• FurryLord


    February 13, 2018 by FurryLord

    Heyo. So, umm.... I need some art for Poketale. I would make it myself, but I'm absolutely terrible at digital artwork. Help plz.

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  • Bena the Bean


    yeah so i am leaving the wiki/alreadyleftthewikilongago

    if you want to get into contact look at my user page

    tysm for reading


    did you really think i would actually write a formal speech

    nah i dont have commitment. too lazy

    - bean (talk)

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  • FurryLord

    im sick of emails

    February 6, 2018 by FurryLord

    ok, I have been getting this a lot in my email lately. I AM AWARE that there is another AU revolving around a crossover between Pokémon and Undertale. as of right now, I am aware that there are two other Poketales. HOWEVER. my poketale is revolved around a different concept. One of these poketales works in the exact same way, exept the main characters are replaced with pokemon. The other one is basicly regular Pokémon, only with the main characters of Undertale being trainors you face off against. however, my version revolves around a different concept. it keeps the main style of Undertale, but with Pokémon-style catching and battling mechanics, new locations, and some different characters are simaler to others in the anime. Yes, they shar…

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  • Dr. Regina Phalange

    I'll get straight to the point 

    My article known as Chayfi has been nominated for Featured Article.  however, it doesn't currently have any art. I understand it might not win (It only has like a 25% chance of winning) but I feel I should put this here just in case. What I would like is a silhouette of a Chayfi any type. I chose this because it wouldn't be as hard to draw as a colored drawing and would better represent the species as a whole.

    If you are willing to offer me your talents, I would greatly appreciate it. I, unfortunately lack the talents to draw a suitable picture myself.

    Thank you in advance. 

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  • A smol bean boi

    he gus


    its been

    a ough few das

    and its about time

    that i sa goodbe, i think

    some of m kes were boken b m brother, and the dont wok ve well anmoe

    pol's ang at me for not dying

    and its just

    i kinda hate this place now

    all its good fo is suffeinh

    so later dipshits

    ill see you around sometime

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  • AetherBytes

    Little question

    December 2, 2017 by AetherBytes

    Do you guys think I should finally give Emily a love interest that won't just disappear like Xenelayte did? I've had the idea for a while, but being alone was a big part of her.

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  • Demonic BB


    November 22, 2017 by Demonic BB
    • You find a letter where REDACTED.
    • Read it?

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  • Demonic BB

    Guess who's back!

    November 21, 2017 by Demonic BB

    So, after my absence, I've returned a more creative man! And I have a new idea for an AU, so look out for some teasers in the future.

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  • Downtown Freezy

    A Formal Goodbye.

    October 20, 2017 by Downtown Freezy

    So, you may have seen this guy named Golden Forge (big user over a million subs,) and he's been using this damn dirty CLICKBAIT to get views on his blog posts. He's a damn dirty IMPOSTER named IAN BRANDON ANDERSON, and I'M THE REAL GOLDEN FORGE, YA DAMN DIRTY TROLL. I just wanted to make my OC, TEH BEST OC EVAR!!!!1111 and he STOLE IT!!! So this is the OFFICIAL GOLDEN FORGE DISS TRACK, sponsored by Low-Rez and the Sonichu franchise, COMING SOON!

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  • Golden Forge

    A Formal Goodbye.

    October 20, 2017 by Golden Forge

    I saw Paperjammed's thread, and it made me ask myself... what have I been contributing to the Undertale RP Wiki for the past several months? Despite the fact that I open the page every time I get on out of habit, I haven't joined the chat much at all, haven't RPed many times at all, and have never made any meaningful edits to my pages in a long time now. After thinking for enough time... I thought I'd might as well make my own goodbye.

    I first joined the Wiki on December the 5th, 2015. I was becoming increasingly interested in Undertale beforehand, and when I watched a silent playthrough the game, I decided that this was my next fandom to invest in. I joined around the time that Faw was the Owner... and wasn't exactly active. I was wanting to …

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  • Corly


    October 3, 2017 by Corly

    jeez,How long i been inactive here?its better i try and be more active and well,try my least to go over the 2500 bytes

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  • Downtown Freezy

    A Berd's Tale

    September 29, 2017 by Downtown Freezy

    By Schutberd

    Berd is a Berd, what else to expect?

