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Atlas is a Spawn, though he appears very humanoid. He wears dark blue robes. The blue robes he wears have gold trim on them. He is tall, about seven feet. His shoulders are very broad, adding to his intimidating presence. He does not always wear his robes, however, and more often dresses in a less regal outfit. On his legs, he wears black pinstripe pants with white stripes. He also wears a thin brown belt on his pants. Atlas has a black vest, with a red ascot. Over his vest he wears a blue jacket with black leather sleeves that are rolled up. His face is metallic and blue and he has short black hair combed to the right.


Born prior to the war, Atlas grew up as "Liam Montagne" as his father killed his mother and attempted to assimilate Atlas into human culture. He draped him in robes (Which became a habit of Atlas') and made him avoid monsters. Due to this, Atlas hates his father and wishes to murder him. Atlas armed himself with a sawed-off shotgun and went to hunt his father. Atlas cannot make friends as he is constantly moving from place to place. He has met most monsters in the underground on his journey to find his father. Unknowingly to him, his father is still on the surface. Despite this, Atlas wishe to find him still. Atlas enjoys fire, surprisingly, as it reminds him of a former lover, Cecilia. But, that was long ago.



  • Father is a human named Adam Montagne
  • Mother is a liquid metal monster named Jenna


  • He was friends with humans at a young age


  • None


  • His father


Atlas refuses to fight the human, and thus has no known stats


  • Inspired by Booker DeWitt for appearance


Toby Fox I guess