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Blake is a 7 year old human with blonde hair and yellow eyes.He is Flare's twin brother. His soul color is blonde and his trait is concern.He loves puzzles but also loves to sleep after one for about 4 minutes. He loves his brother a lot.

His abilities are,light spear,(launches cones of light at an enemy.) dream beam(a large beam of light) and his weapons are gauntlets. he can also absorb human souls along with his brother flare. he has super speed and often races with his brother.

He is about 5 minutes younger than flare but is more mature. He also loves puns and jokes. Like his brother flare he also thinks skeletons are cool. He strongly dislikes human spaghetti, but LOVES papyrus's fact,the only thing they fight about is whether meat balls are necessary.



  • flare


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  • HP: 49
  • AT:7
  • DF:9
  • EXP On Kill: 29
  • Gold on Win:19


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  • HP:10
  • AT:10
  • DF:3
  • EXP On Kill:0
  • Gold on Win:45


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  • HP:7865
  • AT:45
  • DF:56
  • EXP On Kill:97
  • Gold on Win:78


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taunt,make face, flick,criticize papyrus's spaghetti



hi! im Blake,flares twin brother! . [encounter pacifist or neutral].

hey. why did you kill them? some showed mercy.[genocide]

hahahahahahahahaha!!!that face was GOLD!!!![make face]

hey,impersonation isn't funny kiddo.[taunt]

you think that would hurt?[flick]

im not even gonna try to change your mind.[critizise papyrus's spaghetti]

is this you're weak attempt to lower my DEF?[taunt genocide]

that was bad.[make face]


ALRIGHT THAT IS GOING TO FAR!!!!!!!!!![criticize papyrus's spaghetti]

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  • he was originally my first concept for flare blazer.


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