    "Berd is a monster," quite incorrect.

    Some people say that Berd is a Spawn,

    Other people say that those people are wrong.

    Some people say that Berd is a Glie,

    Though Berd is a Berd, that much you can see.

    By Schutberd

    Berd walked around, looking for a friend.

    Berd walked around, but to no end.

    Berd could simply find nobody to love.

    Nobody to simply be friends and have fun.

    Berd had finally had enough.

    The only one he could trust was his simple shotgun.

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  • ForgottenDreams

    AU Ideas

    August 16, 2017 by ForgottenDreams
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  • DariusRocks


    August 16, 2017 by DariusRocks

    hello to whever may be reading this bot i have decited to become an active member in the RP wiki starting tomarow.

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  • Dr. Regina Phalange

    One Year!

    August 13, 2017 by Dr. Regina Phalange

    One year ago today, I joined this wiki. Since then, I have met some amazing people and had some awesome experiences. 

    When I first came here, I had rediscovered my obsession with Undertale and after reading most of the articles on the Undertale Wiki, I decided to check out the forums. I looked through the different board types when I saw "Role-playing." Curious, I clicked on it and was sent here. After reading through a couple threads, I decided to create an account and join one. For the first couple months, I stayed exclusively in the forums. I only played canon characters (mostly Frisk and Toriel) as I couldn't figure out how to make an OC. Eventually, I finally ventured into Chat and around the same time made my first OC. From there, I m…

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  • AwesomeChic88

    Lol wtf

    August 13, 2017 by AwesomeChic88


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  • VoidTheGamer

    So, welcome ladies and gentleman, and gentleladies and manladies, or whatever the FUCK you even are, to my review of PSU:AOTL. (Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus)

    Alright, let's get down to the basics. PSU:AOTL is an action role-playing video game which was made by SEGA. Specifically, the Sonic Team. The game was released on PC, PS2, and Xbox 360. The main driving feature of Phantasy Star is online play, but on 2010\2011\2012 the official servers were shut down (PAL and NA PC/PS2,JAP PS2, Xbox360 and JAP PC respectively). Fortunately, there's one private server for PSO:AOTL going around. The singleplayer is good, and has an interesting story, but some missions are a little monotonous. Although because of my "I'm a man of acti…

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  • Golden Forge


    Holy fuck, it's been four months. I'm definitely sorry for not making more of these... this is definitely going to be an irregular series, where I make an episode when I feel like it. Of course, this has to come with the passion, and not just the evidence. But don't worry too much, it's not like this series is very special anyway.

    Anyways, the subject of today's episode is a rather infamous user known as ZeroByteS, also known as PixelzOnYoutube. He has been on the Wiki for about 9 months, with about 3250 edits as I'm writing this, so kudos to him for being more active than me. So you may be asking me, why am I making this? Well, some drama surfaced today, and I realized that how much is going on with him.…

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  • Dove of Death

    Father and I had finished setting up our camp. It was only temporary, of course - our true home was in the Laboratory - but he had decided to take a far closer look at the specimens than usual. I personally believed this to be a wonderful idea, we had set foot in the Helk before, but never had we studied the creatures in their own enviroment rather than our own. Truly, this would be an excellent oppurtunity to see how the wildlife interacted with one another - perhaps we'd even discover an entirely new species! My heart raced with excitement as Father was setting up our valuable equipment on his lonesome.

    He glared at me and I was scolded for my laziness. "Eden, are you going to assist me - or was bringing you here a mistake?"

    "Apologies, Fa…

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  • Ami670

    No longer going by Aly

    July 30, 2017 by Ami670

    Aly is not my name anymore.

    My name is Jake. My pronouns are still the same, being they/them. I figured I'd announce this rather more formally.

