Bakatale is a AU about Undertale canon characters and OCs on a japanese highschool.


The page is owned by...well, everyone. So, feel free to add your OC or fanart if you wan't. Yup, no need of permission.


Long ago, two races were studying on a highschool: HUMANS and MONSTERS.

One day, a long battle about knowledge happened between these two races.

After a long test, the humans were victorious. They sealed the monsters on School Ebott, a gigantic underground school with a math test.

Legends say that those who join the school never come back...

However, the math test will be solved with 8 human SOULs.

Canon characters

Frisk - Frisk is that one person who just doesn't wants contact with anyone, but ends up being the most popular person on the whole highschool.

Sans - Sans is that chill dude that normally listens to music during lunch and is one of the smartests on the class.

Papyrus - Papyrus is the guy that wants to be worshipped but ends up being the funny goofy.

Alphys - That one tsundere girl that loves stalking her crush (Undyne) and loves talking about animes. Is the smartest gal on the class.

Undyne - A tomboy girl that is secretly stalked by her kouhai.

Chara - A ghost that haunts the bathrooms. By saying its true name, it may become your "friend".

W.D Gaster - A ghost that haunts the computer lab.

Toriel - A teacher.

Asgore - The principal.

Monster Kid - That one person that appears randomly during lunch and you don't even know its classroom.

Amalgamates - Class mascots.

Astigmatism - A bully.

Muffet - Gal that gives food on lunch.

Grillby - Guy that gives food on lunch.

Regular monsters - random students.

Flowey/Asriel - A random flowers on the park/ teacher's pet.

Mettaton/Happstablook - A very himedere, girly and fabulous robot/the thing inside the robot.

Napstablook - Some random emo.


Eudjinne - Smartest guy on class, also a tsundere.

Slade - School Bully, wears a leather jacket and sunglasses, does not care about how his grades are or what he does

Needleteeth - The P.E. teacher.

Mersmis Alxyga - The Science class teacher.

Arkar Elymas - The History class teacher.

Juniper Herbst - The most bullied kid on school.

Kafele - A dead body used for dissection.

Lily (Lilith) - The most dangerous girl in the class, she's a little bit of a yandere.

Terra - Toriel's assistant teacher.

Lezzine - The weird kid in the school. Keeps telling everyone about the flower with a face at the park, but only the school fools would believe that. She's a yandere.

Autumn- Autumn is a Dandere. Usually staring at Mettaton making ' goo-goo ' eyes at them for some reason?

Venus- Venus is one of those weird kids. Most of the kids think shes a yandere? Instead of Calling Papyrus by his name, She just calls him Senpai.

Orion the Goat- That one kid that manages to beat up the bullies by crushing them against the ground.

Poogie - That one shy kid in the class. Yup, I see you there Billy Bob.

Jess - That one student who's a Tsundere mixed with a Deredere.

Miki- That one Deredere.

Crystal - that one girl who skipped way too many grades because of the internet.

Syle- That one guy who is really smart, just gets distracted too much by the Internet... and girls... mainly nerd girls

Treeka - Not really any kind of dere, as her personality changes per season. In summer, she is a Deredere. In winter, a Tsundere. In fall, a Dandere. And in spring... well, let's just say she gets too much in your business.