(Heya. This character was made by Dove of Death. Use him without permission, and you are REALLY not gonna like what happens next)

Auffle is a Terisic-class Agarif and is considered by some to be the worst Agarif alive (Namely by his extremely poor excuse for a family). Despite his reputation, he takes an active role in the Hive and is extremely loyal to his species. His goal is to prove to his parents that even someone with horrible stats can be a good member of society. His sidekick and best friend is Lucer.


As stated before, Auffle is a Terisic Agarif. He was not subject to any sort of genetic mutation upon his birth, so he is completely orange. Since he was born, he has always been below-average size for someone of his class and that has not changed to this day. His wings, on the other hand, have not shrunk to match his small size, and he finds them very heavy to heave around all the time. He's tried to fly with them before, but they're just far too heavy for him to do so reliably.

Auffle's tail resembles a club, for some reason, and he is known to swing it at people who annoy him. He also has teeth in extremely poor condition (Why, his parents never thought that he'd need to clean them!) but tries to hide this by keeping his mouth shut. He has baby blue eyes.


With a name like that, one wouldn't expect Auffle to have the highest of opinions on himself. The reality, however, is quite strange: He doesn't actually know the nature of his name. When others point and laugh at him, he continues as if nothing's wrong at all. Really, he has become nonchalant ever since his parents decided he was a failure (More on that later, by the way!). He tries to take everything on himself and frequently pushes people out of their jobs in order to get things done "The Auffle Way". He's known to refuse help from anyone other than his sidekick and best friend, Lucer. It's not that he has an ego, he just thinks its better that the job is given to himself so that others can continue on with their lives.

Though very hard working, he takes frequent breaks claiming he must rest himself to keep in tip top "Auffle Condition". He tends to keep them as short as possible and will continue working whenever given the chance. He's the kind of person that takes promises and secrets very seriously - He tries his best to never break a promise, and if he ever does he makes sure to fix it in the end. Jealousy is something he hides well, as he's jealous of all the other bigger, more successful Agarifs than himself. He thinks by doing all the jobs they're supposed to do they'll recognise him as a powerful and reliable individual. But he keeps this all to himself, and claims he's only there to help.

Being raised in the Hive for all his life, Auffle has never left it but does intend to someday. After being respected and all that, his biggest dream is to become a hero to the Agarifs and Monsters everywhere - No matter the cost. Of course, he'd have to make sure no harm came to Lucer in the progress. Should anything happen to his loyal sidekick, poor little Auffle might not even have the will to continue his quest to greatness. On the other hand, perhaps it'd make him even more serious about it. In any case, he also seeks to one day meet Monsters other than Agarifs and is extremely interested in the history of his species.


Auffle was born to two similarly named Agarifs not too long ago. He was extremely small of an Agarif of the Terisic class and this was noted by his parents who wondered what he could do in the world. His mother wanted to train him as a great warrior, but his father thought raising him to be a scholar would be the best choice due to his small size. The two argued over this so much that they separated from each other - And both of them blamed Auffle as the cause. He was very young when this happened, of course, and was not aware of what had happened. Nevertheless, he stayed with his mother for his early years - Only occasionally seeing his father on holidays and such.

Growing older, children made fun of Auffle for his awful name. He didn't know what they were talking about and laughed along with them - But it wasn't long until he realised it was him they were laughing at. The only problem was, he didn't know exactly what he was doing wrong and began changing many things about himself. These only fuelled the fire of the children and Auffle became infamous for being so utterly stupid. The only people he could rely on were his mother and father - And they weren't particularly fond of him, either.

Then came a day when he met a similarly named Agarif, a young Omega named Lucer. The two instantly clicked, and Auffle took Lucer under his wing. Eventually, Lucer became his loyal sidekick and the two were inseparable. Neither Auffle nor Lucer's parents approved of their friendship, for some reason, but the two stuck together and have been best friends ever since!

There was a brief time when he came into contact with beings from outside the Hive, and his many questions almost drove them to insanity. But he was satisfied with what little answers they did give, and so made his mind up: He would leave the Hive and go exploring, maybe then he'd be praised as a legendary hero and all that pazzaz. With Lucer by his side, he began doing little jobs for everyone else to both train himself and increase his popularity with the other Agarifs. And to this day, the one and only Auffle does just that!


Auffle's will to help eventually got the better of him, and he picked a fight with a being much more powerful than he could ever imagine. Auffle's true fate is not known, but the event was said to have left a great effect on Lucer.



Auffle's best friend and the most loyal of all sidekicks. They share equally horrible names, but it's not clear whether Lucer knows or is just pretending not to show. Nevertheless, the two together often make chitchat and it's quite rare to see one without the other.

Wymp and Rejek

Auffle's horrible parents. Wymp - his mother - and Rejek - his father - were both as horribly named as Auffle himself. The two had differing opinions on how the young Agarif should be raised, and these opinions caused such a tuff between them that they separated, keeping the young Auffle in his mother's care. Wymp and Rejek don't care for their son at all these days.


HP - 1,000

ATK - 22

DEF - 15

Auffle's stats are just that - awful for a Terisic Agarif. He uses the standard techniques of the class in combat, but to far less success than others. Currently he is training himself, so these stats are really subject to change.


  • Auffle, Wymp and Rejek are based on absolutely horrible words matching their horrible natures.
    • Names like those run in the family. Lucer is thought to be a distant cousin of Auffle for this reason.

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