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"They come for the rugs!"
Butter is a corrupted, undercover Sea-Wyvern Royal Guardsman infiltrating the Condiment Crew, where he acts as a paranoid rug dealer. He tries to be a womanizer, but in truth, he's not very good at it.


As your standard Wyvern, Butter is a winged dragon with two legs. He's covered in blue scales, obviously for protection. He's three times the size of an average human, and his length from head to tail is about 20ft. Butter has a tail with three barbs at the end, each one separated from each other by webbing. He also has poisonous fangs.

For fanciness, Butter also has a rugged black beard on his face. Of course, it's fake, but no one knows that. He also has a roll of rugs strapped to his back, from his occupation as a rug dealer. He also wears brown pants that are extremely baggy. The reason is unknown, but Butter is has many purplish markings on his right wing/arm, apparently for his magic. It is to note that small wyverns are incapable of using large quantities of magic, so this might be to compensate for that.


It's common for Dragon-esque monsters to have, ah, an unique attitude. Well, being the small Wyvern that he is, Butter is quite... something. To start off, he's quite insecure about himself, which is what prompted him to join the Royal Guard in the first place. He takes pride in the rarity of his species, which is one of the very few things he should be proud of.

The worst part about him is that he's very attracted to females. As long as he can tell that they are, he'll like them. This comes off as stalkerish, obviously, as he'll go ways to hit on them. Butter's reaction to males is different, though. Those who intimidate him only make him believe that they are just stronger than him. He'll still pick on those who he believes to be weaker.

As for his rug dealing undercover business, Butter's quite paranoid about his rugs. The rugs are specially grafted with runes, which shows their worth. He also requires these to go with the runes on his wing/arm. For a Royal Guardsman, Butter is somewhat corrupt. He enjoys working with the Condiment Crew, when he should be spying on them.


Probably because he was a Wyvern, this Monster grew up nameless AND parentless. He fended for himself, becoming strong as a Sea-Wyvern can be. Still, he wanted to be something more than a survivor. That's why he joined the Royal Guard to become trained and whatnot. This is where he got his magical runes on his right arm, which gave him the ability to use magic in the Guard.

The life as a Royal Guardsman wasn't as satisfying as he thought it would be, so the Wyvern quit. One day, as he lulled around in boredom, he witnessed an old Monster in a store weave a magic rug. Such skill intrigued him, and he asked the Monster questions about the rugs. It was revealed that runes were used in the making of the rugs, and the Wyvern asked to be the Monster's apprentice, since he had experience with runes.

He became quite proficient at his new profession, which he enjoyed more than his previous ones. There was a special promise that the Wyvern had made with his master: to never misuse the power of runic rugs. It all went well, until that one fateful day. He had woken up, expecting a great day of magic rug-weaving. What he got was a sight of his master using the rugs to... melt butter and apply it to toast. The Wyvern was horrified by this sight. His cries of protest unfazed the one who taught him everything, and he was forced to attack him. They fight lasted for hours, but thanks to his Royal Guardsman training, in the end, the apprentice had slain his master.

After recovering from such a event, the Wyvern disposed of his late, former master's dust. He gathered all the rugs, and departed from the place. He had convinced himself that the rugs could only be used by those who know its power. From that day on, the Wyvern had named himself Butter, to remember this terrible day.

Undyne, who was unaware of the murder he had committed, approached Butter and asked him to do a job for her, since he was a former Royal Guardsman. He was the perfect candidate to infiltrate the Condiment Crew, an infamous gang of criminals. His new name was also quite fitting for the job. And so, the legacy of Butter began.


HP - 6000

ATK - 20

DEF - 30

As a Wyvern, Butter is large and his scales offer good protection. His attacks are strong, as he was a trained Royal Guardsman. Combined with the runic magic he specializes in, he sorta packs a punch.


"imPOUNDED!" -Butter when using his rune prison

"Hey baby, I can give you some of my mayonnaise if you need a 'thick, creamy dressing~'" -Butter hitting on Mayonnaise

"Hey baby, you can be my honey for tonight~" -Butter hitting on Honey

"Are you Salt? Because dat ass is sodium fine~" -Butter hitting on Salt

"Hey Pepper, if you give me some time, I bet I can pep you up~" -Butter hitting on Pepper

"Hey baby, do you need more mustard? Because I can give you some of my mustard seed~" -Butter hitting on Mustard

"Hey baby, did you sit down in sugar? 'Cuz you got a sweet ass~" -Butter hitting on Sugar

"Hey baby, I don't care if you're fake, I could make your night splenda-id~" -Butter hitting on Splenda

"Hey baby, I know your name is Ketchup, because I can see everyone uses you~" -Butter hitting on Ketchup

"Is your name Nutella? Because I'll provide the nut~" -Butter hitting on Nutella

"Hey baby, you might be Sweet, but you haven't tasted my candy yet~" -Butter hitting on Sweet


  • Proud member of the Condiment Crew.
  • Concept and quotescreated by Vinny's brother.
  • Totally Dove approved.

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