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"Know your place. I am the Shining Light destined to lead us into Paradise, chosen by Seth Himself - and I will not tolerate any blasphemy."


Beatrix is a woman of an unknown species (It is not clear whether she is fully Human or a Humane-Spawn), claiming to be the "Chosen Champion" of Seth, the Paladin Lord. As a Paladin herself, she fights in the name of Justice and everything that is good in the world. Her dream is to save all captives of the Underground by her own power alone, so that she may one day be recognised as a True Hero.


As the "Shining Light", it is only natural that Beatrix's appearance would illuminate pure radiance. The first thing usually noticed is her long, white cape that is made from a lightweight material as smooth as silk. She keeps details scarce on its exact origins, but it is assumed that this material is the only of its kind in the entire Underground. As much as the cape has been used, one would expect it to have been ruined in battle - or at the very least become extremely dirty from being dragged over the ground so often. Beatrix alleviates this with her knowledge of magic: Keeping her cape as clean and beautiful as the day it was created.

Her hair is kept in as good condition as her cape, if not even moreso. It is a chestnut brown in colour and is ever so slightly longer than shoulder length. Beatrix's eyes are red and even her normal look strikes many as being downright intimidating. Because she's Underground and hasn't been in the sunlight for Seth-knows how long, it is quite obvious that she has rather pale skin.

She wears light, silver armour with Seth's symbol embroidered on the back (Though, this is often obscured by her cape) and also adorns red leggings with lightly armoured boots. She also wears a rather large belt that holds two swords on the left and right sides. The left sword is the one Beatrix chooses to use more often, and has a light blue gemstone embedded in its hilt. It looks similar to a rapier and is named "Eirika". The right sword is a broadsword with half of the blade smeared in red, to give the appearance of it being stained with blood. This blade is named "Reginleif" and is used sparingly. The reason to its exclusive use being known only to Beatrix herself.


Beatrix is as noble as a knight and as kind as a priestess. She has a strong sense of justice and prioritises protecting the innocent above all else. Following the Paladin Lord's orders to the dot, her only regret is not finding His Guiding Light sooner in life. She does not tolerate blasphemy against Seth and will not hesitate to draw her blade if some unearthly soul decides to insult His grace.

Being the last remaining follower of Seth, Beatrix often feels lonely and somewhat overworked, as she works doubly as a Paladin and a Priestess for the Paladin Lord. She does not let this cloud her judgement of His Excellency, however, instead seeing it as a test of her ability. When the day is finished, she loves to relax in Grillby's - with a book in her hands rather than a blade. She claims these books remind her of home.

In addition to being a skilled swordsman, Beatrix is also quite proficient at magic. This is so that she can fight anywhere at any time - even if she is stripped of all her weapons, she can still fight for the Paladin Lord until her final breath. Some view her devotion as creepy rather than noble, but she cares not. As far as she is concerned, the Paladin Lord is the only thing still worth fighting for.


She lived a simple farm life for a time. Though the beasts she tended to were a tad more... dangerous than traditional farm animals. It was tiring work, and she didn't even enjoy it. The farm was simply a family heirloom passed down again and again. She worked again and again, day and night, completely unaware of a war going on elsewhere.

One night, everything she had known had disappeared, replaced with nothing but dread. In her darkest hour, Beatrix had nothing left: Until the Paladin Lord Seth saved her from eternal suffering. Beatrix then served as Seth's Champion: Taking up the art of the blade and the art of magic to spread Justice throughout the world, while also spreading word of Seth Himself to all those who would listen.

She became quite the rumour in the Underground for quite some time. A woman who was strong, and yet refused to join the Royal Guard. A woman who would spread the word of her God wherever she went: Indeed, people thought the idea of her interesting. Eventually, these rumours died out: and Beatrix was forgotten by the majority of the population.

However, she did not disappear. Under the Paladin Lord's orders, she went into hiding - though she did not know why. Finally able to leave and return to spreading His word, she returns to the Underground as confident in her ability as ever. Beatrix is ready to bring True Justice unto the people: And remind them that hope can never be lost, as long as you have someone to depend on.


As previously stated, Beatrix is proficient in both magic and swordplay. Her skill is almost unparalleled - which makes sense considering she is blessed by the Paladin Lord Himself.


HP - 6,000

ATK - 50

DEF - 50

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