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Basic Description

BOB is a green square with two big, droopy eyes and a generally miserable appearance. Ever since he was born he's been a square, and nothing more. The crushing realization that he will always be a mere square has left him completely destroyed. On account of his pitiful existence, he is constantly looking for a superior body to possess. Whenever BOB encounters someone with a suitable form, he tells them his sob story before attempting to murder them to seize their body. This, is usually to no avail, since he is, after all, a feeble little square.   BOB Theme: BOB Genocide Theme':

Deeper Personality (Spoilers!)

While BOB usually acts very monotone and almost formal when confronting his victims, he is actually exceptionally bitter and has a hatred of people that are above him. He resents the world for its unfairness, and wishes to become increasingly powerful until he is above all. 



  • None that we know of?!?!


  • None.


  • None.


  • Whenever BOB confronts someone, it is most likely that he's doing it with malicious intent. He does not talk for long before attacking them, giving him a long history of opponents.


General Location

When BOB isn't in a hurry to take over a better body, he usually dwells in the gloomy areas of Waterfall, thinking over just how wretched his life is. He is rarely to be found in crowded places like Snowdin, as the constant sight of more adequately built monsters discourages (and infuriates) him. Because of his lack of desire to be near any other monsters, he seldom converses with anyone. However, if he spots a monster with a sufficient body passing through in Waterfall, he'll in all likelihood confront them.

Genocide Locations (Spoilers!)

BOB's path in the Genocide Route is a perfect example of him being fuelled by his voracious interests. Here, he will downright stalk the player, leaving his general comfortzone to have recourse to all of the monsters the player savagely kills. BOB will pursue the player through the Hotlands and even New Home to reach his goal, becoming stronger and stronger with every victim he claims. 



In the Neutral Run, BOB is a minor enemy and can be easily defeated. He is impossible to kill however, as he will give up and leave the player when he has less than 3 HP left. If the player spares BOB for multiple turns without dying, he'll also give up, as he doesn't believe it is worth the effort. 

  • HP:10
  • AT: 4
  • DF: 5
  • EXP On Kill: 5
  • Gold on Win: 8


In the Pacifist route, BOB has the same role as in Neutral.

  • HP: 10
  • AT: 4
  • DF: 5
  • EXP On Kill: 5
  • Gold on Win: 8

Genocide (Spoilers!)

In the Genocide Run, BOB makes use of the player's merciless nature, and salvages whatever body parts he can get from the slain monsters before they turn to dust. This in turn makes BOB an abomination, consisting of various bodyparts grotesquely sewn together.

  • HP: 2000
  • AT: 80
  • DF: 100
  • EXP On Kill: 250
  • Gold on Win: 40


  • Sympathize with
  • Taunt
  • Check
  • Discuss life



"Hello. I am BOB. I am very sad. When I reflect upon my life, I realize... that no matter how hard I try in my current form... I will never be anything more than a square. This fact is what brought me on a quest to possess a superior body. Since you have arms and legs, yours is sufficient." - [Intro]  "Why must you kick me while I'm down." - [Taunt]  "I do not need your pity. I simply wish to seize your body. But thanks." - [Sympathize]  "Honestly, your words are meaningless. Although I do appreciate them." - [Sympathize #2]  "If you really cared you'd let me kill you." - [Sympathize #3]  "As of yet I am rather useless. I wish to change this. Then we can talk about me having a point in life." - [Discuss life]  "Ah. You've defeated me. That's tragic. I'll have to live with the fact that I'll always be a plain square. Woe is me." - [Defeat]  "Hm. I have a hunch that I will not be able to defeat you. As to be expected. It is only logical, for I am a plain square. Woe is me." - [Spare] 

Encounter #2 (Genocide) (Spoilers!)

"Hello. I am BOB, as you may remember. I am not sad any more. As you can see, I have been collecting the remnants of the countless monsters you have vanquished, as much as I could get before they turned to dust. I am now much more powerful. You may have a high LV, but I still anticipate victory. In a moment, your body will be mine." - [Intro]  IN BATTLE

  • "How the tables have turned. Suddenly, I pose a threat to you."
  • "And this is after you've gained so much XP. I am frankly quite proud."
  • "It just goes to show that the road to power isn't chaste."
  • "I had to do vile things to get where I am. And even then, I couldn't have done it without you."
  • "You, with your superior SOUL and DETERMINATION, went on to slaughter all of these innocent monsters..."
  • "... I almost feel like liquidating you is for the greater good."
  • "But really. I'm just trying to get back at the world."
  • "Soon, everyone will know how I felt."
  • "Forsaken. Inferior. Useless."
  • "They will all envy me, and become cognizant of the injustice in this world."
  • "... That being said, I can't help but notice that you appear to be defeating me."
  • "Ah. You've gone beyond defeating me. You've murdered me. Now I'll be even less than a plain square. I'll be dust. Woe is me." - [Defeat (Genocide)] 

Flavor Text

"Nothing but a square. Poor BOB." - [Check]  "BOB initiates battle!" - [Encounter]  "BOB seems emotionally distant." - [Neutral]  "You realize you're fighting a green box with eyes." - [Neutral]  "BOB blinks more than usual. This probably doesn't mean anything." - [Neutral]  "You tell him you feel real bad for him." - [Sympathize]  "You tell him you can't imagine how it must feel." - [Sympathize #2]  "You tell him you hope his SOUL finds peace and comfort." - [Sympathize #3]  "BOB thinks you're all talk, no action." - [Sympathize #4+]  "You bluntly tell him he's actually a cube." - [Taunt]  "You ask him what he thinks is the purpose of his existence." - [Discuss life]  "What a disgusting creature." - [Genocide]


  • BOB being able to talk despite the fact that he only has eyes is a reference to I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream.
  • BOB is green; The color of envy.
  • BOB represents the destructive nature of self pity.


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