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Capone belongs to The-Rootbeer-Queen.

Genocide saying:
Capone ref


Why hello there sweetheart. What's a small child like you doing all alone? I'd say go to hell, but your already half way there, now isn't that right darling~

Regular saying before the attacks begin:

Why hello there sweetheart. Someone like you shouldn't be out in the woods at a time like this. Someone unfriendly might find you. Don't worry, I'll take good care of you darling. And of course, by you, I mean your SOUL~ No hard feelings 'kay sweetie?~

When flirted with:

Why yes, I am quite amazing aren't I~ I didn't know humans could have such good taste~ I can't exactly destroy such perfection, now can I?~

When asked about her hood:

My hood? what about it, darling? Can't a girl just want some alone time? It's not like I have anything to hide~ shortly after when Frisk is preparing for her turn, the box says 'Capone laughs heartily to try and cover up her nervousness' hinting that she is indeed hiding something. When asked again, she simply says: What's with all the questions sweetheart? It's really none of your business~ and gets annoyed. But when asked one more time: All right sweetheart, I've tried to be patient- I really have- but if you keep on insisting to know, It's only going to make it worse off for you. Now I would suggest dropping it~ she then gets angry. Her attacks get harder the more she's annoyed, so by this point her attacks are extremely difficult. After each attack she looks more and more malicious. At this time, trying to flirt with her would have to be done more than once for her to accept it. Until done enough times, she would just say: Right sweetheart. Like I'm gonna believe that now~ But as soon as you do it enough times, she will say: Well, I guess it seems that you are being sincere about this~ So thank sweetheart~ Just know that if you ever ask me again, I won't hesitate to kill you. And leaves. But if you refuse to flirt with her, and ask her about her hood again... Sweetheart, you need to know when to quit. Some things are better worth unsaid. I'm going to leave for now, but you can be sure that we will meet again~ She says and leaves in a hurry.

If you take to long to defeat her or for her to turn yellow, then she will say:

Look sweetheart~ Can we speed this up a bit? I really need to get home to my Grillby before dinnertime~ If she's annoyed at this time, she will calm down just a bit to make things easier.

Capone is a young adult monster who was originally from the capitol, but one day she wandered into Snowdin and decided to just stay there. No one knows why. Immediately after moving to Snowdin, she began to act like everyone's mother. But as time went on, she would leave more and more to go into Snowdin forest. Again, no one knows why. But she always comes back. She occasionally goes to the waterfall cave, and when she does she will be gone for days at a time. You can encounter her in Snowdin forest and Waterfall cave in batte mode. But she herself will appear in Grillby's resturant, she also appears in one of the many platforms in Holtand, and her outline can be seen in the core.

She is currently 240 years old.



Capone as she appears in battle

Capone is really very happy. She is nearly always rather friendly towards others, but that can sometimes be a ruse for her true feelings. She's very caring and kind, and is constantly acting like a mother to others, similar to Toriel. But at the same time, when she is forced to fight she can be very cruel and enjoys seeing the pain in others. She's a little narcissistic, and loves to be given attention. She loves calling people 'Darling' or 'sweetheart'. She is very sweet, but that can sometimes turn to sickly-sweet. She absolutely adores things she considers 'cute' and is a sucker for them. She does NOT deal well with sass.

No one knows why, but she always wears a hood. She says it's so she can hide from others. But that seems strangely out of character since she loves to be around others. It often makes others wonder what she's hiding. When asked about it, she gets nervous, but tries to laugh it off.

One of the main ways to make her show mercy is by flirting with her. Which she will immediately reply that Frisk has good taste and that she can't destroy them. But another way is being asked about her hood. If Frisk does it about four times she will get angry and leave in a hurry. The only setback about the hood question is her attacks get even more difficult each time.

Most of the monsters in Snowdin refer to her as their 'other mother'. She is often seen with them and loves to spend time with all the monsters in Snowdin. She seems to have a love interest in Grillby and often talks kindly of him. Many of the monsters have noticed and will occasionally tease her about it. It is mentioned she has a good relationship with Papyrus, and Sans is very grateful to her for giving him love that he hadn't experienced in a while.

She loves rain, and often goes outside in the rain to sit and think. This is one of the few times she takes off her hood. She loves red velvet cake as well, and Grillby will sometimes make one for her. She has a tendency to end almost every sentence with a '~'



Capone as she appears in a Genocide battle

She herself resembles a bit of a ghost. She has no legs and her body ends in a whisp whip thin. Her arms are large and end in paws. She has three scars on her left side and two on her right side. Her hood is light red and will cover one of the scars. she has a circular head with three splotches on her left cheek. She herself is mostly a light grey  color. Her splotches are a very dark purple. Her arms are white.


