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"Captain Dasher", also just known as "Dasher" as his real name is unknown, is a rat-like monster living in the underground- specifically in Snowdin. He doesn't work, however, as he is a thief. Not many have caught him, and those who did never got a good glimpse of him, or his actual name.


Dasher is the son of two unnamed parents and the older brother to another monster unnamed. Dasher's mother works at a shop, while his father also acted as a thief, who even stole from Dasher's mother's shop and has been taken into custody twice. His father constantly urged Dasher to take after him, while Dasher's brother was urged to just work and take a normal life like his mother did.

Although in his teens he did try to get a job, he did not do very good at it. He just managed to not be good, which led to him eventually being fired. Desperate, he asked his parents what he should do not that he was unemployed. His mother told him to just find another job, meanwhile, his father begged him to take a trip with him, where the two eventually robbed the store Dasher was fired from. The store went bankrupt and closed weeks after the robbery, and that's what made Dasher follow in his father's footsteps.


Dasher is very hostile around every monster he comes into contact with, fearing they'll find out who he is. But nonetheless, he also tries to be kind around some of them, in which he thinks will trick them so they never think he's what he actually is. However, he's never had many interactions besides his family, in which he is very aggressive towards them, to the point where he'd even fight his brother every time he sees him.

He also loves hearing about his own robberies, and if someone were to bring up one of them, he'd even try to make it sound apparent that he was responsible. However, not many monsters take him seriously if that's the case, which angers him a bit. He also loves the topic of guns, and loves to give tips on every gun he can- despite said tips being very wrong and untrue. He also likes candy and shoes.


HP: 100

ATK: 4

DEF: 7


  • The "Captain" part of his name is just there because he thinks it sounds cool.
    • "Dasher" is his stage name because he is pretty fast.


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  • Feedback and criticism is greatly appreciated!

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