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Chasmacrocuta is a laid-back, slightly anti-social, but surprisingly clever skeleton hyena. He mostly keeps to himself. He can usually be found on his laptop, playing a piano or hanging around with Soot. He doesn't seem dangerous, and at most times won't be and won't really care. He does not like all his relatives, but cares a lot about his friends, especially Soot.


Chasmacrocuta lives in a hard-to-find area above Hotland that is savannah-like. Many monsters that are similar to surface-dwelling savannah animals live there. He dislikes Hotland and the savannah, but does not want to leave his friends.
He was born on the surface, and lived with hyenas and hyena monsters. He fought for monsters when the war came, and made sure every family member and friend was in his sight, to see if they were in trouble. Chasmacrocuta would leap to help them in seconds. If they were killed, Chasmacrocuta would brutally kill the human who did it.
When the war was over, Chasmacrocuta's family and friends (most had survived) came back with Chasmacrocuta. He was wearing a long glove for some reason, and he wouldn't tell anyone why he wore it. Everyone suspected it was because he had a wound that didn't look nice, so they didn't mention it. Ever since then, he became more secluded, and his glove turned into clothing covering his chest and neck, and it went on until he just went around in a blanket. No one suspected much then, because it's just a weird thing he would do. Only his tail would show through the blanket for some time, until that was hidden too.
One day, one of his friends, Fisi, accidentally tripped on his blanket. Chasmacrocuta tried to get back under it, but it has already been noticed that he was a skeleton. Chasmacrocuta had slowly been turning skeletal, and had tried to cover it. Chasmacrocuta does not really remember how, or any of the war at all, but it is suspected he was killed, and a spell made him become some sort of undead.
His family and friends are ok with his being a skeleton, and he is good friends with Sans and Papyrus, who he wants to live near one day. Chasmacrocuta generally avoids hurting anyone, now more than he has before, unless he thinks they deserve it.
If he was in the pacifist credits, he would go down the same highway Sans and Papyrus go on, on a skateboard, wearing sunglasses and listening to a player with earphones. Soot would be in a helicopter above him.
If Papyrus is killed, soon after killing him the player will encounter a hyena skull (controlled by Chasmacrocuta), which will ask them why they did it. It will explain that Papyrus is so innocent, and something was wrong with them because they killed him. If the player has killed him in a genocide route, the skull will explain how they're just doing this because they don't care about these characters and they are murdering out of amusement and curiosity. The skull, in any route Papyrus is killed, will then blast their SOUL with a rainbow beam, lowering their HP to 1. The skull then disappears.


Chasmacrocuta wears a green top/hoodie with a zip and small bone and heart logos on it. He always has it unzipped, showing his red-orange shirt. He wears blue-purple trousers. He is completely white (because he's a skeleton) and his eye sockets have white pupils. His eye will glow rainbow once enraged, and if someone somehow touched it, it would burn worse than a laser. In the genocide route start and (very) unsafe neutral route, he will have his rainbow eye. In the genocide route, when the player chooses the "FIGHT" option, it will do 1 damage, and then he will take his genocide form. Damage on him will increase with every hit. His fangs will look sharp and his "ears" will be ripped. He has an expression of pure hatred, a red glow in one eye socket, and his other eye will be rainbow and glow. There is a crack down the forehead of his skull. He has armour, similar to Undyne the Undying's armour, that has an orange tint and the shape of a monster SOUL. He will hold two bones instead of one, and has shading on him.

Description - if in battle with Soot

When the player attacks Chasmacrocuta's area in the genocide run, they can either give Soot the time to run away (does not stop genocide run) or attack him. If Soot is attacked, Chasmacrocuta will block the player's first attack by jumping in front of Soot, and then taking on his genocide form. Soot also takes on a genocide form, and the player must battle both of them. The battle will include both of their attacks. If the player attempts to hit Soot, Chasmacrocuta will block it with bones. The player has no choice but to just attack Chasmacrocuta. Once Chasmacrocuta's HP is wiped out, he will seemingly go insane and shout at the player, saying random things that don't make sense, and telling Soot that he loves him. He will eventually seem to explode into dust, but permanently shields Soot. The battle will end, as Soot is so distraught at Chasmacrocuta's death and knows he can't avenge him if Chasmacrocuta was not strong enough to beat the player.



