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  • Person-Man-Thing Official

    Person here. I've been thinking about making another group. However, this group isn't a crime group. Instead, it's a bit more cool.*

    The ImBOSSiles is a group of monsters, wanting to rule the underground. They aren't criminals, only people who are mostly seen in night clubs. They have one goal, turning the underground into a discoland. Their leader? A man by the name of Terrence "T" Down. The group can easily be told apart between monsters because of their amulets. Two of which...have lifes.

    Real name:Terrence Thunder Down


    Gender:Male (oddly, they show signs of a female gender)


    Status:Alive, weaker than usual

    Real name:Pearl 




    Status:Alive, stronger than usual

    Real name:Carl 




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  • ZeroByteS

    Ask Emily and Ulder

    May 15, 2017 by ZeroByteS

    [ Hey guys, I've decided to start up a Q&A for Emily and Ulder. Emily is her full personality [ like you see her use on chat sometimes ] whilst Ulder is a base personality. ]

    "Do I have to do this?"

    [ Yes. ]

    ( * Who even are you? * )

    "ZeroByteZ. Our creator."

    ( * Pah, as if. * )

    [|Ulder has been muted for 3 posts :3 |]

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  • TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade

    To adopt The Lost and Found Twins, leave a message on this blog showing your interest.

    The Lost and Found Twins, Lauraine and Fallafel, are a pair of monster twins who are constantly looking for each other, but neither can ever find the other.

    Both twins have an identical appearance. They wear bent witch's hats, ruffled collars, and gloves. They float above the ground and have limited magical abilities.

    Lauraine has 'pushing' magic. She can push things away from her. Her personality reflects this. She likes to keep people at a distance, and doesn't get close to anyone. She uses her pushing magic to her advantage in battle by slowly pushing the player's soul down on the bullet board while bullets fire at it horizontally.

    Fallafel is the opposit…

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  • TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade

    Want to make an OC here, but have no ideas? Need a helping hand to guide the start of a cool character? Want to build on the ideas of others?

    Well look no further. I've got a solution.

    Recently I've been struggling with having a LOT of ideas for OCs, but never have the time or motivation to fully flesh them out or actually roleplay them. I also noticed that a lot of newer (and some older) users were having difficulties making OCs to roleplay here with, so I decided "Hey! Why not solve both problems?"

    So let's cut to the chase here. I'm starting a series of blogs called the "Character Starter" series (Gesh will be contributing too). Basically, We'll start creating an OC, but only make an outline. We'll leave the rest of the development up to w…

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  • ZeroByteS

    Morning tasks

    April 26, 2017 by ZeroByteS

    The alarms were blaring, as a strange, shadowy figure lay on the floor, a seriously hurt pink bird monster crounching over them, desperately trying to wake them up. She seemed to be bleeding. "Please, à�öEæ, be alright! Wake up!" She said, shaking them. She had nothing to heal them with, and no energy to try and heal them with the little healing ability she had. Their breathing slowed, causing the bird to panic more. "Please!" She got up, knocking a vile of something that glowed both a green and cyan splashed onto her shoulder. With a scream she stood up, stumbling around, vision hazy. As she did, the figure collapsed into black, grainy dust, dead. The pain and grief being too much for the bird, as she slowly lost conciousness, falling int…

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  • Dove of Death

    The Virtuoso

    April 18, 2017 by Dove of Death

    Red is a colour of such beauty - a colour of passion, life.

    Eventually, such beauty must end.

    Vividly, one will try, to remember the beauty of life.

    Even so, there is more beauty in what is after life.

    Never moving, never speaking, peace and beauty are one.

    Gaze upon infinte peace and infinite beauty.

    Evermore will she remember me.

    Pretty, is it not?

    Revenge was finally served against her.

    I feel wonderful. Beautiful.

    Do not fear, for the next act

    Eventually will be near.


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  • Yossipossi

    Yea, I'm leaving.

    It's been fun, but I kinda lost interest in Undertale, not to mention, being staff has taken a lot of my time and is really stressful. Also, a lot of IRL things have gotten to me, and I need to take a long break from them.

    Sorry this couldn't be longer. It's just there's not that much to say.

    -Yossipossi 22:57, April 14, 2017 (UTC)



    -Yossipossi 23:41, April 14, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Golden Forge


    Hey what's up guys, it's Forge here. Today, we are doing the first episode of Content Mod, which is essentially the UTRP version of Content Cop. On this series, we'll be poking at the negatives of certain users, specifically their content. Most of the time, these are just criticisms, and I'll only do this with the user's permission in normal circumstances. I may do one without permission if it's going to be more like an "EXPOSED" blog post rather than simple criticisms.

