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Cecilia is a blue fire elemental with flames going upwards, emulating hair. She wears a feather in her hair on a headband. Cecilia is clothed in a red sleeveless dress. Her elbow length gloves match her dress, as do the feathers on her headband. She has glowing white eyes and a glowing white mouth, as hot as a white-hot flame. She is rather tall. Her dress and gloves are made of a fireproof silk material. Her 'hair' often moves around in the wind. Cecilia wears a golden locket in the shape of a SOUL and, when opened, it has a picture of her and the Hotland Mafia's boss.


Born in New Home, Cecilia always dreamed of moving out of the big city. Her dreams came true when she met the boss, a large turtle who lived in Hotland. After moving out to Hotland, she married the boss and was mortified when she discovered he ran a Mafia. She spent a long time working for the boss and scamming people throughout the Underground, until she met Rockwell, a new recruit. He quickly rose up the ranks, and became the boss' right hand man. Rockwell and Cecilia developed a friendship that quickly became romance. Cecilia told Rockwell about her rocky relationship with the boss, and they formulated a plan to take over the Mafia from the inside, without the boss knowing.


Cecilia is kind and gentle, but can get angry very quickly. She is witty and clever, and can hold her own in a fight. She has a code of morals, and refuses to fight the player unless it is a genocide run.



  • Rockwell (Lover,) The boss (Husband)


  • Most Hotland Mafia members


  • N/A


  • The boss



  • HP: 40
  • AT: 20
  • DF: 60
  • EXP On Kill:
  • Gold on Win:






Flavor Text



  • TBA


Jedha, for the name

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