  • Fisi (spotted hyena monster, female)
  • Fisuta (spotted hyena monster, female)
  • Stubby (spotted hyena monster, male)
  • Crocusi (spotted hyena monster, male)
  • Le-Floof (spotted hyena monster, gender fluid)
  • Kikutusi (spotted hyena monster, female)
  • Muffin (striped hyena monster, female)
  • Bean (brown hyena monster, male)
  • Proteledogo (aardwolf monster, male)
  • Vinegar (jackal monster, non binary)
  • Admira (wild/painted/hunting dog monster, female)
  • Sans (we all know Sans...)
  • Papyrus (and we all know Papyrus.)
  • Soot (lynx-like black cat monster, femboy, Chasmacrocuta's boyfriend)


  • Meiaenu (mother)
  • Crocukuto (brother)
  • Tsuki (sister)
  • Echo (sister)
  • Katana (aunt)


Normal Stats

HP: 2500

AT: 40

DF: 40

Genocide Stats

HP: 3500

AT: 80

DF: 80


  • Apologise/plead (lowers Chasmacrocuta's attack, as he is sympathetic)
  • (Note: above does not help if he is fighting someone who killed someone he cared about)
  • Talk (will end fight earlier in a pacifist route, because Chasmacrocuta likes discussing video games)
  • Flirt (attacks decrease due to awkwardness)
  • Check



  • Chasmacrocuta throws (yes, throws) bones at the SOUL. If the SOUL gets hurt on a pacifist route, Chasmacrocuta will awkwardly apologise and throw bones away from the SOUL the next turn.
  • Paw prints appear on the bullet board, and when claws appear it is a warning that the paw is about to suddenly get bigger. Chasmacrocuta will only use this attack once in a pacifist route.
  • Fangs, bones, and claws drop from the top of the bullet board randomly. Attack is used multiple times, unless the SOUL gets hurt a lot by the attack on a pacifist run.
  • Hyena skulls will spray a rainbow from its mouth and eyes. There is a specific way of dodging.
  • The SOUL will be controlled by Chasmacrocuta, and he will smash it into the sides of the bullet board randomly. When the SOUL hits the sides, it can control itself temporarily, to avoid bones that Chasmacrocuta throws at the SOUL. This attack will only be used in a genocide run and some neutral runs.
  • Rainbow SOUL mode: There are seven lines, each in the colours of the rainbow, that the SOUL can move to. Bones will drop from above, hurting the soul, but it can move onto another line to dodge. If the SOUL moves onto another line with a bone over it, it will smash the bone, dealing no damage to the SOUL.


Chasmacrocuta will be extremely careful not to hurt the soul too much on a pacifist and some neutral runs. If the soul reaches 1 HP, he will spare. Chasmacrocuta will not spare at all if five or more non-boss monsters have been killed, if 3 or more mid-bosses have been killed, or 2 or more bosses have been killed. If one of his friends or family is killed, he will use brutal attacks and insults. He cannot be killed in the pacifist/safe neutral route, due to his high HP and there not being enough turns to kill him.



"Sup." [Encounter, pacifist/safe neutral]

"..." [Neutral, pacifist/safe neutral/unsafe neutral]

"Die, murderer." [Neutral, family or friend killed]]

"..." [Neutral, genocide/family or friend killed]

"You can't go on." [Encounter, unsafe neutral]

"Oh, no one can give you a worse death than this, you murderer!" [Encounter, if friend or family member has been killed]

"...Lemme ask you something. How can anyone be sick enough to murder literally everything they encounter? You're worse than hunters. You kill everyone and everything, no matter how innocent it is. Papyrus was innocent. So innocent. My friends and family were. ...buuuut, you killed them. Right now, i have more hatred for you than you have the overpowering will to murder. And it's going to be used for saving. i'm never going to even pretend to spare you. i never will. Now, i know. it's just a game, right? it's ok. in YOUR world, you haven't killed anything. i assume. But your actions here... They reflect your REAL personality. Don't pretend to love these monsters. if you did, you'd NEVER kill them. Now i need a good quote. "You're gonna have a bad time" is taken, so is "it's on days like this, that kids like you... Should be burning in hell.", so i'm kiiinda stuck. Whatever. The point is, you're gonna rot in hell, EVEN IF I HAVE TO DRAG YOU THERE MYSELF." [Encounter, genocide]

"Oh my god... Soz and stuff... i'm kind of getting awkward..." [Apologise/plead, pacifist/safe neutral]

"Ok... i'll stop..."[Apologise/plead, p/sn 2]

"i'm trying to not hurt you, ok?" [Apologise/plead, p/sn 3+]

"i can't stop. Not after what you've done." [Apologise/plead, unsafe neutral]

"Stop it. Please." [Apologise/plead, unsafe neutral 2+]

"That won't work on me." [Apologise/plead, genocide/family or friend killed 1+]

"You like hyenas...?" [Talk, pacifist/safe neutral]

"YAS! i am trash too!" [Talk, p/sn 2]

"i know, Papyrus and Sans are AWESOME!!" [Talk, p/sn 3]

"Oh my GOD!!!" [Talk, p/sn 4]

"...No. i can't get distracted." [Talk, unsafe neutral]

"Stop." [Talk, unsafe neutral 2+]

"Shut up. Die. You murderer." [Talk, genocide/family or friend killed]

"..." [Talk, genocide/family or friend killed]

"Uhh... Ok... Umm... Ahhh i'm awkward..." [Flirt, pacifist/safe neutral]

"..." [Flirt, pacifist/safe neutral 2+]

"...Why...?" [Flirt, unsafe neutral]

"..." [Flirt, unsafe neutral 2+]