    On today's first episode of Content Mod, we'll be reviewing an individual who is actually a content moderator at the moment. His name is Fredbear and Freinds, and is one of the Wiki's most active editors around. Like literally, he basically…

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  • Person-Man-Thing Official

    UTRP Dating Simulator is a game where you date a variety of users.




    Dove (Full name Dove of Death/Dove the Dark) is found at the beginning of the game and depending on the player's choices can become either a major or minor character. Dove is first encountered dealing with some Evil Trolls and the player must assist her otherwise she will be out of comission for the rest of the game. After assisting her the player must hang out with her at least once every 3 days in order to proceed to her next scenario. Two other characters, South Ferry and TheVinnyLord, are often seen around Dove and the three have their own Troll-smiting group or something. However, discourse between the group about midway through the game causes each of the memb…

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  • Yossipossi

    hillow i'm Crocio

    -Crocio introducing himself to frisk


    Crocio's a crocidile wearing a jacket and a cape while being extremly kind on the pacifist run



    spikes:the edges of the board are covered in spikes launcing a few at you


    faster spikes:faster and bigger spikes which put KARMA on the player if hit

    fire breath: breaths fire from his 3 dragon heads and slows himself down


    swords: sends small and huge swords at the player at a random direction


    Hillow I'm Crocio(crocio meeting the player)

    hmm you look supicious...or maybe not.BYE!(neutral meeting)

    h-h-hey! Undyne, my hero, told me that....i need to take your soul and for me to do that.....

    (there going to hate me for this)...i need to kill you.....??? we…

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  • TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade

    Yeah yeah, don't get too excited. I'm not giving away all of my pages or anything. I'm just shunting off the ones that I don't use, and am not likely to ever use again. However, I'm not going to just give them away willy nilly, since I did put some love into these pages.

    Okay, so your options to adopt from me:

    • Viner
    • Alternate Universe Revolution

    Write a paragraph about him and Boots, and show me in chat or on my wall. I want to make sure you understand his relationship with Boots fully.

    Propose a storyline for War and Alliance. I'll read it and give you a yae or a nae. Dap can then decide whether or not he wants to work with you on the page. Then again, he can always opt out of it altogether or gain full custody of it if he wants.

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  • Puppycornashlynn

    SAVE Them

    April 2, 2017 by Puppycornashlynn
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  • TheVinnyLord


    March 29, 2017 by TheVinnyLord

    I have been given permission to preserve AMO's pages. Any of her previous wishes for them to be deleted are now rendered invalid. The pages referred to here are:

    • Sonitus
    • Nite
    • Honey
    • Vidian

    That is all.


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  • RichardCarter


    March 25, 2017 by RichardCarter

    Thanks guys, I'll be leaving soon, as my OCs are put up for adoption. I might stay and just watch over but I will definitely not be doing any more RPs from this point on.

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  • Dawn de Era

    Hey, it's me, The Eddsworld Obsessor, former staff member and roleplayer. You may remember me, or you may not. Nonetheless, I'm struggling with this decision.

    Around a year ago, I left the wiki to pursue hobbies. Recently, my hobbies led me back here, and now I would like to come back, but I'm not too sure.

    I hightly doubt that mod team would let me back, but if they would, I would gladly retake my responsibilities.

    But  that's not what this is about. This is on wether I should return to the wiki as a whole. Should I return here as an active member, or should I keep pursuing my hobbies full-time?

    I'll leave it up to you guys and gals. Thanks for your time.

    -Future!Tom (The Eddsworld Obsessor)

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  • Benalien430


    Hello fellow UTRP trainer,

    This world is inhabited by strange monsters, OCs, and memes we call Pokemon.

    My name is Professor AshleyTheBlindVisionary. You can call me Prof. Ash.

    Welcome to the Wikia Region

    Are you a boy or a girl? Sorry, I'm bl-

    *Cue Pokémon music*

    If you don't know already it's a Pokemon/UTRP Wiki Spinoff


    Ahh, characters, important to any plot or lore.

    It's you! The person that has an unknown gender! Now get out there and beat some Trainer asses!

    The rival throughout the story, your best friend and worst enemy. He is always one step ahead of you (unless you hacked), and will always choose the starter that beats yours! Why? Because they're not idiots! Wait, he is.

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  • UltimateAmyGame123

    Hi everyone! My name is UltimateAmyGame123, I'm a sorta game developer that sorta makes games! I doubt ANY of you are aware of my work, but that's fine. At the moment, I am currently looking forr writers to assist in an Undertale fangame, all info is in the image link below.

