing random charges across the board, as well as smashing blue potions on the side of the Bullet Board.

More to be Added



Pacifist and Neutral

"Huh-what the-What are you doing in my house!? You know, it's not polite to just BARGE IN! You'll pay for that!" Before Battle

"You better defend! Ya won't get away with this!" -Defend once

"Yeah...keep defending..." -Defend again

"..." -Defend the 3rd time before shouting OR defend 4+ times

" stop!" -Shout before Defending thrice

"I deserve that. Y'know, I don't really want to fight you..." -Shout after Defending thrice

"..Why am I doing this?" -First Defend after Shouting besides the first two

"WAIT! YOU'RE A HUMAN, AREN'T YOU!?" -On hit OR after 5 turns before spareable

More to be added


"...So you've come. The dust on your hands..The hate in your eyes...You're the one who has went through the Underground K I L L I N G everyone I've ever known. This ends here." -Arachlisad, before his genocide fight.

"You think..just a little hit...will make me fall?" -Hit once

"Guh...that was...quite a fight, wasn't it? Heh...Eric...I hope you fare better than me." -Just before he turns to dust

"I know you better than that, you murderer." -Defend

"If you think this'll make me pity you even an OUNCE, you're in for disappointment." -Shout

"....really? Really? How about no." -Spare

More to be added.

Flavour Text

Arachlisad appears! -Encounter.

Just a spider in a lab coat. Nothing out of the ordinary. -Check, Pacifist

A stern spider alchemist. Seems like he doesn't want you here. -Check, Neutral

EXP with 8 legs. -Check, Genocide

Arachlisad is scowling, despite the lack of teeth. -Random

Arachlisad's knife glows ominously. -Warning for Attack 2

Arachlisad readies some blue potions. -Warning for Attack 1

Arachlisad is struggling to stand. -Low HP

Arachlisad's eyes glow bright with fury. -Random Geno OR Random after discovering you're a human More to be made.


  • Arachlisad is allergic to gluten.
  • It is probable that Arachlisad is related to Muffet, but very distantly.


  • Thanks to that Toby guy for making his game!
  • Thanks to ZeroByteS for the name!

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