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"That's us! Saki and Clarissa, adventure girls and mermaid sissies forever and ever!"

- Clarissa Mikasa


Clarissa Mikasa is a young mermaid monster child, about ten years old, who cares a lot about her older sister, Saki despite her making Saki sound like a bore and annoying to be around.



Clarissa is an adventurous bundle of energy, who can wake up at 5 A.M. and go on strong until nearly midnight the next day. She loves to swim around in her home, underwater in the Waterfall, looking for new things to discover and show her sister, which accounts to "a great adventure" or playtime.

She doesn't show it, but she knows that Saki had been depressed for a little bit, ever since she was eight, but never questions her about it, thinking that if she went on more great adventures with her sister, she'd be a lot more happier and she'd be the best sister in the world.

Despite trying to be a big, strong mermaid who can fight for herself, she knows that she's weak and can't defend herself no matter what, so behind all the complaints that Saki overprotects her, she's secretly glad she has a big sister with a trident to save her - at least until she can become as strong as her idol.


Cannot fight with tridents/swords yet, so she just slaps. Of course, this can't kill the player, no matter how hard she may hit, making her an easy target in Genocide.


She's much shorter than her sister, at least a foot shorter. She looks like her sister in many ways, having the same eyes and nose as her. However, both of her blue eyes can be seen, as her robin's egg blue hair reaches down to her shoulders and her bangs barely to her eyes.

Her tail is much shorter than Saki's, and it's ocean blue, like a stereotypical mermaid's. She wears the same kind of swimsuit top as her sister's, only a different color. She, unlike her sister, wears no jewelry of any kind, with the exception of the other grey cuff-like bracelet on her wrist, but prefers to bedazzle her hair with stones she finds on adventures, which, of course, falls out eventually.


  • Mermaid Princess (Given by Saki)
  • Sister (Given by Saki)


Being born six years after Saki, she, like her older sister, never knew her mother or father, which made Saki her mother figure and her sister at the same time. She inherited many traits from her older sister, including being able to be optimistic no matter what situation she's in. Saki never told her that there was a surface outside of the Underground, as to surprise her if the barrier was broken, so she remained blissfully ignorant of it, to this day.

She was incredibly spoiled by her older sister, her being the only company she had in the waters. Ever since she was a young age, she wanted to try out so many new things and see so many sights in the Waterfalls, which got her started on her passion for adventures.

A few years after the beginning of her love for going on adventures, she and Saki were out on another one, when, in the murky waters, she had found something. This something turned out to be two plain, grey cuff-like bracelets. To them, however, it was beautiful. They swore that they would each wear one of the bracelets as a promise that they would be sisters forever.

When she was nine, she noticed that Saki wasn't acting the same as she usually did. Not knowing she was depressed, she thought that she was being a bad sister, and because she was such a bad sister, Saki was disappointed in her.

To make it up to Saki, she decided she would find so many fun things to go on adventures with her and try and train herself to become stronger so that she would be happier, not have to worry about her so much, and the most fun part to her, being able to fight together.

The two of them hold their secrets, Saki's being her depression, and Clarissa's being that she knows she's depressed, but wants to help her sister out by taking her on more fun adventures so that she could be a better sister.




  • Saki (Idol and mother figure)
  • Sen-pay (Imaginary friend)


  • TBA


  • TBA



  • HP: 70
  • AT: 10
  • DF: 50
  • EXP On Kill: 100
  • Gold on Win: 40


  • HP: 80
  • AT: 11
  • DF: 41
  • EXP On Kill: 300
  • Gold on Win: 60










"I-I've heard of you..." [Encounter]

"Y-you killed all the monsters...And sissy, too..." [Check]

"OW! Please, don't!" [Attack #1]

"...*Sniffle*" [Insult #1+]

"Aaaah! ...*cough*...Please...just let sissy know...I'm sorry I wasn't a good enough sister to make her depression go away..." [Death]

Flavor Text

Insert flavor text here, the flavor text in bold and the trigger in [brackets].


  • Where she made Sen-pay is actually a reference to some old OCs of mine (AwesomeTrinket's) before they got deleted.
  • The only time she reveals that she knows of Saki's depression is her final words on the Genocide route. 


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