    If you want, you can check out the stuff I have made, which let me be the first to admit, no none of my work is the best thing ever, it's all mediocre at best. But I feel like you may find enjoyment in it! Here's a link:

    If I have broken any rules in the making of this blog post, I do apologize.

    Anyway, please leave a comment if you qualify! I'm trying to get not just close friends, but anyone that does qualify for this. It can be a fu…

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  • Kung Fu Kirbeh

    So, I've been thinking.

    Since my OC Defense Revenge works at Grillby's and has inspire menu items from 2 different other OCs....

    I think that I should make a page for the Grillby's official menu of UTRP!

    If you think this is a stupid idea, voice your opinion in the comments that may or may not be there!

    If you want to suggest a item for the menu, Go ahead! Submit your idea, and specify if it is a normal item or if it is inspired by one of your OCs. If applicable, Give a short explanation of why Grillby or Defense put it on the menu for everyone to enjoy.

    Have a good day, and get thinking! (Or just telling me this is stoopid and returdet, whatever floats your boat. :3)

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  • Awesomeundertalefnaffan333


    March 4, 2017 by Awesomeundertalefnaffan333

    so i'm wondering

    will toby fox ever make a sequal to undertale

    comment your thoughts and ideas and guesses

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  • Benalien430

    Okay, so...

    Everyone's been doing this group thing.

    First it's the Condiment Crew, then the The Organization.

    Get this.

    If you read the title, it's the Appliance Alliance and the Furniture Faction.

    It's uh... group of armies against each other.... named after appliances and furniture.

    I'll edit this and put it on a page when it is ready.

    Feel free to comment ideas.

    Credit to AshleyTheBlindVisionary, The Seventh Soul, and The Thesaurus for ideas and names.

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  • ZeroByteS

    So, after a while of thinking, I've decided that from here on in, I will have a personal version of my OCs, which I will decide to change and me alone, and community versions which are open versions to change and shaped by the UTRP community. Simply make suggestions below for the community versions, and i will copy a second version of the OC [ on the same page of course ] for you guys to edit openly, whether it be nerf, add to it, or describe in your own words, or even just overthrow the entire page and make your own version.

    Step 1: Declare an edit here, and wait 30 minutes or until I respond with yes or no

    Step 2: Create/edit the tabber in the community tabber of the page. If the page doesn't have a community tab, add one.

    Step 3: Edit it t…

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  • Paperjammed


    February 25, 2017 by Paperjammed

    I'm planning on recycling most of my OCS here.

    I feel like I have way too many, so I'm going to be deleting their pages here but they'll be used somewhere else. I'll be recycling the following:

    • Larson
    • AL
    • Arryn the Mage
    • Paige A. Kirkland
    • Impertia Anima
    • Nalyia Rexyaz 
    • Naomi Arden
    • The Tigris Siblings

    If a mod sees this please delete these pages as soon as you can. If you have questions for some reason feel free to ask me on my message wall.

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  • AshleyTheBlindVisionary

    Greetings everyone,

    I am sad to say that I've been playing you the fool for quite some time. Yes, there's something I've been hiding from you, but NO MORE! That's right, I'm coming clean. So here goes nothing.

    I don't know who Kappa is.

    Okay I'll let that settle in for a few seconds.

    That's long enough.

    When I joined chat a while back, I saw (bec as use I have a limitation amount of usable vision) people using this emote consisting of a guy I couldn't identify due to the picture being small and the fact that I can't identify specific humans by appearance alone irl either. Through observation and context clues, I figured our that this emote was known as "Kappa" and was used to convey the message that the post it was in or the one before it was n…

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  • QueenCupcake435
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  • ZeroByteS

    Italias mech suit?

    February 19, 2017 by ZeroByteS

    So, I've been thinking to have Italias have some sought of basic mech suit. However, this might not be favorable on the wiki, so I'm letting you guys vote if I should add it.

    I was thinking like the powersuit from fallout, but smaller, better design and with different powers.

    3 yes, 2 no, 1 idc

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  • Koolevan890

    Just random drawing I did. Note: gallery is quite small and the drawings aren't perfect but enjoy

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  • RichardCarter

    So, um...

    I don't think I can actually make it. History is so Fucking hard to make it not seem like a push or a literal steal it is making me stressed. I've been doing this for 12 hours in 2 days, and I can't even think of a good DESIGN for any types of the dragons.

    Dove could help me but their time schedule is hard to follow and is inconvenient.

    Hypno could help me if they could keep up.

    Everyone else could help me if they read the books and kept up.

    Sorry peeps, my excitement was futile, and I will soon to be cancelling soon, if I can't get the species page out before 2 days after this blog is released.

