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Whilst Catluck's origins are a mystery with the answer known only to her, past that she is very open about her life. The earliest point anyone can be sure about in her life is how she lived in a now abandoned city she only remembers Unhunted. It is not sure what caused the abandonment, or if she was even born there or had moved their in early childhood, but she refuses to talk about it.  She was taken in later by a small group of monsters in the RUINS called the Kindors, who brought her up. As a test, and a dare, they once had her try to kill the human of perseverance. She failed, and was cast out of the group. She now resides somewhere in waterfall.


She is a grey tabby cat monster, with a ginger horseshoe shaped mark on her forehead, earning her the nickname 'Lucky.' Her claws are dull, but she keeps her fangs pristine and sharp as possible. She also exercises her magic a fair bit, as she prefers to use magical attacks. She is often lucky in situations, and can be trusted to find that needle in the haystack. Whilst she does seem impossible to kill because of her sheer luck, luck doesn't carry you forever, and she is still wound-able and killable, you just need to be smart about how you do it.


HP: 780 AT: 12 DF: 8 EXP: 26 Gold: 250


Horseshoe: A horseshoe is thrown like a boomerang into the box, aimed at the battler's soul. It is also homing, but not enough to outright hit the battler.

Claws: Her claws swipe through the box, she raises the one she is going to swipe next. Her left is always blue, her right is always orange. She can fake out with this attack, raising one paw but switch to another without attacking.

Clovers: A bunch of 4 leaf clovers grow into the box. They eventually explode into 4 leaves. 1 leaf will be green and can heal the player and increase their speed until the attack ends.

Bite: A simple bite attack. Pounce: Just a reincarnation of the Froggits leap attack, but faster and with a cat.


Sharp fangs: Her fangs are sharp and strong enough to pierce weaker metals such as gold or impure iron.

Luck: She is fast and has high luck, allowing for a higher miss chance, whilst she has a higher chance of a critical hit. She also manages to find random gold lying around.

Yowl: She lets out a yowl, which can be intimidating to some.

Cold resistance: Her furry body allows for a better cold resistance, but doesn't work as well when wet.


Catluck is based of of the Japanese lucky cat The horseshoe on Catluck's head is a symbol of good luck in the US The page had a complete revamp when ZeroByteS took over the OC.

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