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Bernard is a twenty-eight-year-old Werewolf and a member of the Royal Guard living in Waterfall.


As a Werewolf, Bernard is a wolf Monster who can take on the form of a human. In his wolf form, Bernard has mostly brown fur with silver highlights and a tan underside. His eyes are bright yellow and he has a chip missing from the tip of his right ear due to a fight he got into as a pup. He's pretty much the size of an average wolf though maybe a bit bigger. 

In his human form, Bernard stands around six feet and three inches and is very muscular. He has light skin and messy brown hair. While he can easily be confused for a normal human, he retain a few subtle wolf-like traits. His teeth are sharper, his eyes are still yellow and still shaped more like a wolf' s, and his ears have a slight point with the right one still missing a piece of the tip. He still has a monster soul as well. He typically wears a plain black shirt, and jeans and carries a sheathed dagger on a belt around his waist as in this form his magic is weaker.

He can control which form he takes. There are two exceptions in which he is stuck in one form. The first is in very hot or cold temperatures. In cold weather such as that in Snowdin, he is stuck in his wolf form as his fur provides warmth. In very hot weather such as that of Hotland or the CORE, he is stuck as a human due to it being easier to keep cool with bare skin. This is why he lives in Waterfal where the weather is mild. The other exception is during the new moon when he is stuck in his human form. When he transforms into a wolf, anything he might have on him such as clothes, weapons, or food will disappear and reappear when he becomes human again. So if he wants to keep something on him when transforming such as his phone, he can simply set it on the ground.

Bernard is fun and lovable though a bit naive at times but also very protective of those he cares about. He loves fighting which is why he joined the Royal Guard. He also has a deep interest in romance and longs to find a woman who shares his love and enthusiasm for life. He is very respextful towards women and when he falls for someone, he will do almost anything for her including lay down his life.


Bernard was born in Snowdin to a normal set anthropomorphic wolf monsters. They were concerned that their son only seemed to be able to walk on all fours but every other aspect of his development seemed normal such as learning to talk. Around the age of three, his hhuman form appeared during a new moon. He was confused and afraid but for his parents, it was like the pieces of the puzzle finally clicked together. It was very rare for father kind to be born like this. He was a Werewolf.

Despite his "situation", Bernard had a fairly normal choldhood in Snowdin although every once in a while duringvthe new moon, a random monster would confuse him for a human. Luckily his parents and others who knew him were usually there to help and if not, he'd simply show his monster soul. As he got older, he developed a fondness for fighting and would engage his peers in pretend battles. In one instance when he was ten, he and a friend got carried away resulting in him getting a tiny part of his ear bitten off and his friend's arm broken. Both their mothers,were furious and said they no longer allowed to play fight. Soon after, his friend moved away. While he was no longer allowed to engage in simulation combat, he continued to train and improve his strength and magic skills.

Once he was an adult, he left home and moved to Waterfall where he bought a house with some money his parents gave him. He managed to get a spot on the Royal Guard after showing off his fighting skill. Once it was revealed he could take on the form of a human, he was given a dagger and taught to fight with it so he could be used to lure any humans who might appear into a false sense of security. He was overjoyed.



  • His mother and father


  • Anyu: Bernard is good friends with Anyu's father and sees him as a mentor. Because of this, he has also grown close to Anyu and sees her as a little sister.


  • Undyne: When he first met Undyne, he became infatuated with her and continually hit on her despite her constant rejection until she finally retaliated with physical force at which he got the message.


  • Humans: It's his duty to hunt humans but will pretend to be on their side in his human form in order to gain their trust and get an idea of who he's dealing with.  He can however be persuaded to put his job aside.


Human Form

  • HP: 700
  • AT: 20
  • DF: 40
  • EXP On Kill: 150
  • Gold on Win: 50

Wolf Form 

  • HP: 700
  • AT: 40
  • DF:20
  • EXP On Kill: 150
  • Gold on Win: 50


Check, Challenge, Flirt



"Oh thank goodness, another human. Maybe if we stick together, we can get outta here. First though, let's have a friendly battle to see how strong you are."

Human Form


"Here it comes."

"Assessing the opponent. I see. Always s good idea." (Check)

"Let's see how you like this then." (Challenge)

"You're a bit young, don't you think?" (Flirt)

"You're pretty strong. I guess I need to step up my game." (Hit)

  • At this point, he'll transform.

"You're not going to fight?" (Spare1 Pacifist/Neutral))

  • At this point, he stops attacking. If you FIGHT, he'll die immediately. 

"Look, I don't wanna fight an innocent kid." (Spare 2 Pacifist/Neutral)

  • The battle will end and he'll explain that he's actually undercover for the Royal Guard.

"You're not getting out that easily." Spare Genocide)

  • He will then transform.

Flavor Text

Something seems off about him. [Check Pacifist/Neutral]

Who does he think he's fooling? [Check Genocide]

You tell Bernard you want to caress his bicep. [Flirt]

You tell Bernard to stop going easy on you. His attacks grow faster. [Challenge]

Wolf Form


"That's better. Y'see, I'm actually a member of the Royal Guard sent to defeat you."

"I'm not interested." (Flirt)

"Still not enough, eh?" (Challenge)

"What? Have you had a change of heart? Or is this a trick?" (Spare 1)

"Well, if you won t fight back, I don't think I can continue." (Spare 2)

"I guess this is it. I...guess it's up to Undyne now." (0 HP)

Flavor Text

Definitely not a human. [Check Pacifist/Neutral]

Now the real fun can begin. [Check Genocide]

Bernard ignores you. [Flirt]

You tell Bernard to step up his game. His attacks get faster. [Challenge]

Bernard seems reluctant to fight. [Spare]

Bernard is panting heavily. [Low HP]


Bernard's attacks are fairly simple by design. In his Human form, the player simply has to dodge a large dagger as it quickly swipes across the bullet board. In his wolf form, it's slightly more complex as there are three different attacks. The first is a series of claws the player must dodge. In the second, his mouth appears in the bullet board and you must find a gap in his teeth like with Lemonbread. The third one, he sends out large sound waves and you must dodge them. They're similar to those of the dogs in Snowdin but larger as he's howling rather than barking.


  • His personality is inspired by Goku from the Dragonball franchise 
  • He was originally going to simply not wear a shirt in his human form as a reference to Taylor Lautner in Twilight (which I've never actually watched.)
  • As a wolf, he can still use a phone with his nose.


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