    Basically, it's future is possible to be gone, and my happiness for a great book series was just a teenager wanting to cash in on The Last Dra…

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  • RichardCarter

    The Last Dragon Chronicles series is a really great book, and you should check it out of you haven't already. Because I'm using a book cover as my profile, and I made G'Reth, named after one of the dragons from the series, and it was just that good, I'm going to make a species page soon about what we will call... "Clay Dragons".

    Of course, not all of these species will be used off the book, but I will use editing to make it similar, yet different. I'm really excited for these species and I hope you will, too.


    I do not own the Last Dragon Chronicles series, nor sponsored. The author was made by Chris D'Lacey.

    Please do not make an OC or species page before I do, as I know that you are copying or stealing my intent, because who th…

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  • QueenCupcake435
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  • AshleyTheBlindVisionary

    Hello everyone, I'll get right to the point. I'm looking for anyone willing to do art (preferably sprites) for any of my OCs. Here are my OCs below and their species.

    Dakota and Echo are a human and dog duo.

    Finnaeus is an Omega Agarif

    Anyu is an anthromorphoc husky puppy (she currenrly has a sprite but I will still accept and appreciate art for her, sprite or otherwise)

    Pancake is a Hellain resembling an anthropomorphic lioness

    Munja is a fairy

    Graint Wheaton is a pirce of bread

    Bernard is a werewolf. (You can do either his wilf or human form or both)

    You can comment below or on my wall if you're interested.

    I understand if you don't want to or are unable to help as I am unable to pay you.

    Thanks so much.

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  • LennyFacedCupcake


    February 2, 2017 by LennyFacedCupcake
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  • RichardCarter

    A New Richard

    January 31, 2017 by RichardCarter

    Hey! Like my new profile pic? Got it from a book cover on this great series. Just reading the third one, around 500 pages. Woo. School will love this.

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  • I has a username because

    I am indeed going to tell you all something important! All of my future OC plans! These were going to be private but i am so nice >:] 

    without further ado, let's do it!

    Hello, everybody. Thanks for coming. I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. And I'd like to say a few words, if you please. Regarding the story that you're about to see it actually happened. Just take it from me. But there's more to this story than what's on the page, so please pay attention while I set the stage. We open in Thneedville, a city they say that was plastic and fake, and they liked it that way! A town without nature, not one living tree. So, what happened to them? Cue the music! Let's see. Buzz. Buzz. In Thneedville, it's a brand new dawn With brand new cars and …

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  • LionPrince13

    New Blog

    January 25, 2017 by LionPrince13

    This is the start of my blog, if you need to ask me something let me know, but just remember im a normal wiki surfer, not any type of wikia authority, like an admin or mod.

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  • Ami670

    One year on the wiki

    January 24, 2017 by Ami670

    It's officially been one year since I joined this wiki, and I gotta say it was a nice year here on the wiki. It may have not been a nice year in general, but I found joy here at least on the wiki. I made OCs, I made my first but incomplete AU, and I met many acquaintances I actually consider friends. I had a good year; I hope I have more good years to come. And many more memories, as well (:

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  • QueenCupcake435
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  • Fredbear and freinds

    So, there is currently a troll on the wiki that is creating multiple accounts and spamming whilst ban evading. This will commonly be a generic username with a lack of a profile picture. Therefore, from now on, I will be using two new policies.

    1:I will be dishing out, to every no edits, no profile picture user that starts spamming chat an immediate infinite ban.

    2:I will start providing punishment for anyone that starts throwing accusations towards users that enter chat with this layout. Just because a user fufills the 'generic username, no profile picture' category, does not mean that the user is the spammer that has been coming onto chat. Unless you have actual proof that can show the person is the spammer, please do not ask me to ban a us…

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  • Puppycornashlynn

    SAVE Him: Prologue

    January 11, 2017 by Puppycornashlynn

    You Had Found Out You Only Need DETERMINATION To Exist In This World. "Asriel!" You Said Running Towards Him. "What Is It, Frisk?" Asriel Asked. "You Only Need DETERMINATION To Exist! Stay DETERMINED And You Can Be...You!" You Told Him. "Okay. I Have To Stay DETERMINED!" Asriel Said. After He Was Determined Enough, You Went To The Surface. Toriel Was Waiting. "Frisk, What Is...Asriel?" Toriel Said Surprised. "M-Mom!" Asriel Said Running Towards His Mom. 

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  • TheZombeh

    Wikia or Fandom sucks horribly compared to Discord so yeah, I'm leaving.

