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"Woah, woah, woah. Cool your jets, kid. I used to be like that and that's how I got in trouble." -Icy to Chara

A human with the Bravery trait, now knows as Icy, was a human who traversed the Surface. Well, that is until he died during the Human-Monster War and then was later resurrected as a skeleton by Asgore’s father. However, he is still physically as young as Sans. He has no brother, but instead an elemental opposite named Flame, who was a human with a soul of Integrity. They were both reborn as skeletons. Knowing who each other were, they quickly developed a relationship as if they were brothers. For now, people just think he's a Sans with amazing skills with an electric guitar and vocals. He now lives in Snowdin Town with Flame and enjoys going to Grillby's. He fears, however, that he'll loose control of his powers and douse Grillby. His former self lived in the Segregated Era. However, he has adjusted very well to life as a monster.



  • Flame ("brother")


  • Asgore
  • Angie and Alex
  • Despereaux, and Virgil
  • Sans and Papyrus


  • Dr. Gaster
  • someone else somewhere else.
  • Alphys
  • Undyne


  • Nero
  • Chara (Genocide Route)

Former Self

  • A human with a Soul of Bravery.


Icy has no real affiliation, but is in his own band as the lead guitarist for his band named Chilled To The Bone.


Ice magic: As an ice elemental, he has magical control of ice. Of course, ice he creates.

Ice constructs: Once again, as an ice elemental, he can shape weapons and tools made of ice.

Bone magic: As a skeleton, he has the ability to make bones out of thin air.


  • He is the newest member of the Star Sanses. However, he is only physically a Sans, and not a real Sans.
  • This is not an Undertale OC, this is an extended history for the tweaked version of Undertale, called Extratale, by me and the group creating it. Once again, not an OC, an FC.
  • Icy does not speak in a unique font unless the human triggers something in Room 265 before the fight with Gaster (if the fight is triggered)


-Canon break: This breaks the canon of Undertale, but this is in my group collab called Extratale, which breaks the canon heavily, as it expands and modifies certain aspects. Which, being an AU, means it does not break canon. Instead, it breaks the lore of the AU.

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