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Chip is pretty much a Megalomaniac like someone else you might know... Chip's presence resides in a fallen human teenager named Dave. Chip's presence will start out weak, but will be able to get stronger as Dave commits more betrayal kills. There may be instances especially in a genocide route where Chip takes control:

  • When Dave decides to spare whoever they were fighting, Chip will instead force Dave to kill them some times. This will happen more often as the player gains LV.
  • In certain cutscenes, especially before a battle, Chip will make Dave advance toward whoever is in their way. This will also happen more often as the player gains LV, but not as often as Chip forcing Dave to commit betrayal kills.

If Dave completes a genocide route successfully, they will be greeted by Chip, who thanks them for "bringing them back from the dead." Chip then explains that it it was him the whole time whose presence resided inside of Dave, and proposes that Dave sacrifices his SOUL to bring Chip back to life. If Dave says No, Chip swears that he will take his SOUL by force, and Dave will enter a fight with Chip. If Dave says Yes, Chip hits him several times without a fight and kills him so he can take Dave's SOUL.

If Dave tries to go back to the world after completing a genocide route, Chip reluctantly agrees to give Dave his SOUL back, in exchange for something in return. If Dave says yes, Chip later reveals that in return, he wants a piece of Dave's Determination. If Dave says yes again, then he is brought back to life, but some things will have changed. For instance, Chip will be referred to as "The Devil of the Underground." Also, Dave will be weaker than before.  

However, Chip also makes some appearances in some Neutral and Pacifist routes, more so if Dave has gone full genocide before. For instance, in a pacifist route or neutral route, Chip might try to fight Dave at certain points in the game. Also, Chip may try to make Dave go away from an objective in a Neutral route, or even towards an item Chip might want. If Chip doesn't like a certain item that Dave has, he may try to get rid of it.


This may depend on what actions Dave takes, whether it be FIGHTing, ACTing, or showing MERCY.


  • HP: 10000
  • AT: 40
  • DF: 40
  • EXP On Kill: N/A
  • Gold on Win: N/A





Hello. I am Chip.
Thank you for awakening me from my death.
You see...
At first, I was so confused: why was I brought to life?
Then, I realized what happened.
Whenever you played nice, just so you can finish someone off...
Every time that happened, my presence inside of you grew stronger.
That's right...
Every Time a stat grew...
EXP, AT, DF, HP, LV...
That was me.
Now you shall give me your soul, so I can become more powerful than ever.

Flavor Text

[Choosing Yes]

Excellent Choice.

You are a very good partner...

You'll be stuck here forever, after all.

[Choosing No]


I will take your SOUL by force then.

Other Quotes

[When Dave tries to go back to the game]

Do you really want your SOUL back?

You chose to do this, you see.


... ...


I want something in return then.

[Choosing No will close the game.]

[Choosing Yes]

So, it is decided. You will give me a piece of your Determination.

[Choosing No will close the game.]

[Choosing Yes]

Alright, The deed is done. I shall give you your SOUL back. Have fun...


  • If Dave complete the pacifist route, after completing a genocide route in a previous game, the photo of Dave and his friends will change drastically: All of his friends' faces will be crossed out, and Dave will be replaced with Chip.


Credit to Toby Fox for Undertale.


Chip ZoomedIn

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