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long ago,two races ruled the earthed

humans and monsters lived in peace sharing each other's swordsman ship

one day the humans feared the growing power of monsters

So they sealed them underground with magic barrier with seven legendary swordsman

to this day no one returned from the underground


Bladetale is a au I created where every human and monster uses a bladed weapon to fight with their own unique sword style. Below are the basic sword styles but you can make your own but you must say what your sword style was based off of. Below are also the things you must do to add your oc in.

Oc requirements

  • Your oc must meet wiki standards
  • It cant be a joke oc
  • Make a new appearance for you oc to give them a swordsman like look. This part is optional though.
  • Ask me to add your oc in the comments or on my message wall.
  • You can create hybrid styles
  • If i add more rules you will need to follow them.

Basic sword styles


This style focuses on the speed of the user and allows them to deal quick strikes. The user must be fast and uses a light weight blade to be more effective.


This style uses the soul to uses magic attacks to perform fire,ice and water blade attacks. The user must have a strong soul and a enchanted or elemental weapon to be more effective.


This style focuses on brute strength to devastated the opponent. The user must be very fit and use a heavy weapon for this to be more effective.

Example of a advance or original sword style

Water strider

This style was based off the soul style. This style allows the user to use water attacks and allwos them to run on water.

Forbidden Styles

These styles were forbidden for other monsters to use due to death's of many and making the user go insane.

Reaper style

This style slowly drains the user health but in turn gives them more speed and power. In order to gain more hp they most kill monsters and reap their soul for hp. With every hit they deal they gain a little hp.

Canon Characters


Frisk is just the usually Frisk they are. The difference is that they have a strange thing that they can use a knife with ease. Their shirt is brown and they wear a cloak, and a leather pauldron.


Toriel inherits the Royal Family swordplay with a variation of fire. She normally wears leather armor with the delta rune smbol in the middle. Her weapon is a short sword which she carries around on her waist.


Wields the unknown and powerful Gasterblade which the blade is made of pure soul energy. Sans sword style is unknown but some might say it originate from ☀🕈︎.👎︎ ☝︎♋︎⬧︎⧫︎♏︎❒︎ himself. When he is in battle Sans dawns 

his Gaster blaster armor (seriously I can't come up with better names) which is mostly bone a gaster blaster for a helmet. The pauldron are also gaster blaster's which can also make a energy cloak. When not in battel his wears a cloak clearly way too long him and a jacket. 


Here is the place for oc's. You can use my oc as a example


Clover uses a short katana which is usually in a case he carries around.The guard has a flower while the hilt has vines wrapping around it. The blade has a pinkish color. He created his own style which is called blossom style which he based it off with soul and speed. He is often seen with a cloak on. His special move is called the red petal dragon. In his dark form his special move is the dark sakura dance.


Bryson uses SOUL style to create his own style he calls the dragon style, in which he combines basic attacks with the power of Fire. He uses two broadswords, whose hilts have a burning design, and the sheathes on his sides have that of a swirling dragon design. He commonly wears a large dark-red scarf that can be seen flapping in the wind, despite whether or not theres any wind present. His special attack is dragon strike, in which he calls upon the power of an ancient dragon to increase the strength of his attacks and magic.


Thera uses the strength style to create a style called earth-shatterer. This allows her to... Well, shatter earth. She uses a great-axe, which has no hilt. But the handle has a cracked design on it. Her head is shaped in the design of an old samurai helmet. Her special ability is... Well, Earth-shater, where she slams her Axe onto the ground so hard, it causes a mini-earthquake, which causes anyone caught in it to lose their footing, tripping over.

Zabetar Sayar-

Zabetar uses a hybrid of Speed and SOUL, but has yet to make his own fighting style. He uses a small dagger with a brown, earthy design. He commoly wears light armor over his t-shirt. His special ability has yet to be made.


Yes you can now make combos. To make a combo you and another user must agree to make a combo using their oc's special moves.

Bryson and Clover

The petal dragon strike, summons a 2 medium-sized dragons, one made of Fire and one of red petals, buffing both Bryson's and Clover's attack and speed, and having both the dragons assist them in battle.


Credit for the people who help me with this. Thank you all. I will also like to take any ideas for this.




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