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"One week. And it'll be all over. Your Soul is our choice between life or death. The fate of two world will lie on your shoulders. I am letting you pass through. Please, my child, I... I hope you choose well."
One human.

One ticking clock.

A city doomed to die.

ClockWise is an AU created by Finale January 17.


'Long ago, two races ruled over the earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS.'One day, war broke out between the two races.

After a long battle, the humans were victorious.

They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.

But unlike no other,

This barrier was timed.

And the monsters' days,

are numbered.

ClockWise features a storyline where the barrier is a massive clock, set to go off exactly 201 years after the monsters were trapped. The Clock will make Mt. Ebbot collapse in on itself, crushing everything and everyone inside. The collapse will also cause a massive earthquake for miles around.

However, there is one major problem.

When the barrier was originally created, the area around the mountain was deserted.

Now, however, there are many residential areas circling the base.

The humans are unaware, of course. But the monsters are.

There is no way to slow or completely stop the clock from ticking.

However, years of research later uncovered a crazy fact: The Clock could be destroyed using an unknown substance.

The monsters were desperate to find this substance, but only after the first human, Chara, revealed she had a Soul which was made of pure Determination and the prince crossed the barrier did the monsters progress.

Now, the Clock is still intact. The Determination vial is still not filled. Six have fallen. They were becoming restless.

Then, a human fell.

It's the year 201X.

And they had exactly one week.

Before all hope was lost.


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