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"Monstra invictos!"

The Ice Phoenix of deep and dark legends, Bella! ...Or so her brother would lead you to believe. Bella (Full name: Lady Maribelle Rebecca Phinesworth IV) is a blue bird from a wealthy family that works for the Royal Guard due to a debt she feels she must repay - that and some pressure from her parents. Along with her brother, Sherlang En, the two make up the Royal Guard division known as the Hotland Enforcers.


Like her brother, Bella somewhat resembles the phoenix spoke of in legends. Though much unlike him she is blue rather than orange, earning her the title "The Mighty Ice Phoenix" (From Sherlang, of course). She is an anthropomorphic bird with a chilly aura around her. The feathers on her wings (Which, again like Sherlang En, also happen to be her arms) are always absolutely freezing to the touch. Her entire body is a bright blue with some white highlights here and there. On the edges of her wings it looks as if she's dipped them in snow (Which is impossible in Hotland), and she has a white spot in the same place Sherlang has his third eye. This most likely means she lacks the psychic powers that he claims to have, but its possible she could develop them if given enough training.

Her eyes are constantly droopy and she leaves all the examining work to her brother, who naturally has the ability to do that sort of stuff. Speaking of her eyes, they're blue just like the rest of her. What a surprise. Her beak is a very light orange, looking more like white rather than the orange it should be. It doesn't change much about her, though. She has an extra tuft of feathers on her head, resembling hair of some sort, but she never bothers to style it and so always has a bed head.

Rather foolishly, she is known to wear flowing dresses even during her patrols. She wears the standard Royal Guard armour under these, of course, but she claims "They're comfortable to fight in", as strange as it might be. Like her brother, when she's not wearing the dresses she leaves her wings hang out the side of her armour so that she may fly in the dark, cold thing that is battle. For her weapon, she weaponizes her wings using some sort of magic. Launching magical feathers from them that do a surprising amount of damage, she can attack quickly and from range.


One might consider Bella the complete opposite to her brother in terms of personality. She's extremely lazy and often has to be forced out of her bed to patrol the Hotlands, much to her own dismay. Her laziness even goes to her looks, the sole reason she doesn't bother styling her hair- erm, feathers is that she's far too lazy to even think of it (That, and if she did want to she rarely has any time to). She cares little about petty crimes like thievery and will only really intervene if she sees something major like murder.

Life for her is pretty much handled solely by her servants and retainers. She's praised greatly by her parents and they consider her their favourite child (Which is horrible, Sherlang has some worth too!), but she honestly has no clue why they like her so much when compared to her brother. Speaking of him, despite hating it when he drags her out of bed to patrol the Hotlands, and when he apprehends anyone at the simple sight of a small crime, she still loves him dearly and considers him her best friend.

Bella tries to speak normally but always ends up sounding very formal. This causes some humour at times as she tries to "get hip with the modern lingo", but she often finds herself looking like an idiot in front of people. Not that she minds, though, as long as she has Sherlang and her retainers she claims she has all the friends an, ahem, "Ice Phoenix" could ever hope for.


Bella was the first born child to the Phinesworth family. Her mother claimed she was some sort of prodigy and her father sent her into schooling the moment she showed any signs of talking by herself. With a very wealthy family, she also had a very good education and worked hard in her studies. It was during her schooling that her brother, Sherlang En, entered her life. However, her parents constantly tried to keep the two away from each other and the only time they'd actually meet was during meals and such. Bella didn't know why, but she felt her parents had some sort of hatred for her brother. Strange.

Anyway, she grew and so did her academics. She elected her first retainer (Seymour) just when she finished her schooling. Seymour used to be the Phinesworth family's loyal butler, but was upgraded to retainer status when Bella simply asked of it. Gaining a small loan of a million G from her family as a gift, she purchased a quaint little house in New Home, not too far from where her parents or her brother lived. Without the strict rules of her parents ruling over her, she was finally able to see her brother whenever she wanted, and so she did!

The two became great friends, though still only saw each other when their parents weren't about. Bella learned that Sherlang En had been raised by a maid rather than his own mother and she didn't think that was right at all. She also learned that he was put in a far lesser education than she was and soon realised her parents were clearly playing favourites with the two. She still loved them, but was sad that they seemingly rejected Sherlang. He looked like he had great potential that was hindered by his lack of any real parental figures.

Soon, she met a travelling monster by the name of Xyla. Xyla was a powerful mage with a life goal to create the most powerful spell imaginable. Eventually, both Bella and Xyla grew very close to one another and soon Xyla had become Bella's second retainer. Vowing to protect her friend in any time of need, the two, along with Seymour, became even greater friends than they were before! Though she was once a great and respected family member of the Phinesworths, Bella realised that she didn't have to do everything herself because of her retainers and the servants she employed.

She grew lazy, simply put. Rarely ever leaving the comfort of her own home other than to attend formal events her entire family was forced to go to. Seymour and Xyla enjoyed the break they had from protecting Bella from trouble, but nothing could prepare them for what would happen next. Sherlang En had joined the Royal Guard, and Bella's parents were pressuring her to do the same. "Anything he can do, you can do better!" they told her. She didn't want to try and one up her brother, but seeing her parents angry was one of the most frightening things in the world and she joined just so that they would shut their mouths.

Xyla and Seymour now had to do extra work to protect their mistress since she was constantly leaving and engaging in battle with criminals every few days. They themselves did not join the Royal Guard, but were respected allies and given the privilege to work alongside Bella, Sherlang En and Sherlang's retainers as a division known as "The Hotland Enforcers". Bella herself tried not to get into too much trouble, but Xyla and Seymour always bailed her out whenever she inevitably did.


Though she was met with much criticism by her peers, Bella retired from her position in the Royal Guard so that she could take better care of her friend, Ketchup. She tried to support her brother as much as she could, but this proved difficult with the loss of Xyla.


HP - 2,500

ATK - 20

DEF - 10

She's weaker than her brother who fights in the name of justice and all that, but she is always backed up by Xyla and Seymour whereas Sherlang prefers to fight on his own. She launches the magical feathers from her wings, though can only use white and blue attacks. Each deals 3 damage, but she has an infinite amount of them and can strike quickly.


  • Bella has gone through the most reworks out of all of Dove's OCs. Starting as a vigilante fairy (Who was soon split into Sugar and Bella), she eventually became more of a humanoid with a love for battle. She was THEN changed into another humanoid, this time with an attitude problem, and a few more reworks before finally arriving in the revision she is today.
  • She knows Latin due to her extremely formal education. Knowing this, her catchphrase "Monstra invictos!" also happens to be Latin. Why is it Latin? Because she wants to stand out from all those other catchphrases that people have.
  • Despite Sherlang talking big of both himself and his sister, within both of them sits the hidden power of a sleeping Phoenix. It is unknown how this power is awoken, and the two don't even know of it themselves.

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