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Basilisks are a rare sub-species of non-humanoid monsters that are sometimes mistaken for dragons, drakons, cockatrices, or sometimes even lizards. They don't live all in a specific place, and are usually wide-spread.


Basilisks have a somewhat wide range of appearance. Most Basilisks have eyes, which can turn you into stone slowly when looking into them. (Basilisks are immune to this ability) Other common traits among most Basilisks are bat-like wings, two-legged bodies, and long tails ending with a spike, claw, scorpion tail, etc.. They all can have varying colors and patterns on their bodies. The colors on the Basilisk's body will change the type of Basilisk it is. Most are two fingered, and some are three, four, one, or even five fingered. Basilisks either have a pointed tongue or a forked one. Basilisks will usually have teeth on their lower jaw, but sometimes both. The exception is Basilisks with only fangs on top. Any eye color will do, but mainly primary and secondary colors will turn you into stone.

Males have a broader snout and stockier legs while females have thinner snouts and less stocky legs. Newborn Basilisks will have no teeth, with tiny wings and stubby tail.

How to Survive a Basilisk Attack -A Guide to Not Die, Ben 2016

Part 1- Do's and Don'ts

DO- Avert your eyes away from the creature. It's gaze will turn you into stone slowly.

DON'T- Make it look into a mirror. Basilisks are immune to their own gaze.

DO- Move slowly when you are behind it.

DON'T- Sprint away when it's looking. It will catch up to you.

DO- Make sure it doesn't sense too much fear in you.

DON'T- Frighten it. It will take that as a sign of aggression, and attack you further.

DO- Make sure it's kept as happy as possible, so it doesn't get angry and disturb the neighbors.

DON'T- Attack it. It's hard skin will protect it from most firearms.

DO- Tempt the creature with something interesting.

DON'T- Try to hide. It has a great sense of smell.

DO- Group up. It will sense a large group hard to find a specific scent, overwhelming it.

Part 2- Myths

  • Basilisks attack on sight.
    • TRUTH: Nope. They won't attack on sight. They will attack when they see a sign of aggression towards them.
  • Basilisks can get turned into stone when they look at their reflection.
    • TRUTH: They can't. They are immune to their own magic.
  • Basilisks will not attack your backside.
    • TRUTH: They will. Happy camping!

Types of Basilisks

Upper Class

Upper Class Basilisks are typically red, yellow, or orange. They have the third most venomous teeth out of the Basilisks, but their eyes aren't as magical as others. They have the largest wingspan and the largest bodies. Their scales are made of any type of metal.

Soldier Class

Soldier Class Basilisks are typically green, blue, or turquoise. They don't have very venomous teeth, but make up for it in jaw power.


These have the most powerful magic, and are very dangerous. However, their defense is very weak. This is also the rarest type. Their scales are made of a gemstone.


These have the lowest amount of magic, but are the largest and have the highest damage and defense. Their scales are made of a type of stone. These are extremely rare.


These are the fastest, smallest Basilisks and are rather rare. They typically are yellow.


As the name suggests, these are the most common type and are mostly balanced in strength and magic. These are dull colors such as brown, grey, and dull shades.


These are blood-draining Basilisks which are pretty rare with the most venomous teeth out of all. They drain life with their attacks. These are typically red, black, or purple.


Albino Basilisks are the second most rare type of Basilisk, and like the name suggests, they have beady white scales. They have no eye magic, with typically bright blue eyes and are rather large. Although they might look very scary, they are actually the most peaceful type of Basilisks. They do not be with other Basilisks and usually don't have a family.

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