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Arkar Von Elymas is Wyv's take on the Human mage shown on the introduction of Undertale. He was the Arch Mage of the First Human Army, having Nimir Numah and Natis Prosec for superiors.


Arkar was born with a wand on his hand. Literally. The first things he picked up as a baby were a magic wand and a spellbook. He was very talented, teaching himself how to cast spells. He was born in Primum Castellum, the first human village, and was blessed by the king himself.

After being blessed, Arkar was assigned to a mansion of his own, where his family and himself can live and, once he turned 15, he would keep the mansion to himself.

This mansion was named the Augurium Ager, and, soon after, the whole place was basically swarmed with magic. Everything was protected by magical barriers, filled with enchantment inside.

Arkar was not bullied at all, unlike other human children, and was well-accepted into society as a member of Primum Castellum's best school. During his student years, Arkar was asked to be part of magic class, and was trained by the Arch-Mage himself, along with seven other humans.

Time has passed, and Arkar has been named the Arch-Mage after the death of the previous arch-mage. Since then, Arkar has been staying with the human king during the morning, day and afternoon, and spent the night at his home. He never slept after he was named Arch-Mage due to his responsibilities, such as training Romero De Shival, keeping up the barrier around his home, creating staves, protecting the kingdom, etc.

After the war broke out, Arkar was immediately assigned to be the leader of the second largest squad of Primum Castellum, the biggest one being assigned to Natis. Needleteeth was in his squad, and fought alongside him.

The war went on for many many years, and, finally, when it ended, Arkar's college friends, the seven humans, were ordered to cast the Barrier spell upon the monsters, and banish them underground. However, without Arkar, it would never be possible. Arkar, already an ancient, used his last corporeal magic on the barrier, while his true, more powerful magic was stored in his Bistre SOUL.

Arkar passed away inside his home due to old age and lack of corporeal magic, and his funeral was made in the middle of the town. His remains were buried underneath Augurium Ager, and are there to this very day. After the funeral, the king himself launched Arkar's SOUL into a nearby ravine, named the Memory Garden. Little did he know that this ravine is a passageway to the Underground.

Arkar's human SOUL had been found by Toriel, and taken in, stored in a container deep within the Capital. It is the only human SOUL that wouldn't be used on the Barrier, but instead, as a sign of respect, loyalty and memory.

The SOUL had been stolen by a Royal Guard, and given to Nimir, who performed a ritual to revive Arkar, and failed to complete it, leaving Arkar in a state of age manipulation. Now, thanks to this, Arkar is stuck in a constant change of age, where he will randomly change his age without control.


Arkar is a generally distant person, and loses his temper VERY quickly. At times, he can very well manage to control his anger, but when something really pisses him off, he explodes like a bomb. When he's around people he likes, he takes his anger and throws it into the depths of his consciousness. When he's too panicked, he goes completely mute until he's calmed down. While he's mute, he uses sign language to communicate, anxiously, like he does when his age is below six.


Human Form

During Arkar's years of Archmage, he seems to have a short, black and greyish beard, and long, flowing, black and greyish hair, with a slightly dark skin and gaunt facial structure. His body is thin, with his hands being a little bigger than usual, same for his feet, and his limbs being slightly longer. He has a few wrinkles and freckles, and his skin was slightly loose. He wore a black and blue robe, with ebony parts located everywhere, including the shoulders, a mask, a silver circlet with sapphire gems, boots and gloves.


OVW sprite

After his resurrection, his appearance depends on his age, though in his most used form, he wears the same clothes, but everything is slightly oversized. His beard, wrinkles and freckles are now gone, and the greyish part of his hair disappeared, leaving only the long black hair. He usually disguises himself as a BIRD MONSTER using magic, so other monsters won't report him to Asgore.

Monster Disguise

Disguised as a monster, Arkar chooses to be called "Aerie Fisher". He appears to be an anthropomorphic bird-like monster, with a few fish features, like fins, scales and gills. He chooses to have a medium-sized, thin beak, large fins, two long fish tails, with feathers on each tip, bird legs and feet, and fish fins instead of arms.

He wears a long, ragged scarf,



  • Natis Prosec (Former Commander), Nimir Numah (Former Superior, Friend), Human King (Former King), Stycal, Romero De Shival (Apprentice)


  • Most monsters, Terra (Friend-Enemy), Needleteeth (Former Soldier)



  • Lavender Ung Elymas (Mother), Kristofer Von Bergen (Father), Austin Von Elymas (Brother)

Romantic Partner(s)

  • None


Base Stats

HP: 80

AT: 20 (+25)

DF: 13 (+37)


AT: Wooden Staff - 25 AT. He swings and casts faster each turn that passes.