Papyrus: one of her favorite 'children'. She loves his childish behavior and often encourages his antics. She was the one to start calling him 'The great Papyrus' in the first place. She loves him with all her heart, and loves making him happy.

Sans: Although she doesn't have the same relationship with him that she has with Papyrus, the two are good friends. Sans seems to be the only one that knows her secrets. She will often console with him, and he is grateful to her for it.

Grillby: Her love interest. She loves the sweet fire monster and, when she's in Snowdin, will spend as much time with him as possible. He is often cooking for her, and she is trying to learn how to cook herself. But her results are often worse than Papyrus's.

Monster kid: She enjoys hanging out with her. She loves her enthusiasm, and loves to kindle the flame.

Undyne: Though Undyne is disgusted with how she treats others, she respects Capone greatly. She knows that Capone can pack a real punch. She even recognizes that she has her own secrets. And Capone respects Undyne for keeping things in order.

Shopkeeper bunny: The two will often sit and talk, and the two are quite delightful together.

Inn keeper bunny: The two will chat sometimes, but don't come into contact often.

Inn keeper bunny's son: Like all of the children in Snowdin, Capone loves him dearly.

Greater dog: Her favorite puppy as she calls him. She will give him her devoted attention and play with him to his heart's content. He is very loyal to her.

Lesser dog: Like Greater dog, she will play with him to his heart's content.. But she has found that he likes to be petted more. And finds the fact that his neck grows adorable. She will often just spam him with petting.

Doggo: She often comforts him about his problem with not seeing thing that don't move. She always moves when he's around so that he can see her clearly, and he's grateful for it.

Dogamy and Dogaressa: She cheers them on in their love and nose nuzzling contests. They often refer to each other as old friends.

Librarian: She has offered to fix the Library sign, and the Librarian finds her their savior for it.

Bun-bun: She loves the fluffy little cutie! She absolutely ADORES him~

Mrs. Bunny: She was the one to tell her to walk her little brother in the first place. It was mainly just so she can see Bun-bun for hours.

Alphys: She and the scientist have a serious relationship. The two often meet up with one another, and are great friends. Capone is often helping her with her experiments, and hates to just stand by watching.

Mettaton: She is very mistrustful towards the robot. But she respects him for bringing joy to the hearts of monsters. But even she can't deny his true form is beautiful.



Capone uses her knife often in battle, and is very skilled with it. She is able to move it around easily and loves to cut thing with it.


A gift from her Grillby. A utensil most commonly used to grill things. But not only does she use it for cooking, she also uses it as a weapon. She constantly heats it up to scalding temperatures and will use it in battle.


During a battle, both her eyes may be shown. It reveals her strange right eye. She will then conjure a magical attack, and it will follow the soul around the box.


Capone and Grillby

Capone and Grillby

Since most of it has been explained up above, this will mostly be dedicated to things outside of attack encounters, but will talk about the genocide.


She is overall caring and very sweet when she is talked to. When talked to at Grillby's: 'Oh my~ Grillby really is such a sweetheart~ You should talk to him honey~ I'm sure he will give your stomach satisfaction~' If you talk to Grillby and talk to her again she says: 'See darling~ What did I tell you? Isn't he the best~' She also appears in the left 2 platform of the Hotland. When talked to, she says 'I went to visit Alphys for the day~ But she said she was busy~ Oh well, I guess I'll just hang out with you darling~ Meet me back at Snowdin when your ready~' If you go down to Snowdin, she will be waiting next to bun-bun and Mrs. Bunny who are still on a walk. When talked to she will say 'Ready eh~ Well then, why don't we come to my house!' She then leads you up screen to the ares with the wolf throwing Ice. Her house is the one next to the rocks. She leads you inside, and everything goes dark. 'I know what you did... You killed someone didn't you? It's all right... I understand... there are many things that we have done that we can't stop. Or redo. Or ever make up for. But in the end... we can't stop the consequences that will come to us.. Remember that...' After that the lights will turn on and the room is empty with Capone no where in sight. You are then free to roam around as you please. But if the person you kill is Papyrus, then things take a different turn. 'You killed Papyrus... why would you do that.. he was so sweet and innocent... you make me sick... I would face you myself, but we all would know how that turns out. I only hope that Sans can finish you off... and maybe this was a mistake.. maybe you didn't mean too.. but even so, it will take quite alot to make up for it.' Then the lights would turn on with Carondelet no where in sight. Like the other on, you are free to roam around as you please. Later at the core, you see her shadow inside. If you talk to her she simply says; 'remember what I told you darling~'