    Thank you for your time ^^

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  • Dove of Death

    No matter what happened, I promised myself I would stay out of the fighting. I had caused enough trouble for everyone with my time in that STUPID Condiment Crew - all I wanted to do for the world was clear my name and help people. But that was easier said than done.

    I had become infamous in the Underground as the "Condiment Crew member gone rogue". I was denied entry anywhere I went. Everyone thought I was some kind of dangerous mastermind even those in the Crew were afraid of. It was... disheartening. I only wanted to help! In the end, I found that the only place I could go without these stories being told about me was Waterfall - one of the most quiet places of all.

    I think it's a very nice place, the flowers are wonderful. But... the Cond…

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  • Dove of Death


    I groggily opened my eyes in response to my father calling my name. I had finished hours of work just before, what could he possibly want from me now?

    "Beatrix", he called once more. A sigh found its way out of my lips as I - slowly but surely - trudged my way out of my room. My door seemed to take a thousand moons to open, and when it finally did I found myself standing face to face with my father. He did not look pleased with me in the slightest.

    "I see even now you find ways to disappoint me, Beatrix." Uttered my father in a tone not uncommon for me to hear.

    "I have done much work today," I returned. Truly, I did not know why he was pestering me so. Had the man's standards risen even higher than his ego? I enterained myself with …

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  • Person-Man-Thing Official

    Trent is a jerk monster of the monster species known as Chopps.

    Trent is a tan-ish monster that resembles a human. He has brown hair, a white shirt with a X on it, and decently large hands. Trent also carries around a large, mostly empty, bag, used to carry stolen gifts of Snowdin. His expression is normally bored, but he does expression himself in some strange ways...

    Trent can easily be defined as "Jerk." He is ruinning of certain people's dates, steals gifts, and Beat. He does this for attention, only wanting for people to know he exists. He says that people should notice him more often, but nobody really cares. This morped Trent into an identity known as "Reverse Santa," a being made just to be an attention hog. Despite this, he isn't re…

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    Oh heck yeah

    July 19, 2017 by XOBITES


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  • ManinBlack007JK

    Yep! As a little project to introduce myself into basic C++, I'm making a text adventure game, and I'm basing it off some characters I have. And I was just wondering if anyone would want their OCs to at least cameo, or even play a part of, this game! All of it is a little bit in planning, but I'm sure this could be at least a little bit fun to make. Anyways, comment below if you're interested!

    I'll be releasing several demos and such to let you guys get a feel for what I want to do with this. It's nothing too serious, just a fun little side thing. I'll do my best to use the OCs you give me as you would use them. Anyone would help. :)

    UPDATE NUMERO UNO: It's going a bit slower than anticpated, mostly due to the fact that the text game whose c…

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  • Geshtro


    July 18, 2017 by Geshtro
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  • Daponyx


    July 17, 2017 by Daponyx

    Heyo! So, me making a blog post is probably already surprising, and I mean that in a sense of it's something you wouldn't expect out of me considering my only edits are profile edits. But, after a long while of thinking about something, I decided to give a certain someone away.

    I've decided to put Cystellar up for adoption. For a multitude of reasons, but the main and probably most important one is that I don't use him at all anymore and don't have any use for him.

    Now, I don't know much about putting OCs for adoption so bare with me. But for the requirements for adopting him, all you gotta do is tell me in some way (preferably commenting) if you're interested. I've put a lot of work in him, so therefore I won't just give him to anyone and h…

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  • Puppycornashlynn


    July 15, 2017 by Puppycornashlynn
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  • KieRor098

    The title explains it all, huh?

    • I only accept OCs that are not MfD. WIP are okay.
    • These are drawn in MS Paint, so expect them to be bad.
    • You can choose a style from three: Colored, Stick Figure, and Detailed.

    • None, currently.

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  • Slade The Demon


    Alright, welcome to Content Temp Mod, the show that's a rip-off of a parody. Today on Content Temp Mod, we will be taking a look at the infamous user known as Yossipossi ! Now, Yossi is quite the interesting fellow, not only is he an administrator on the wiki, but he's also known for his near 5000 god damn AU's. Yossi has a fair amount of edits, more than me, so I think he's doing good on that aspect, but we still have some things we need to talk about.

