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Bruce is the self-acclaimed ‘Grand Champion of Doyle’, though who this ‘Doyle’ is, is unknown. He is a rather towering man, being roughly 7 feet tall, and speaks with a Scottish accent.

In combat, he uses several axes, his main one being a massive two-handed axe named ‘Dislek’, with a dragon-head at the bottom of the axe and a spike at the top. He also has 2 one-handed axes, presumably as backups, and 1 tomahawk for ranged combat.


As the ‘Grand Champion’, it would make sense for him to look like, well, a champion. The first thing people notice when they see him is his armor, specifically his helmet. His helmet, which is black, looks like a dragon’s head, with him being able to open the dragon’s mouth to reveal his whole face, but when the mouth is closed he sees through eye holes made where eyes would be. The rest of his armor is all black plate armor, with his should plates looking like dragon heads. What it is made of is unknown, put what is known is that it is one of the strongest metals in the underground and it barely ever scratches, which makes it easy for Bruce to keep it clean and shiny. There are also rumors his armor has the capability to block spells and magic or possible even absorb it, and uses the energy to enchant his weapons.

Whenever his face is visible there are multiple noticeable features. The first of those features are his eyes, one of which being purely white due to a scar he received, and the other being red. The other feature is his goatee, which is black and not overly large.


Bruce acts as a Grand Champion would be expected to, yet still manages to be a good man at heart, even if it doesn’t always show. Although he goes through a lot every day, fighting in the name Doyle and such, he is always able to find time to sit in Grillby’s, have a good few drinks from his horn, and read books on the arts of combat and war and such.

Although some call him insane due to his devotion to ‘Doyle’ who no one has heard of apart from him, he simply views them as the unenlightened, and ignores them, doing what Doyle asks of him. He hopes one day Doyle will send a priest to teach the unenlightened so people can begin to understand. Until then he will be seen as an outcast.


Although not much is known about Bruce's life, there is still knowledge from when he first arrived.

When he was first sighted, he was walking out of a burning house, torch in hand. Of course, when this was spread around people viewed him as a pyromaniac and he became a wanted criminal. Eventually he was captured, but when interrogated, he simply said "No one was in that house, only signs of a false God. Now I would suggest you free me unless you want to mess with the Grand Champion of Doyle." He was set free instantly, simply out of terror that they had a 'Grand Champion' as prisoner.

After this there have been several accounts of him killing people who he referred to as 'heretics', which, he was only barely questioned about. As such, he slowly grew in infamy as the 'Grand Hunter' instead of the 'Grand Champion'. Eventually he found a way to prove himself a truly righteous man. Hunt down and usually kill criminals in the Underground, and bring them to the Royal Guard and accept no payment in return.

His plan worked, but he still kept doing it, but now has more of a personal time in Grillby's, drinking and resting for his next great hunt. This is where he is now, but things can always change, as that is how life is.