In the genocide run, she is completely ruthless. She appears no matter how many you kill. But unlike in neutral or pacifist, she only appears in the waterfall cave. She is completely bitter, and throughout the whole battle her right eye shows. She fights you with everything she has, often throwing insults at you and talking heroically. When you finally defeat her, she falls to the ground. 'My children.. I could not protect them... who's to say you didn't kill them already.. monsters like you... like... like me... True true monsters.. shouldn't exist... I'm finally getting my judgement.. I hope you get yours...' and then she fades to dust. But in the core, you see an outline of what looks like Capone, but with glowing white eyes. If you leave the room and come back, she dissappears. If you try to interact with it it just says: '...'

True Pacifist

Almost everything is the same that was in neautral. Except you actually get to hang out with Capone. When you enter her house, she welcomes you saying; 'Welcome to my humble abode darling~ feel free to look around~' There is a fridge, a counter, a cupboard, a desk, a bed, and a potted plant. When interacting with the fridge it says 'There is a collection of burnt food in the fridge. They all have scorch marks that look like they were slapped with something hot repeatedly...' When interacting with the counter it says 'The counter has been wiped completely clean. You can see your reflection in it.' When interacting with the cupboard it says 'There are many baked goods in there. They all have tags that say they are from Grillby.' 'OOH~ do you like them darling?! Grillby made then for me! Their so nice! Would you like one?' Capone says after. She then gives you a chocolate chip cookie if you accept. If you interact with the desk while she is there she says 'N-now sweetheart, let's not get to hasty~ let's leave that desk alone, mkay?' When interacting with the bed it says 'The sheets are a high quality satin. You pat the bed, it feels so soft and squishy. You just want to curl up on it. But you dont, because that would be awkward.' When interacting with the Potted Plant it says 'a rare kind of orchid. It's pretty to look at, but smells awful.' If you interact with everything: 'Well, that was quite fun, now wasn't it sweetheart~ I think that Alphys might not be so busy now, so I'll see you later. Have fun love~' Capone says then leaves. Only then can you look in her desk. Inside is a picture of a happy looking Capone with a strange skeleton that you had never seen before. An entry is bellow it. 'Day 201, I can't believe that actually happened.. I wonder if he will ever forgive me? Probably not. After all, I wouldn't forgive myself... Please Dr., where ever you are, please forgive me for my selfishness.' You then place it back inside, and are free to go or do whatever you see fit.

Battle text and Quotes


Neutral & Pacifist

'A loving motherly like being with many secrets and stories left untold'


'A pathetic fool who cries over spilt milk. She misses her potential.'

Turn beginning

'A slight smirk is on her face, she judges this to be an easy match.' Neautral and Pacifist at very beginning.

'A look of firm determination is shown on her face, while shadows of regret haunt her eyes' Genocide very beginning.

'She scoffs at you. A malicious smile on her face' When you try to spare her before she's ready.

'She fumes at her slowness' When you first hit her

'She tries to dodge but gets hit anyways' attacked at high hp.

'Her breath is ragged and a look of desperation crosses her face.' When you nearly have defeated her.

'Capone laughs heartily to try and cover up her nervousness' After being asked about her hood for the first time.

'She prepares her next attack with new ferocity' After being asked about her hood for the second time.

'Capone prepares her attack at full force' After being asked about her hood for the third time.

'Capone has calmed down a bit.' After being flirted with when she has been asked about her hood more than once.

'A look of new mother-like softness is in her eyes.' When ready to be spared.

'She pulls out a strange utensil, curls of steam are seen wafting off it' readying her Griller.

'Capone pulls out a knife and tests it with her finger. A cruel cold smile crosses her face.' When ready for her knife attack.

'A strange look crosses her face. A cold feeling of dread is felt up your spine.' When readying her magic attack.


'Oh my, trying to flee are we? Well it won't work! You won't wriggle your way out of this!' When trying to spare her before she's ready.

'You've killed so many monsters! I can't let this stand!' During genocide battle

'You've killed my friends.. my family... almost everyone I know and love are gone' During genocide battle

'So I must stop you from hurting more!' During genocide battle

'Can you take these third degree burns darling?' Before using Grill

'Knives are pointy~ knives are sharp~' Before using her knife

'You want to see my whole face darling? Go on ahead~ I assure you it's beautiful~' before using magic

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