    Now, Yossi has a certain approach to AU's, and while I admire still needs some work to be honest. Yossi, he'll make an AU, and work on it like most people with common sense. But what you fail to realize is that Yossi has no restraint whatsoever, he'l…

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  • Slade The Demon

    After the great success of Forge's "Content Mod" blog post, I'm pretty sure most everybody who read it wanted more. Well I may not know much, but two things I DO know about are IdubbbzTV and writing articles. Now, this might not be anywhere NEAR as good as Forge's blog series, but I have hope that I can acheive the same affect his posts had. The way I review people is gonna be pretty simple, you guys vote on who I should make the first episode on down below, and I'll have it up within a week.


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  • KieRor098

    Idea Dump V1.0

    June 24, 2017 by KieRor098

    This is just a place where I dump some possibly stupid ideas, and you review them.

    Micheal is a humanoid canine monster, around the age of 17. Micheal is a friend of the Snowdin canine unit, despite living in Hotland. He lives with his mother and older sister, both who work at the Snowdin Librarby. Due to an event in the distant past, Micheal often hears voices nobody else does. He explains it as 'The Shadows communing with me'. It is unknown if the voices are truly shadows, or just a simple explaination by him. Compared to canon characters, he is about twice as tall than Frisk. Frisk does not fight with him, rather Frisk helps him by conversing with him every time he is in Snowdin (after every miniboss).

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  • Puppycornashlynn

    "Why, Chara?" Frisk asked.

    "Isn't it obvious?

    "N-no. Y-you used to be g-good... A-Asriel, thinks so t-too." Frisk said, happily.

    Chara, slammed there hand on the floor.

    "Frisk, Asriel's gone!" They responded, with a shout.

    "... Chara, Flowey's Asriel... remember?" Just like that, Flowey, popped out of the ground.

    "Howdy, Chara! You finally made it home. Remember when we used to play here? Hee hee hee... Boy! Today's gonna be just as fun!" He exclaimed.

    Chara!Frisk, went into their old room.

    "My bed. His bed." Chara said, creepily.

    This... isn't Chara... or, Frisk... !!! The demon that comes when you call its name!

    "Right where it belongs." Chara said, putting on The Locket.

    "About time." Chara grabbed the Real Knife.

    "I remember when I first woke up h…

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  • Dr. Regina Phalange

    Hey, everyone. 

    I'm not sure if this is worthy of a blog post, but I may be less active than usual for the next two weeks. Why? Well, if you haven't heard, tomorrow I will be flying off to Oregon where I will receive a guide dog and train with it. I should still be able to pop into chat, I may not be on as frequently or for as long. Feel free to ask questions if you like. 

    Thank you for understanding. 

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  • Dr. Regina Phalange

    A mad lib is a story where certain words are left out to be filled in by other people resulting in fun and laughter. What I did was write this story ahead of time and purposefully left words. I then went into chat and asked people fo dofferent types of words like nouns and adjectives. They had no idea of the conyent of the story. Nelow is the result. The filled in words are in parenthess. Enjoy!

    One fine, (moist) morning, (Luke) awoke with a (dead) (pelvis) and a (jumping) headache. He was (quickly) sick. He picked up the (bed) and (dove) Dr. (Anakin) to schedule a (feminism). 

    Once (Luke) arrived, he (pulled) until the (drug dealer) called him back. First, Dr (Anakin) did the (wet) things like checking his (blinking) and blood (jedi). He th…

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  • TheHumanAmbassador

    *Hello there. Now, you may all be quite shocked and curious about the recent news regarding Mt. Ebott:The monsters have broken the barrier, and Frisk, their ambassador, has created a group trying to unify humans and monsters. Frisk, I hope you're reading this, so you can learn the truth about why we haven't been accepting the monsters. This is a message to the union to reunite the two races, but people who are just curious about this whole monster ordeal can read this too!