DF: Mage Robes - 37 DF. He's more agile and nimble every turn that passes.


Check, Mistify, Intimidate, Cast, Weep


You can find Arkar somewhere deep in the Capital, as an encased SOUL. If you approach it, and interact with it, the SOUL will start to shake. It will escape, and will start to fly around the Underground. You will have to follow it around, until you reach the HOME CENTRAL, the very middle of the Ruins.

From this SOUL, Arkar will emerge, and from then on, the encounter starts. Both Arkar and yourself will be encased in a green, symbol-filled, carved magic box, and will fly upwards, until both of you reach the top of the cavern. Then, the battle begins, and the background will be filled with bright, cyan, glistening crystals, which are the stars of the Underground.

Remember, all of this can only be done if you have the Ragged Robes and the Broken Staff.


Arkar has a very long list of abilities, mainly magic, so here are a few that can be included here.

Age manipulating

Arkar can manipulate his age to his liking to any, though sometimes he changes at ramdom, from 10 years old and up. There's a rare chance of 0.1% that he can change into an embryo, gaining a powerful Giygas-like, creepy form. Due to this, his AT and DF is changed from 40-13(+65-50) to 147-206(+72-80), and he gains 100 HP, but he gains a great weakness to holy magic.



Arkar is one of the most skilled human mages alive, and thus, he has many, many spells, which he stores in his spellbook. The main types of magic he uses is the Destruction type, the Summoning type, the Healing type, the Illusionism type and the Chronic type.

The Destruction type of magic is anything related to fire, frost, shock, poison and other spells related to destroying their targets. Its main areas consist of incineration, paralysis and electrocution.

The Summoning type of magic is anything related to the conjuration of things not from this dimension, like bound weapons, items, familiars, links and dark rituals. Its main areas consist of binding, casting and conjuring.

The Healing type of magic focuses more on the restoration of health, fatigue, KS and other stats. Its main areas consist of resurrection, healing(obviously), transferring and transformation.

The Chronic type of magic is a more mysterious version of all the other types combined. It has a strange mix, and focuses more on time, space and molecules. Its main areas consit of gravity manipulation and the ability to create SOUL-related spells, like the green SOUL's blocking, the yellow SOUL's shooting, the blue SOUL's high jumping, the red SOUL's floating, and so on.


Arkar can easily disguise himself as a monster, so other monsters won't report him to Asgore or any royal guards.

Soul Mode

Arkar can change your heart mode into "Bistre SOUL" mode. When first used, the bullet board will shatter, and your SOUL is encased by an Amber and Grape aura, and is free to roam around the screen. Not only that, your buttons are scattered everywhere as well.

To ACT, you must hover over the enemy's sprite's head and select an action using a menu. To FIGHT, all you gotta do is hover over the enemy and press Z. Your SOUL will turn into a crosshair and it will fly everywhere in the screen. If you press Z anywhere but on your enemy's sprite, you will miss. If you press Z on your enemy's sprite's arm, hand, legs or belly, you will do small to medium damage. If you press Z on your enemy's sprite's head, it will get a critical hit.

For ITEMs, you just have to press X while outside of dialogue. In MERCY, for you to flee, you have to hover out of the screen, and a bit of dialogue will appear. There is a slight chance that an extra scene will trigger. For you to SPARE, you just have to select "SPARE" in the action menu.

While the enemy is attacking, it jumps out of the screen and uses its attacks normally, twice as powerful and fast.

List of spells

This is a list of spells that Arkar may use, either during battle or not.

Maledictum Carnis

Translates to "Curse of Flesh". It's a very thin red ray that comes from either the eye of Arkar's staff, or his hand, depending on his equipment. When it contacts any flesh of any kind, it starts corrupting the struck area, until that part of the flesh melts completely.

Fulminum Iactus

Translates to "Rune of Shock". It's a rune made around the opponent that explodes in a wall of lightning, which creates a few storm clouds above. This can be used as an escape plan later, and can only be cast with Arkar's hand. The lightning's effect vary, from burning, to turning things to ash, and so on.