"You're a murderer. And i'm going to stop you." [Flirt, genocide/family or friend killed]

"..." [Flirt, genocide/family or friend killed 2+]

"D i d n ' t k n o w y o u c o u l d d o t h a t . . . H e h . . . i t ' s o k . . . i ' l l c o m e b a c k . . ."[Killed, unsafe neutral]

"i w i l l c o m e b a c k f o r y o u , y o u m u r d e r e r . . . i ' l l m a k e y o u r o t i n h e l l . . ." [Killed, family or friend killed]

"Ha... Ha... Did you think i'd get destroyed in one hit like the others you've murdered? i'd try to dodge otherwise. I'm not fighting you without some damn protection! You... You've killed everyone you've met. You've killed some i've cared about. You've heard this before, but i will bring justice! i know you'd die and die and keep trying, until you FINALLY kill me. But you won't. This battle will go on until you give up, because i sure as hell won't. i will destroy you. i will deal justice. And i'll destroy your soul so many times, THE PIECES WILL BE HARDER TO FIND THAN GASTER." [Attacked, genocide route]

"No... i failed... i won't give up... i'll come back for you... i will never give up... You can't kill me... Not for long... No... Soot... i want you... Soot... Dammit... Papyrus... Sans... At least i tried... Human... if that is what you really are... See you in hell... You monster... The real monster..." [Killed, genocide route]

"Ha... Ha... H a... You can't even... Hurt me... You haven't... Laid a single... Attack... On me... Ha... Pathetic human... You're PATHETIC! Where's a piano... I need to play something... And check the Undernet for memes... Let's have a glitter fight. We can put some glitter on that smiley thing that springs up... Remember that, Soot...? When it sprung into your hand... And the glitter... Went... Everywhere... I love you, Soot... We should... Go back to my room... And eat sweets... I have a giant box of them, let's go get them... I'll even... Put on some Liszt... And Beethoven... And we can watch anime, and play video games... I love doing that with you, Soot... I love seeing you, Soot... I love you more than anything that could every possibly exist or not exist, Soot. I want to be with you forever, Soot... I want you to live forever and be happy forever, Soot... I love you... Soot..." [Killed, genocide route, Soot battle]

Flavour Text

You encounter Chasmacrocuta! He doesn't really care. [Encounter, pacifist/safe neutral]

You've done something wrong. [Encounter, unsafe neutral]

It seems it was a bad idea to come here... [Encounter, genocide/family or friend killed]

it's getting kind of awkward.[Neutral, pacifist/safe neutral]

You shouldn't have come here... [Neutral, unsafe neutral]

You might just burn in hell for this. [Neutral, genocide/family or friend killed]


  • Chasmacrocuta doesn't capitalize "i"s.
  • He may not actually be able to permanently die.
  • He is biologically female.
  • He likes to eat butter. And fries. And crisps. But not together. That's weird.
  • He sometimes wants to be a penguin.
  • He is ambidextrous.
  • If one of his friends/family members has been killed in a previous run, he will be more tense around the player.
  • He spends most of his time of the internet or with Soot.
  • He dislikes Hotland because "it has a really hot atmosphere", so he doesn't like it.
  • He dislikes Waterfall because "it's too dark, damp, and lonely".
  • He likes Snowdin because "there's skeletons and loads of monsters there", but says he would "get bored looking at the snow".
  • He doesn't want to live in the city because it's "too far away".
  • He is pretty damn good at the piano.
  • He normally has his hands in his pockets.
  • He describes himself as a "loser", "complete nerd who is obsessed with gaming", and a "huge dork".
  • If he ever gets to the surface, he wants to make hunting, animal abuse, and other animal murder/cruelty permanently banned.
  • Despite not being the same species or even being slightly related, Chasmacrocuta is dating Soot.
  • Similar to Papyrus, he can only be killed by being decapitated.
  • He likes anime, video games, and the piano.
  • Since becoming a skeleton, she has spoken in the font 'Chasm'.
  • He is transmasuline; basically non-binary but likes being called male.
  • It is not possible to kill Soot; he can only be fought in the genocide run, where Chasmacrocuta will block his attack.
  • He cares more about Soot than literally anything else. He follows him around, obsesses over him and truly loves him.


Totalfix genocide

Genocide form.

Right sprite

Right overworld sprite.

Left sprite

Left overworld sprite.

Forward sprite

Overworld sprite.

Credits sprite

Credits sprite.

Hyena skull Papyrus killed

The skull that attacks the player when Papyrus is killed.

Rainbow Soul Attack

The special rainbow soul attack mode. It shows the bones coming from above, and the way the soul must destroy and avoid them.

Blaster hyena skull 1

A hyena skull blaster move.

Blaster hyena skull 2

The other move for the hyena skull.

Wild dog remastered

Admira (overworld sprite)

Hyena bro monster

Crocukuto (overworld sprite)

Jackal monster

Vinegar (overworld sprite)

Brown hyena sprite

Bean (overworld sprite)

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