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Cinnamon Rainbowcakes is a strange case. Though she appears to be a standard pixie-monster, her extremely unstable form leads into her having two "halves" - a more innocent Blue half, and a more troublesome Red half.


Blue Form

Cinnamon's Blue form appears somewhat less threatening than the Red form. Of course she's the standard height for a pixie - she'd fit into the palm of your hand quite easily. Straight, light blue hair rests upon her head, while her skin has a light blue tint as well. Of course, one can tell that the primary color of the Blue form is... well, blue.

Blue clothing, blue eyes, indeed. Even her wings are blue, quite rare for her species. In contrast to the Red forms more devilish grin often shown, the Blue form's smile is a lot more friendly and welcoming - some might consider it sweeter than sugar.

Red Form

Despite being pixie-sized, Cinnamon's Red form has tried her best in looking as diabolical as possible. Even though she is small enough to stand on someone's hand, the amount of red that she wears is an eyesore. She has neat, light red hair and wears an orange hairband with horns that further her evil looks. Her eyes, wings, and clothes are a bright red, and the tint to her skin is reddish.

Usually, the Red form has a mischievous look on her face, and she is capable of making menacing looks that hint to her chaotic nature. Of course, it's wrong to say that she can't look sweet and sugary when she wants to.

Purple Form



Blue Form

The Blue form is kind and innocent to a fault. Extremely air headed, she believes everyone is innately good and will believe even the most evil of liars. She can get upset easily (Which usually results in the Red form taking over) and is a bit of a coward in the face of true danger. Cinnamon, in this form, spends the majority of her time in Waterfall - sitting in the Echo Flowers and telling them secrets.

There are some people she dislikes, however. She dislikes the rest of the Rainbowcakes family due to their nature as tricksters - a view shared by the Red half, though not for the same reasons. Indeed, she is also troubled by a visions of people she doesn't even know. A being in robes, namely, who scares her every time she closes her eyes.

Red Form

The Red form is cunning and malicious, a polar opposite to the Blue form. She is more perceptive to the behavior of others, and plans accordingly to utilize them to fuel the chaos she seeks. Her approach to many situations includes charming targets and later blackmailing them, and in the most desperate of times, she attempts to threaten them despite her tiny size. She has quite a temper when things don't go her way, but can be easily frightened by stronger forces. Fitting for her, Cinnamon's Red form stays nearby Hotland to find idiotic Monsters to manipulate.

Even though the Red form tends to take control at the displeasement of the Blue form, uninterest and lack of activity may cause her to inadvertently change forms. While she doesn't know the source of these halves, she finds it aggravating that she lacks full control. Of course, this form also despises her own family due to their lack of vision when it comes to mischief, believing that they have no particular goals. As for the visions of a strange, muscular bug coming to her aid, she is both frightened and curious if such a being truly exists.

Purple Form



From her first appearance (Pixies aren't born, they're made of magic sparkledust~!), Cinnamon was an oddball - even by the standards of a Fae creature. Her multiple personalities were not witnessed straight away, they only started appearing as she grew older. Her purple form could be considered the "original", while the Red and Blue are simply two halves that fell from it.

Her Blue half resented the trouble caused by the Rainbowcakes family, to the point of refusing to help with their tricks and pranks on travelers. While the Red half did not refuse the work, she longed for something more. The tricks and pranks pulled were far too innocent, she longed for true carnage. For once, the two agreed on something: They would leave the Rainbowcakes family in search of a new life.

After Red took a liking to a life of crime, the two began experiencing greatly painful headaches coupled with memories they don't ever remember making. Blue claims to see a being clouded in mysterious robes, while Red sees a muscular bug saving her from danger. The two rarely discuss their visions, fearful of what they may bring.


Blue is support

Red is dps

Purple is both



  • Dove of Death did the Blue half, and TheVinnyLord did the Red half, indeed.
    • The Purple half will be a team effort, of course.

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