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Cerbo was a lost little hellhound in the Underworld. He was so small, and everyone looked at him in distaste.

In Snowdin, everyone backed away from him, as he radiated so much heat he melted the snow around, causing a small flood. In Waterfall, everything was steamy for a week after he put a bit of his dung there. The water evaporated, causing extreme fog. Only Hotland people were nicer. But he was never allowed inside. The MTT Resort kicked him out after ruining the fountain (they still haven't fixed it) and all the water spilled on the carpet. Alphys kept him for a while in her lab, but got kicked out shortly after he angered Endogeny, which caused a huge dog fight, and DT slush everywhere. He even once stumbled into Asgore's room, and destroyed the throne room, and caused all the flowers to wilt and die. Asgore was so angry, he called his guards to put him into the dungeon. But he escaped by melting the bars, but came back home scarred, tortured, and wounded.

One day, when he returned to the Underworld, he met Achilles. They were best friends, but Achilles could only take him out for a ten meter walk, since Achilles is cursed. Ever since, Cerbo and Achilles were best friends. After all, a fire dog is a skeleton man's best friend.


Cerbo is a hellhound. He has black fur on only his head. His torso and legs have no fur. Just a black smooth skin made a scales. The scales have some red patches on them, like a dalmatian, but he is also covered with scars, bruises, and scratches. He has white eyes, a red snout, and red claws. He also has a red forked tail.

In the Genocidal Route, he turns into his Three-Headed Form, and, as the name suggests, has three snarling vicious heads, with each having a scarred, creepy red eye.



His owner and best friend.


Likes to play with you after Sparing Achilles, hates you after killing him.


Cerbo has been told to prank Sans from time to time.


Cerbo can run rather quickly. He uses bites to attack, and can also spit lava or fire with ease. He has iron scales, so it is rather tough to break. Cerbo can use shadow attacks, which causes inanimate shadow objects to appear.


Base Stats

HP : 3000

AT : 35

DF : 20

Three-Headed Form

HP : 6000

AT : 45

DF : 30









Credits to benalien430. The OC belongs to him. Mainly based off of Cerberus from Greek Mythology.

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