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Captain Moldbygg (More commonly known as Captain) is an extremely old pirate and one of the few criminals to disgrace both the Underground and the Underland frequently. He is known for his slimy beard and his lack of mercy to any that dare challenge him.


The Captain is one of the few more human-looking Glie out there. He's a tall and burly man with a slimy beard resembling a Moldbygg- hence his name. His eyes are, of course, red, the Glien standard, and the hair on top of his head is actually gray with age, much unlike his slimy facial hair. There are a few scars on his face, most notably one over his left eye and one just above his lip.

The Captain actually lacks wings, quite the rare genetic mutation in Glie, but the lack of them gave him the freedom to increase his bulk beyond that of a standard Glie. He wears mostly pirate garb of varying colours, all provided for him by his adopted daughter. A heavy looking belt sits on his waist, with a holster for a musket on the left and a sheath for a cutlass on the right. Inside, of course, sit the respective weapons which he often dual-wields for maximum efficiency in combat. His boots, once again made for him by his daughter, are extremely thick and are a brown-ish colour. As normal as they look, they have a special enchantment placed upon them that allows the Captain to run as if they were not heavy at all. This enchantment, too, was provided by his daughter.

The Captain has a White SOUL, similar to a Monster's, though turned downward like a Human's. It is not known what this represents.


As a criminal, Captain doesn't care much for anything other than himself (and Alice). He has killed before, and is not phased by death at all. He will go to shocking lengths to achieve his goals, with killing being one of his favourite things to do. There are some people he views as worthy of his respect, of course, (The aforementioned Alice, and also Salt, with whom he often trades salts) but they are few and far between.

He lacks any sort of manners, and has little education other than combat. Due to this, he speaks in a pirate-dialect and rambles about silly things for no reason. Compared to other criminals, Captain is a tad more severe in his crimes, but he still has at least a small amount of mercy inside of him. He dislikes hurting children because they remind him of his own adopted daughter, but he will not hesitate to attack them if they get in his way. 


Captain is an old Glie, but he doesn't have much of a long history. He was born from an odd couple, to say the least - A Human male and a Moldbygg. Born like any other child, from a young age his Glien heritage was not clear at all. In fact, before he developed his signature beard, you'd be forgiven for thinking that he was 100% Human. His father was a sailor, and Captain from a young age always wished to follow in his footsteps.

Helping his father on boat journeys was Captain's favourite passtime. The sea was his life, and he often called himself "Captain of the Million Seas" (A title taken from a personal favourite book often read to him by his father). His life changed for the worst when his father's ship was taken by Monster pirates one night. Every man on the ship was killed, except Captain himself, who hid away and escaped with only minor injuries. He, using amazing navigational skills, directed the ship back to land but did not know what land he had taken it to.

Living alone on nothing but oranges and orange juice for many years, he grew bored of his loneliness and decided that it was time to return to the seas. This time he armed himself, just in case the Monsters from years ago returned to finish what they had started. He sailed once again, this time arriving in a town full of Glie. Captain had just began developing his signature beard at this point and was welcomed into the Glien town with open arms.

He met a young man dead set on teaching everyone about the history of a man named Richter. Captain didn't care much for history but listened to him anyway. Though he looked strange for someone his age- completely bald, wearing robes and even had goats legs, Captain thought his story was interesting enough and developed a liking for him. He would listen to the man's stories for hours on end, and perhaps once he did start believing in Richter.

Then the War happened. Still living on his diet of solely oranges and orange juice, Captain remained Neutral for as long as he could. He even tried returning to the seas only to be met with Humans and Monsters fighting out there, too. Naturally, he grew tired of their presence and when the time came for the Glie to join the fight, he decided to help the Humans to get revenge on the Monsters that had killed his father and friends so long ago.

And he did just that. But not before witnessing the atrocities committed by the Humans. He soon stopped assisting their side, but he did not join the Monsters. He remained as a Neutral third party and attacked both of them if they ever got near him. It's strange, but he developed a liking for the chaos of this. He used the War as an oppurtunity to steal everything he ever wanted. Finally, his diet could be more than oranges, and he could get anything!

He didn't live like this for long, though. The Monsters were bound to lose the war sometime, and because of his traitorous act to the Humans, Captain was sent to the Underground with them where he continued the criminal acts he had grown so accustomed to. There, he pillaged, stole and killed mercilessly, the former innocent boy he had once been no longer existed.

The Glie dug into the Underland, and he went with them in secret. Using materials he stole from their buildings, he was able to craft a ship rivalling the one he had on the surface. He sailed through both the Underground and the Underland with it, and was the only person to do this other than the River Person. 

He may have not seemed like the fatherly type, but Captain, ahem, "found" two children one day and raised them both to be his own. A boy and a girl, he named them Jack and Alice respectively, and they helped him with his thieving. Jack eventually left to pursue his own adventures in Hotland, but Alice still stays with the Captain to this day, not even knowing she's a Human.

Weapons and Abilities

He is not very skilled in magic, so Captain uses his weapons to cover for that fact. He often duel wields them in combat. They are as follows:


Captain's sword, known as a cutlass, is his preferred method of attacking. He is quite the expert at using it, and has been doing so for many years. If the time comes when he needs to do that little bit of extra damage, he can use his limited magical prowess to light his blade in flames, sometimes neccesary when dealing with Monsters like Slime Girls.

Musket Pistol

The Captain's only form of ranged weaponry is quite unique. Regardless if his stats are lowered or raised in any way, the Musket Pistol will always deal a solid 20 damage on a direct hit. As one can tell, this is quite effective on Humans, especially younger ones, but it loses its effectiveness on creatures like Monsters. The Musket Pistol must be reloaded every time it's fired, which is its one blaring weakness other than its low damage. If Captain finishes an enemy with a shot from his pistol, he gains 15% extra gold from them.


HP - 6,500

ATK - 30

DEF - 30

Captain Moldbygg is very tanky, and can deal a surprising amount of damage with his sheer ruthlessness. There's not much to say about him: He's pretty cheap in combat and resorts to dirty tricks, but defeating him is indeed very satisfying.


  • Captain thinks all races - Human, Monster and Glie - are bad. He does not care who he steals from or who he kills, as long as in the end it benefits him.
  • Captain Moldbygg is not his real name. Very few people actually know it, Alice and a certain preacher of Richten being the only ones alive who know it.

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