    Now, if you haven't read my explanation on why the War of Humans and Monsters happened, and think humans were wrong to go to war against monsters, you should check my explanation out. It can be found here. I'll be referencing a few things that we deduced in that explanati…

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  • TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade

    Heyo folks! It's time for an art raffle!

    "A what?" you ask?

    An art raffle!

    I'm raffling away a single art request, maybe two if I'm feeling adventurous. And yeah, if you win you can even request a sprite for your OC.

    All you gotta do to enter the raffle is comment with what your request would be if you won. I'll be closing the raffle in a while, probably like 12-15 hours after this goes up.


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  • TheHumanAmbassador

    Long ago, two races ruled over the earth:Humans and Monsters.

    One day, war broke out between the two races. But why is that? Well, it's time you learn a little about monster history, my fellow humans!

    Now, some of you might not know this, but you see.. Monsters can absorb our souls, the very culmination of our being! If they do this, they gain immense power, enough for one monster with one soul to wipe out an entire village single-handedly! "Now now, James.. Monsters are peaceful, they would NEVER do that!", I hear you saying! But you see.. It actually happened before.. Yes, a monster with a human soul-A horrible beast with unfathomable power. Don't believe me? Go down Mt. Ebott, and go to Waterfall. Yeah, the mountain's safe now, the monste…

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  • Person-Man-Thing Official

    Person here. I've been thinking about making another group. However, this group isn't a crime group. Instead, it's a bit more cool.*

    The ImBOSSiles is a group of monsters, wanting to rule the underground. They aren't criminals, only people who are mostly seen in night clubs. They have one goal, turning the underground into a discoland. Their leader? A man by the name of Terrence "T" Down. The group can easily be told apart between monsters because of their amulets. Two of which...have lifes.

    Real name:Terrence Thunder Down


    Gender:Male (oddly, they show signs of a female gender)


    Status:Alive, weaker than usual

    Real name:Pearl 




    Status:Alive, stronger than usual

    Real name:Carl 




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  • AetherBytes

    [ Hey guys, I've decided to start up a Q&A for Emily and Ulder. Emily is her full personality [ like you see her use on chat sometimes ] whilst Ulder is a base personality. ]

    "Do I have to do this?"

    [ Yes. ]

    ( * Who even are you? * )

    "ZeroByteZ. Our creator."

    ( * Pah, as if. * )

    [|Ulder has been muted for 3 posts :3 |]

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  • TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade

    To adopt The Lost and Found Twins, leave a message on this blog showing your interest.

    The Lost and Found Twins, Lauraine and Fallafel, are a pair of monster twins who are constantly looking for each other, but neither can ever find the other.

    Both twins have an identical appearance. They wear bent witch's hats, ruffled collars, and gloves. They float above the ground and have limited magical abilities.

    Lauraine has 'pushing' magic. She can push things away from her. Her personality reflects this. She likes to keep people at a distance, and doesn't get close to anyone. She uses her pushing magic to her advantage in battle by slowly pushing the player's soul down on the bullet board while bullets fire at it horizontally.

    Fallafel is the opposit…

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  • TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade

    Want to make an OC here, but have no ideas? Need a helping hand to guide the start of a cool character? Want to build on the ideas of others?

    Well look no further. I've got a solution.

    Recently I've been struggling with having a LOT of ideas for OCs, but never have the time or motivation to fully flesh them out or actually roleplay them. I also noticed that a lot of newer (and some older) users were having difficulties making OCs to roleplay here with, so I decided "Hey! Why not solve both problems?"

    So let's cut to the chase here. I'm starting a series of blogs called the "Character Starter" series (Gesh will be contributing too). Basically, We'll start creating an OC, but only make an outline. We'll leave the rest of the development up to w…

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  • AetherBytes

    Morning tasks

    April 26, 2017 by AetherBytes

    The alarms were blaring, as a strange, shadowy figure lay on the floor, a seriously hurt pink bird monster crounching over them, desperately trying to wake them up. She seemed to be bleeding. "Please, à�öEæ, be alright! Wake up!" She said, shaking them. She had nothing to heal them with, and no energy to try and heal them with the little healing ability she had. Their breathing slowed, causing the bird to panic more. "Please!" She got up, knocking a vile of something that glowed both a green and cyan splashed onto her shoulder. With a scream she stood up, stumbling around, vision hazy. As she did, the figure collapsed into black, grainy dust, dead. The pain and grief being too much for the bird, as she slowly lost conciousness, falling int…

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  • Dove of Death

    The Virtuoso

    April 18, 2017 by Dove of Death

    Red is a colour of such beauty - a colour of passion, life.