    Friend me on Discord by copying and pasting Zombeh#2229

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  • Dove of Death

    The Gourmet Guild appears to be some sort of alternate version of the Condiment Crew. Favouring righteous behaviour and being a group of justice-seekers rather than an evil group of criminals, the Gourmet Guild will not rest until their enemies and the enemies of justice itself are sent packing into the ground!

    The Gourmet Guild is currently seeking more to add to their ranks. Anyone who wishes to sign up can do so in the terms listed below.

    The current leader of the Gourmet Guild. Mango is a monster resembling a chameleon of sorts. Born as an orange colour - hence his name - some sort of experience caused him to only ever appear as a bright pink. Mango is often mistaken for a woman, and this isn't helped by his strangely high-pitched voice.…

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  • Benalien430

    I'm making drawing commissions, but not any ordinary ones.


    A derpy, messed up version of either your OC or your Profile Pic.

    I'll show some examples later.

    • I have the right to say no.
    • It can't be too complex.
    • Don't rush me. You may remind me every 2 days or so, but don't spam me with "reminders".
    • It may take a while depending on my schedule.
    • It can't be a CfD, I don't want any of my drawings going to waste.
    • And also it must have either a picture or a really detailed description. Or another reference pic.
    • Don't be too salty if my pictures suck. They will.

    ZeroByteS/Italias - Done!

    Bryson- Done!

    Artemus- Working On

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  • Skaitleen03

    Removing all content here

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  • Djracem

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  • Fredbear and freinds

    So, I have yet to inform anyone on this wiki that I am moving from my current residence. I have not told anyone this, mainly because it did not matter. However, I have been told by my mother that we will not be able to recieve internet until Tuesday (For those of you outside America, I will not have internet for around 2-3 days). So. I will be inactive on the wiki until that moment. If you have any information to give to me, please leave it on my wall. 

    In the case that the forum RP I am running, Possession, reaches the post limit, User:ZeroByteS will be the one to repost and manage the RP until I return

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  • Dove of Death

    1 year anniversary

    November 30, 2016 by Dove of Death

    One year ago today I joined this Wiki and made the original (and very shitty) version of the Demons, so thats pretty cool.

    Happy 1 year to me heres to 1 more


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  • LennyFacedCupcake


    November 30, 2016 by LennyFacedCupcake

    Okay, so, it's been a whole year since I've contributed to this Wiki, and I want to celebrate by holding a small event! I call it Lenny Day, because one year ago on this very day, is the day I first created the Lennies page!

    It'll be quick and easy, because all you gotta do is draw another Lenny around this Lenny on this image right here.

    You can extend the size of the picture to make room for more Lennies. Once someone uploads their contribution before you do, you draw on that other person's contribution. Please draw on the latest contribution.

    Post your contribution to this event in the comments!

    Hope this event goes well! If you have any questions or need any more Lenny references, please ask away!

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  • ZeroByteS

    Pages for jaz

    November 26, 2016 by ZeroByteS!


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  • KiritoUniverse2004

    My OC Character

    November 26, 2016 by KiritoUniverse2004

    Name: Manuel

    12 years old

    Has a strong relationship with his friends

    Wont let them down

    Very Perseverant

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  • Yossipossi

    Once upon a time...

    No, this isn't an "AU idea generator." I'll be taking requests to make STORIES of AUs/OCs. So go ahead and request! There are a few rules though:

    • No WIPs
      • No MfDs, either.
    • I have the right to say no.
    • Please specify if you want a time or date.
    • The OC/AU must be yours.
    • I'll be giving you a link on your wall when I'm done.
      • The page will be a subpage of the OC/AU I'm writing about.
    • If you get an AU/OC story, and want to put it on the main page, then I must be given full credit or I will seek admin help.
    • If you pressure me, or try to "remind me" more then twice (without my permission), your story will be canceled.

    Current Stories:

    • Emily
    • Worcestershire

    Current Stories in Que (top is most recent):

    • N/A
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  • PixelzOnYoutube

    You may be wondering what this is. Well, this is a simple guideline to a text-based game I play with people on the chat. It has a simple goal. ESCAPE. 

    Journal #?

    I've been down here far too long then whats good for me, good for anyone. I don't have any idea how I have survived this long. Is he playing cat and mouse with me? Why am I asking these in a book? I'm losing my sanity, and with the last of it, I will write what I have learned.

    RULE #1: Do NOT play with the mould.

    RULE #2: Darkness doesn't like intruders

    RULE #3: Insanity is the only sane thing to do.

    RULE #4: He likes to have fun.

    RULE #5: Be careful of what you read.

    RULE #6: Rats have their own treasures.

    RULE #7: No mercy.

    RULE #8: Only one is friendly.

    RULE #9: There are others.

    RULE #10…

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