Quaerere Lapidem

Part of the "Gate of Seven Stones" ritual, and translates to "Locate Stone". This spell causes the body of the caster to glow heavily with a white aura, and makes them float a little bit. When the caster floats, a huge multi-colored beam is launched upwards, causing it to hit a crystal on the Underground's ceiling. The beam hops off the crystal, and is separated into smaller beams, which roam the Underground, looking for one of seven magical stones. When a beam finds a stone, the stone is teleported to the caster's hand. This spell can only be used in a certain location in Snowdin Forest, in a clearing with seven stone buildings surrounding a shrine in the middle, made to be stepped on. Similar to other ritual spells, and unlike Arkar's other spells, this has to be learned from a book.

Lyra Accersendi

Part of the "Gate of Seven Stones" ritual, and translates to "Song of Summoning". This spell can only be cast on the very same location as the "Quaerere Lapidem" spell, and must have all Soulstones before being cast: The Stone of Perfection, the Stone of Curiosity, the Stone of Freedom, the Stone of Self-Control, the Stone of Judgement, the Stone of Value and the Stone of Innocence. During the spell, the caster must speak the binding words as he is focusing on the spell, which are as follows.

"Per virtutem maiorum fieri ut unius odium. In fortitudine posteros nostros, et inter lacrimas rip textus nostri temporis et futuri saeculi. Et iterum lapides portae septem adaperire."

After the binding words are spoken completely, the Seven Stones will float, spin around, and merge into one, rainbow-coloured, flashing stone, which is the Stone of Spirit. This stone will grow and grow until it is the size of a whole city, and will crack. Then, it will turn into a cross-shaped rift hovering above the shrine. The caster will be sucked into the portal, and will be sent to the unknown. Similar to Quaerere Lapidem, this spell must be learned from a book.

Unlike any other spells, this ritual will take up all of your magic, and might leave scars, both mental and physical.


"...Another human. ...Down here. ... ...Strange. ...Why are you down here? ...I see... ... ...Perhaps you can help me with something? ...I need to leave this wretched place... and to do that... I need another human SOUL.... ... ...Maybe you can give me yours... ...No?... ...Then I will take it from you... force..." [Encounter Pacifist/Neutral]

"...You... ... ...I remember you, <playername>... ...And I know why you're here... ...just take my SOUL and leave..." [Encounter Genocide]

"...Is that supposed to be a spell?" [Cast #1]

"...You must be joking..." [Cast #2]

"....Do not joke about my beliefs, determined one...." [Cast #3-5]

"...So you really are a wizard... fascinating..." [Cast #6+]

"...W-What did you do?" [Mistify #1]

"...Y-You are... confusing me...." [Mistify #2]

"My head... it hurts..." [Mistify #3 and #4]

"S t o p ." [Mistify #5+]

"...You are pathetic..." [Indimidate #1-3]

"...To think you can intimidate Arkar Elymas, the Archmage of the First Human Army... Foolishness!" [Intimidate #4+]

"...Yes... cry... human tears are essential to brewing potions..." [Weep #1]

"You will not change me... I will conquer you, and take your SOUL...." [Weep #2+]

"...Your SOUL will be mine..." [General Quote]

"...Quickly... I must get your SOUL... before any monsters see me..." [General Quote]

"...Die..." [General Quote]

"...All monsters will be destroyed... if I use your SOUL..." [General Quote]

"...I am so sorry for this..." [General Quote]

Flavor Text

Arkar struts in! [Encounter Pacifist/Neutral]

The clock is ticking. [General Text]

Another SOUL for the taking. [Encounter Genocide]

You make the magic coin trick. Arkar seems unimpressed. [Cast #1]

You make the old card trick with Arkar. No effect. [Cast #2]

You do other cheap illusion tricks. Arkar gets angrier and angrier. [Cast #3-5]

You finally manage to do some real magic. Arkar is amazed. [Cast #6]

You do something mystical. Arkar is confused. [Mistify #1]



  • Arkar was heavily based off of a character in the game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, named Gostaauf Winter-Spear, who ended up being the Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold.
  • If it was not obvious enough, there is a tiny bit of Elder Scrolls linked to Arkar, due to his magical nature, and the lack of proper, organized magic in Undertale.
  • Arkar's AT and DF (40-13) is a reference to Homestuck's date of creation, which is 4/13.
  • Thanks to Undertale hiding the identity of certain humans in the opening sequence, there was an opportunity given to the fandom to come up with their own characters based off of these humans. Arkar and Nimir are such ones.



Thank you, Toby Fox, for making Undertale!

Thank you, Golden Forge and Kuro Neko Potato, for the base page layout!

Thank you, Bethesda, for the pictures!

Thank you, TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade, for the sprite!

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