    Eventually, such beauty must end.

    Vividly, one will try, to remember the beauty of life.

    Even so, there is more beauty in what is after life.

    Never moving, never speaking, peace and beauty are one.

    Gaze upon infinte peace and infinite beauty.

    Evermore will she remember me.

    Pretty, is it not?

    Revenge was finally served against her.

    I feel wonderful. Beautiful.

    Do not fear, for the next act

    Eventually will be near.


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  • Yossipossi

    Yea, I'm leaving.

    It's been fun, but I kinda lost interest in Undertale, not to mention, being staff has taken a lot of my time and is really stressful. Also, a lot of IRL things have gotten to me, and I need to take a long break from them.

    Sorry this couldn't be longer. It's just there's not that much to say.

    -Yossipossi 22:57, April 14, 2017 (UTC)



    -Yossipossi 23:41, April 14, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Golden Forge


    Hey what's up guys, it's Forge here. Today, we are doing the first episode of Content Mod, which is essentially the UTRP version of Content Cop. On this series, we'll be poking at the negatives of certain users, specifically their content. Most of the time, these are just criticisms, and I'll only do this with the user's permission in normal circumstances. I may do one without permission if it's going to be more like an "EXPOSED" blog post rather than simple criticisms.

    On today's first episode of Content Mod, we'll be reviewing an individual who is actually a content moderator at the moment. His name is Fredbear and Freinds, and is one of the Wiki's most active editors around. Like literally, he basically…

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  • Person-Man-Thing Official

    UTRP Dating Simulator is a game where you date a variety of users.




    Dove (Full name Dove of Death/Dove the Dark) is found at the beginning of the game and depending on the player's choices can become either a major or minor character. Dove is first encountered dealing with some Evil Trolls and the player must assist her otherwise she will be out of comission for the rest of the game. After assisting her the player must hang out with her at least once every 3 days in order to proceed to her next scenario. Two other characters, South Ferry and TheVinnyLord, are often seen around Dove and the three have their own Troll-smiting group or something. However, discourse between the group about midway through the game causes each of the memb…

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  • Yossipossi

    hillow i'm Crocio

    -Crocio introducing himself to frisk


    Crocio's a crocidile wearing a jacket and a cape while being extremly kind on the pacifist run



    spikes:the edges of the board are covered in spikes launcing a few at you


    faster spikes:faster and bigger spikes which put KARMA on the player if hit

    fire breath: breaths fire from his 3 dragon heads and slows himself down


    swords: sends small and huge swords at the player at a random direction


    Hillow I'm Crocio(crocio meeting the player)

    hmm you look supicious...or maybe not.BYE!(neutral meeting)

    h-h-hey! Undyne, my hero, told me that....i need to take your soul and for me to do that.....

    (there going to hate me for this)...i need to kill you.....??? we…

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  • TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade

    Yeah yeah, don't get too excited. I'm not giving away all of my pages or anything. I'm just shunting off the ones that I don't use, and am not likely to ever use again. However, I'm not going to just give them away willy nilly, since I did put some love into these pages.

    Okay, so your options to adopt from me:

    • Viner
    • Alternate Universe Revolution

    Write a paragraph about him and Boots, and show me in chat or on my wall. I want to make sure you understand his relationship with Boots fully.

    Propose a storyline for War and Alliance. I'll read it and give you a yae or a nae. Dap can then decide whether or not he wants to work with you on the page. Then again, he can always opt out of it altogether or gain full custody of it if he wants.

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  • Puppycornashlynn

    SAVE Them

    April 2, 2017 by Puppycornashlynn
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